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White Magic Woman by Ju Ephraime: Interview

Welcome Ju! It's great to have you visit my blog! Thanks so much. How long have you been writing and what inspired you to create your first book? I have been writing for a lot of years. I can’t recall a time when I was not writing. I was published professionally in 2003; however, I published my first romance novel in 2011. I was inspired to write a romance novel when after completing my doctoral thesis, I found myself suddenly with a lot of free time on my hand. So, I thought, why not? I always knew I wanted to write romance, finding the time in between school work had presented a problem, now all of a sudden, the problem was gone. 

How many books do you write a year? At one time I had set myself the lofty goal of one book a month, but I have since cut it down to possibly six a year.

Are the main characters a composite of people you know? Sometimes, the bare bones, but by the time I am through with the characters, they have undergone a complete metamorphosis.

What do you think your readers will like best about White Magic Woman? I am hoping my readers will like the main character, Todd Montgomery, the fierce love he has for his wife, Simonia, and his determination to remain faithful to her regardless of the temptation. 

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I believe all writers are readers first; one compliments the other. I was an avid reader as far back as I can remember—during my elementary school days. It was therefore, a natural transition for me. It took me longer to make the transition because of life’s demands.

What book are you reading right now? I am actually reading three, Karen Hawkins’ A Wicked Widows Short Story, Solange St. Brice’s, Only You For Me and Sabina Jeffries’ What The Duke Desires.

Where can readers find your latest release? My latest release, A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany, can be found at B&N, Amazon, Kobo and ENVISION and of course IndieBound.

Tell us about your next release. My next release due out this month is set in Connecticut and a sequel to my best seller, temptation to sin. Here is the prologue: 

Jayden breathed a deep sigh. He had been doing this a lot lately. Six months ago, the woman he had hoped to spend the rest of his life with had told him she had met someone else and would be leaving him, this after ten years. Even now, he could still feel the pain and the shock he’d felt when she’d told him. But he had put up a brave front and gone about his life as if it was an everyday occurrence for the love of his life to walk out on him. He thought he had done everything humanly possible to make life comfortable for Shannon, but evidently, he had not given her the one thing he wanted most—sex, and lots of it. He had nothing against sex, but Shannon had pretended she had no interest in it the few times he had made any advances toward her. He had foolishly thought she would come to him if her feelings changed, but as this wedding had clearly shown; she had taken her needs elsewhere. Now he was left to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. How? He’d no clue where to begin. He was hurting like he’d never thought he could hurt. 

Newly married, Todd Montgomery was happy with his life. He had a job he loved and a wife he adored, life couldn’t be better. Or so he thought, until he became the obsession of a White Magic Woman. His work as a research scientist took him all over the world, but now stationed on the tiny island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, he had become the night-time plaything of one of the most powerful sorceress on the island. Simonia was passionately in love with her husband, Todd, and lived for the moments they could spend together, whenever he got a break from his demanding job. But, when on one of his trips home, he could not perform his husbandly duties; Simonia was beside herself. She thought he was cheating on her. Not knowing how to handle such deception, Simonia became very despondent and cold to her husband. But when Todd came home suddenly and told her he was the object of a sorceress’ obsession and it had gotten so bad, he had to leave his job and return home to seek help. She believed him, especially since the witch had followed him all the way to New South Wales. Todd was helpless to fight the witch it was up to Simonia to save her man, and her marriage. Together these two lovers set out on an adventure of a life time, to capture and destroy a powerful witch who was hell bent on destroying their marriage. Will they succeed against the power of evil?...

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I began writing professionally at the age of 19. At that time, I wrote short stories for the local radio station in my home town. I gave up writing when I moved to the United States to attend college. I have since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. During the course of my schooling, I wrote and published a working curriculum for a career school, a business manual and its answer key, as well as other literary work. In 2010 I revisited my first love, writing for fun and enjoyment.

I write children's books under my given name, which can be found here, Too-Clever, and under my pen name, Ju Ephraime I write high heat, steamy, adult romance novels, which can be found here, Ju Ephraime  

Currently, I am working on my ninth romance novel, a love story set in the beautiful state of Connecticut, Against All Odds. I hope to have it out in November, 2013. Check back for a preview chapter.

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Ju said...

Thanks for hosting my interview and my book, Laurie. I was caught up in NaNo this month and never got the time to revisit the page. I love the look of it, you've done a terrific job.