Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Rose of Cavendish by Lea Cherry: Spotlight and Excerpt


Anna-Belle, the flightless princess of Fae, has escaped out of the palace to live life her way. Little does she know that life is changing her into something she did not foresee!

Her friends, Landon and Keira, the Napaea faes, Aranhil, the prince of the Elves, and Ulrik, the dwarf will join her on a quest to save the Fae Realm. She must make a choice and her heart's true desire will be the key to unlocking the mysteries she needs to know as well as the destruction of what she already does!

Life as a Fae princess is the road to darkness!

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The dreams came and they were not pleasant at all. It was our world, consumed by darkness. Everywhere I looked the fae were fighting. Fires consumed everything, the trees where the Napaeas called home, the mountains the dwarves inhabited, the castle the Elves lived where empty and trashed. The sun, which use to be so radiant and bright, was dark and cold. Our realm has turned into a permanent night full of darkness and evil. This is not the world I knew. Where did everyone go? What happened? I walked for a while, stepping around the rubble tossed on the ground when I saw Aranhil having a fist fight with a Napaea.

“Aranhil! What are you doing? This is not who you are? What has gotten into you?” I moved closer and touched his arm. He immediately turned around and I could see his beautiful face has turned into a permanent snarl of anger and hate and his gorgeous eyes were no more. They have been replaced by the dark red eyes I saw on Gadrin. This cannot be happening! Backing away I saw him following me. Pulling his sword out and walking with it at his side. He raised it up, ready to attack.

“Aranhil please! Don’t do this!” Begging seemed to be the only option, but it didn’t help. I backed against someone and as I turned to see who it was, my arms were caught by someone else’s hands and I was spun around. Landon was on my one side while Keira was on the other holding me in place so that I couldn’t move. I knew that little bitch didn’t like me but this is way too surreal even for her.

“Guys, please. Let me go! What’s going on here? HELP! Somebody please help me!” I yelled but no one seem to hear or if they did, they obviously didn’t care. Aranhil moved closer, sword ready.

“It’s because of you that this has happened.” Aranhil said as he stopped a few feet away.

“Me? Why me?”

“You didn’t have the courage or the power to do what you were supposed to do and now the darkness has taken over. It’s all your fault and now you must pay.” his eyes started to glow like the gems on an evil statue. I tried to break free but Landon and Keira’s grip was too strong. The closer Aranhil came the more I struggled and screamed. No one cared and I was sure to die at the hand of the man who claimed to love me. What is this world coming to? He lifted his sword, the metal from the sword glowed with the reflection of the fire that surrounded us, and with one fast, elegant movement he brought it down and just as it was about to kill me,

First time author that absolutely loves to write. I have a huge imagination and need to do something with it.!/roseofcavendish

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