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Raven's Legacy by J.N. Johnson: Tens List


If you were stranded on an island name 10 people you would want with you.

  1. My husband because that man is always prepared for anything! He is the only person that I know that carries more tools in his pockets and can start a fire in the pouring rain.
  2. My kids because if I am stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere they are going to be there with me. I will need the comic relief that my youngest provides and the pop culture education that I get from my oldest is a must. Without them life would be boring.
  3. My best friend Shannon because she reads all of the same books that I do and we could talk characters and plots all day long.
  4. Sheldon Cooper. Enough said
  5. Dean and Sam Winchester because we will want something pretty to look at.
  6. Les Stroud from Survivorman because with the help of my computer savvy husband they would be able to take two coconuts and make a working phone or signal to get my ass home and back to civilization.
  7. Martha Stewart because she could take those same two coconuts and make a pie, coconut shrimp and a bra. But I reserve the right to kick her off the island when she becomes bossy.
  8. 9, 10  While I am adding fictional characters let’s throw in MacGyver, Thor and Tony Stark.  Mac could build us a boat, Thor could just stand there and smile and Iron Man could blow shit up if it tried to attack us.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. This was a fun question to answer. Funny thing is being on a warm desert island sounds great right now since the temps in WV have dropped into the 30s at night. Where can I buy my ticket?

Raven’s Legacy

J.N. Johnson


Raven Corvus has always felt like she was on the outside looking in. Being adopted into a family of shifters without the ability to shift has put her life on hold. Never wanting to take part in the Moon Ceremony or choosing a mate, she tends to distance herself from her people. When an accident lets loose a side of her that had been hidden for her protection she is forced to come to terms with whom and what she really is.


Griffin Snow serves as a protector for the Goddess in the fight against Dexius, the Dark God. When an old enemy returns to threaten one of his charges, he jumps into action to protect Raven—only to discover that she is not just his charge, but his fated mate. Hiding out in the safety of Griffin's cabin only adds to the need growing inside of them.


Can Raven and Griffin save their people from the big, bad ugly or will they lose their chance at happiness? 



Raven watched as the sun set over the valley. The view from her front porch was utterly breathtaking in the spring. The stars lit up the sky like a blanket of glittering diamonds, the absence of the moon leaving them the only guides in the sky. It wouldn’t be long until she made her appearance known to Raven’s kind. The drawl of her moon song would be too strong to ignore. But no matter how loud the beat played in Raven’s head she wouldn’t be able to answer the call. Fate had given her a bum ride; she could hear and feel the drawl of the moon but her body wouldn’t respond. It was a cruel reality that she dealt with every month.

“Raven, get in here now! Your father needs your help getting ready for the ceremony.”

Her mother had a temper shorter than a dynamite fuse and it was burning fast from the stress of the Moon Ceremony. Once the moon showed herself in the eastern sky, in less than a week, their home would be flooded with other shifters preparing for the spring mating ritual.

“I’m coming, Mom.” She whispered a few choice expletives, but with a shifter’s hearing her mother had no trouble understanding her ramblings.

“Young lady, I know you are twenty-five, but you’re still my daughter and I will pull you over my knee.” Her mother’s goodhearted laugh let her know it wasn’t urgent. Nevertheless, the stress level was getting pretty damn high. “Now get out in the yard and help your father.”

Her father, TalfrynCorvus, had been planning the Moon Ceremony since he was chosen by the council last spring. He was to host the opening ceremonies of the mating ritual on their family lands. Ever since he had been chosen, he had become obsessed with every small detail, and had driven Raven to the brink of insanity.

She walked through the front doors and back into the chill night air. Her father was bent over placing stones around the center alter, preparing a small pit to contain the fire.

“Hey Dad, did you need me?”

“Yes, please take a seat.” He indicated one of the makeshift benches made from cut logs that now lined the yard. The smell of sawdust mixed with the sweet smell of spring. “Daughter, I think you understand how important this ceremony is to your mother and me. I need to know for sure that you understand your part. You don’t have to shift to be included in the ritual but you should try to commune with the Goddess. She will choose your mate.”

Upon their eighteenth birthday, shifters gathered at the change of each season under the first full moon to not only celebrate and dance but to find and seal the mating bond. Most shifters went into the ceremony with their intended mate, ready to make the commitment and start families. Others went with the intent of finding their mate among the flock. But not Raven.

“Dad, I understand. I’m just not ready.”

“You are twenty-five and have refused each chance at a mate. Why do you buck tradition? You could have any man in the flock you desire and yet you still choose none.”

Her father was right on one count. She did turn her nose up at the traditions of her people, and she couldn’t imagine tying herself to one person for the rest of her life. She wanted to be free, to be among the rest of humanity, and off of this damn mountain.

He was wrong to assume she had her choice of mates. Most of the men she knew were family, and the ones who could be potential mates kept a wide berth when she was around. She was born different from most shifters, with the moon closer to her heart than her non-existent beast, and it kept her from the one thing she really wanted.

“Daddy, you know how I feel about finding a mate. When the Goddess thinks I’m ready, she will bring him to me. Not a moment before.”

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Growing up in her hometown of Charleston WV, J.N spends her days wrangling her two beautiful daughters and super dog Bo and is married to her high school sweetheart, who she considers the rock that keeps her grounded to reality when she would rather be lost in the paranormal. If a book contained something supernatural there is a good chance that she has read it. Whether its vamps, shifters, elves or fairies it is most likely setting on her shelf waiting to be re-read.

Looking for a new genre she found the world of romance and fell in love. The drama and conflict are different but still enough to get the adrenaline pumping and the heart thumping to keep her coming back for more. It wasn’t long until the need to write came knocking at the door and by the grace of her husband’s patience and her children’s bed times she got that chance. Her twisted mind found a new outlet on paper and now her story has found a way onto your shelf or reader and she hopes that you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing.


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