Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat by Christopher F. Edwards and Carlos O. Hardy


Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat, by Christopher F. Edwards and Carlos O. Hardy
Released April 2013.

Volonia, a magical planet thirty light years away, is home to millions of beautiful, charismatic, and expressive Witches and Warlocks. They live inside the planet hidden beneath the outer surface. Their magic is mighty, their spells are rich in tradition, and their rituals stand the test of time. The House of Lords, the governing body, is in a frenzy. Varah Cutter, a rebellious, crafty Witch, has single handily conjured a book only the House of Lords thought they could summon. The Vondercrat is the most powerful book in all of Volonia. The Lords are furious and out to get her. Varah soon realizes The Lords aren’t the only power after her. An evil brigade lead by the mighty Menace, a rebellious underground leader, seeks to capture her. Varah fights to protect her children, her honor, and her truth.

We are Carlos Hardy and Christopher Edwards Jr., long time friends and business partners. We desperately wanted to create a book that involved imagination mixed with hope and love. We wanted to introduce a new culture of people into the Universe. A culture of people who were magical and bold with a hint of compassion and untapped internal power that guided them. The Volonians are our effort at creating that group of beings. They are vulnerable, complex, rebellious, powerful yet relatable. This book is our passion, it’s our life and it’s our love plainly on display for all to see.

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