Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Mysterious Ways by Venita Louise: Spotlight and Excerpt


When well-known California artist, Lang Garret, takes a trip to Phoenix, he has more than his gallery appearance in mind. His plans include a little surprise for his fiancée', Amanda, who is traveling with him. Unfortunately, a twist of fate, a chance meeting, and a chain of unforeseen obstacles throw all of Lang's intentions out the window. Lang and Amanda accept an invitation to join a group visit to one of Arizona's energy vortexes that mysteriously contains a newly formed crop circle. It seems innocent enough, but what begins as a curious adventure for a group of six turns an expected pleasure into a predicament of terror. The unfathomable energy of the circle has a different repercussion for each individual who enters it. It seems impossible that the gyre could produce a horror, the power to kill, a marvel, the power to heal, and a blessing all at once, but the supernatural occurrences caused by the circle continue to alter their lives long after leaving Arizona. Now Lang and Amanda writhe under the struggle to keep their relationship intact and prevent the energy from annihilating their love.


Lang skidded as he ran and fell into the bushes himself. By the time he reached her, he was covered in stickers and dirt.


“Are you okay?” He knelt down.


She raised a palm. “I’m not sure yet. Let me lie here for a minute.”


She released the breath she had been holding and took stock. Neck, shoulders, back, nothing seemed to be broken. But her ankle…it burned. It burned like fire. She took hold of Lang’s hand and tried to stand. Pain shot through her leg up to her hip.


“My ankle!”


His arm shot around her waist and he lifted her off the ground. Fred, Andy, and Bob appeared next to them and they helped carry Amanda to a nearby clearing. Ellen immediately began unlacing Amanda’s shoe.


“Let me have a look.”


“Ow, ow, ow,” Amanda whimpered.


“I know it hurts, sweetie, but we have to see if it’s broken.”


Charlie was barking uncontrollably a few feet away and running in frantic circles. Fred looked around. “Damn, we’re in it.”


“In what?”


“Inside the circle I told you about.”


They gazed around. It appeared as if a giant ball had flattened the grass, the weeds, and brush at least twenty feet in diameter. Charlie refused to step inside the area and stood at the rim barking with his feet apart and teeth bared.


“Shut up, Charlie!” Fred yelled.


Charlie whined, paced, and began marking territory.

In the year 2000, I discovered a new passion. Writing. I adore a mystery, a good romance and lots of action. However, the ghost of the rodeo clown still lives in me and finds ways to thread humor throughout. The things I find funny can appall some people. Dark and dangerous may be lurking out there, but I can always find some piece of humor in the worst of situations. That in itself can be quite annoying. I still haven’t decided if I want to write Romance, Mystery or Horror. Not a good thing, but I’m hoping one day to capture all three in one story.     Read a longer bio

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Bj Saidi said...

I couldn't put this book down. I read it in 2 days which is fast for me! This needs to be a movie!!!