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Wind Warrior by Jon Messenger: Character Interview and Review


Welcome Sean! It's great to get this chance to meet you. 

Sean leaned forward on the couch, resting his chin in his open hands.

“In your life, you’re obviously the main character to your story,” he said.  “But don’t forget that you’re a supporting character in a lot of other lives, and sometimes those supporting characters manage to steal the show.”

He leaned back and ran a hand over his ample belly.  “I’m not the main character here, don’t worry.  My buddy Xander, he’s practically a superhero.  I mean, he controls the wind.  I saw him make a tornado.  A freaking tornado in the middle of White Halls!

“No, I’m not the hero.  I’m the sidekick.  I’m the Robin to his Batman.  I’m the Kid Flash to his… well, regular Flash.  I’m the Patrick to his SpongeBob.”

Sean reached nervously over his shoulder and pulled aside the blinds.  The parking lot in front of his apartment building seemed relatively deserted but he wasn’t fooled by the quiet appearance.

“The problem is that Xander isn’t the only one who can control the elements.  There’s a new group who control flames who are hunting for him.  And sometimes being a supporting character means that they’re after you too.

“If you happen to see Xander,” he said, leaning forward once again and dropping his voice into a harsh whisper, “tell him not to come home.  Tell him, no matter what, to stay safe.”

A shadow appeared in the hallway leading to the apartment’s back bedrooms.  It stretched as someone walked into the doorway to the living room.  The pretty blonde tossed her hair over her shoulder and frowned at the heavyset man on the couch.

“Who are you talking to?” Jessica asked with an arched eyebrow.

“No one,” Sean stammered.

“Come on.  I heard you.”

Sean cleared his throat.  “I was monologuing.”

“You were what?” she asked, furrowing her brow.

“Doing a monologue,” Sean replied a little more confidently.  “Someone has to tell our story.”

Jessica gestured over her shoulder toward the closed bathroom door.  “You do remember we have someone tied up in the bathtub, right?  How about you ‘monologue’ your butt back there and check on him?”

“You’re such a sorostitute,” he muttered.

“What was that?”

“Sorostitute.  Part sorority girl, part…”

She stomped her foot on the ground.  “I can guess the last part!  Now get back there and check on the guy in the bathtub!”

Sean huffed as he pushed off the couch.  “I really hate you.”

“You’re an idiot,” Jessica said.  “And I hate you too.”

Follow the exploits of Sean, Jessica, and the rest of the supporting cast in WIND WARRIOR, featured in Clean Teen Publishing’s Wonderstruck anthology.  I’m honored to have the novella featured among the 27 drabbles, short stories, novelettes, and novellas from some outstanding up-and-coming authors.  The Wonderstruck anthology will be available for download on 31 May through Amazon.


The sleepy town of White Halls harbors a dangerous secret. On a picturesque street, two houses down from a lovely little park, in a quaint little home with a wraparound porch, lives a family that seems rather normal. Sure, their twenty-year-old son, Xander, still lives at home, but he's going to college and dating the leader of the schools top sorority. It's all very... normal.  However, when a man is miraculously saved from being hit by a bus, Xander's life turns in to the living embodiment of the tornadoes he can suddenly create with a flick of his wrist. Whether he wants this gift or not, Xander must learn to use his new 'super power' quickly if he wants to survive.  For his kind is a dying race, and when this sleepy town has a sudden influx of new, blonde, fire wielders, no one is safe, especially Xander. It doesn't help that one of these blondes happens to be the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Xander can't deny the instant connection he feels to her so, when she tries to kill him, it certainly makes things complicated.
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Published by Clean Teen Publishing

For me, this was a quick read that was enjoyable. I particularly liked Sean, Zander’s best friend.  Sean is supportive and fiercely loyal to his buddy.  He also loves to joke around and can be somewhat of a trickster.  This book is all about the final days before Armageddon and the prophecy of fire devastating everything, everywhere is fearsome.  Only a few Wind Warriors remain, but the Fire Warriors are on the rise, and most of them want to exterminate their foes the Wind Warriors so they can destroy the wicked world and give the planet a fresh, clean start.
Zander comes into his power unexpectedly and most dramatically. What happen amazes him as much as it does the small audience that observes the event.  Unfortunately, by calling on his new power, he also unwittingly leads the Fire Warriors to his doorstep.  Sammy’s mission is to kill Zander; however, plans change because she and Zander feel a compulsive attraction that defies logic.     
This novella is packed with lots of action, bizarre twists, and plenty of humor.  It’s a good introduction to an imminent confrontation in which the plight of the whole world will hang in the balance.  I am looking forward to finding out what happens next in this planned series.
This book was provided to me by Clean Teen Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J


Jon Messenger (Born 1979 in London, England) serves as an United States Army Major in the Medical Service Corps. Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2002, writing Science Fiction has remained his passion, a passion that has continued through two deployments to Iraq, a humanitarian relief mission to Haiti, and an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Jon wrote the "Brink of Distinction" trilogy, of which "Burden of Sisyphus" is the first book, while serving a 16-month deployment in Baghdad, Iraq.
Wind Warrior is Jon Messenger's break through novel published through Clean Teen Publishing. Jon Messenger has won a readers choice award as well as the Clean Teen Publishing writing contest for his Novella of Wind Warrior, which is also featured in Wonderstruck.


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