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Jolt the Paranormal & Dystopian by K.D. McLean: Spotlight and Review


JOLT The Paranormal and Dystopian
K.D. McLean
Genre: Dystopia, Paranormal
Publisher: Monarch Moments
Date of Publication: November 25 2013
ISBN:  978-0-9917995-1-0
Number of pages:183
Word Count: 68,572 

Cover Artist: Derek Chiodo 

Book Description: 

What if it cost you NOTHING to put gas in your car? What if you paid nothing to heat your home or cool it in summer? What if your electric bill was only for new light bulbs? How would that change your life? A real pipe dream, right?

Joel Heath, PhD has dedicated his career to making this pipe dream a reality. He’s obsessed with unlocking the secret of cold fusion energy. He’s come so close, but the final piece of the puzzle eludes him. 

Which is a good thing, for Joel actually. You see, Phil Devlin’s energy conglomerate earns billions in profits with things just the way they are. He’s been keeping tabs on Joel. Phil was ruthless in attaining his stature of wealth and influence, and he’d protect his position with ferocity. He can crush Professor Joel Heath with a text message. 

Neither man knows the planet is 90 days away from global slaughter, triggered by an oil war. One man does know. He has been cursed with prescient visions. These visions have shattered his life, plummeting him from an established career to begging on the street. 

Joel’s simple gesture of compassion to this homeless derelict is rewarded with a dazzling insight. He has the key! This jolt of clarity begins with a touch, a touch that can send the world spinning out of control.

Because Phil Devlin sends that text message.




This was an engrossing read and a great start to what promises to be a new electrifying series.  A smelly homeless man is something other than what he seems, and passes some strange new abilities to several people with a simple touch.  This book sets the stage for a much broader scope and scale later by focusing on a few diverse characters that are unexpectedly thrust into new roles they never could have imagined.

What would happen if energy were free?  If everyone could access unlimited sources of power? What lengths would rich corporations go to in order to protect their own vested interests?  Jolt takes the reader on a journey of discovery and revelation in a way that is entertaining and not too far out of the range of believability.

What happens when ordinary people become extraordinary?  What happens when a really bad day surpassing your worst imaginings morphs into something so different, so unusual that it forces you to become an agent for change in a world teetering on the cusp of annihilation?  Jolt sets the stage, and put the characters in play for what will surely be a wild and terrifying race against time.

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J

About the Author:

Katie lives in Canada near Lake Ontario with her partner Desmond. They are living the life that they’ve always dreamed about--writing, editing and collaborating on books. Both are alumni of Queen’s University in Kingston and are frequent visitors to the Tyendinaga reservation, where the novel JOLT is set. She has published a series of adult romance books as well as a romantic comedy, recently released – Funny Business.

For relaxation (what is that?) she and Desmond enjoy walking their neurotic pug, trying different recipes together (Des cooks, Katie helps) and watching HBO movies, followed by immersion in their hot tub. There’s almost nothing better than star gazing in the frigid air while being toasty warm…Well maybe skiing at Mont St. Anne is a close second.

In taking on an epic of the scale of JOLT, Katie has been inspired by the words of Goethe.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”



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Kriss Morton said...

I loved this read, I started reading it and could not put it down. I do have to say, really (to the -nth degree) dislike the new cover. THe older one was OK but this one is horrible. The authors other genre has wonderful covers, I don't get this new one at all. Maybe ... I don't know, but I am NOT posting this new cover on my blog when I review it, I think it cheapens what is potentially a best selling indie! BUT YES I LOVE this read, highly engrossing and thought provoking. I read it way before I was meant to because it had me so intrigued!