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Altered - Revelations of the Evolved by Shawnda Currie: Interview, Review & Excerpt


What is the hardest part of writing your books?


Finding time and a nice quiet place to write is the hardest. I have good intentions to come home after work and start jotting things down, but I often get side tracked especially when the weather is nice.



How do you describe your writing style?


I write in the first person. I try to be descriptive so the reader can play out scenes in their mind as if watching a movie. I’m also sarcastic and (I think) witty, so that transfers to my writing as well.



What are your favorite TV shows?


I enjoy a variety of TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Revenge, Game of Thrones, Camp and Under the Dome. I also found a new Netflix series I enjoy called Orange Is the New Black.



What are the most important attributes for remaining sane as a writer?

Creativity, patience, the ability to accept criticism and to just go with the flow.



Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?


This is kind of a tricky question to answer. My job requires me to be very sociable. My friends think I’m an extravert because I tend to be the center of attention at social gatherings by making others laugh and can carry on conversations with perfect strangers. However, I am actually an introvert. I don’t really like to leave my house as much as I did a few years ago, and large crowds scare me (though now that I’m back in a small town, my anxiety isn’t as bad as when I lived in a big city).



Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?


It’s an original idea involving time travel and psychic abilities. It’s also a fun and quick read.



You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?


I would buy a house big enough for everyone in my family to have their own special space for their hobbies. My office would have a view of the ocean and one long wall would have a cherry stained bookshelf stacked with books.



What do you find most rewarding about writing?


The ability to put my ideas to paper and come up with a beginning, middle and end that is entertaining to others. I love reading reviews and how others have interpreted certain aspects of the storyline.

Abandoned by her family, Lacey is sent to a juvenile detention center known as Clear Waters. Her teen years don't look promising until she is befriended by a mysterious stranger named Taylor, a gorgeous guy whose captivating eyes seem to stare into her soul.
Convinced she is in danger at Clear Waters, Lacey joins Taylor in a daring escape. As she meets Taylor's group of friends, she discovers that they're more than they seem – they've been sent from the future to head off an evil corporate plot that will lead to a world war unless averted. With Lacey as their only hope to prevent a grim future, Taylor shows Lacey how to tap into her psychic abilities known in his time as evolved humans.

Travelling with her new friends, she discovers the magic of love while she grows into the powerful warrior chosen to make the difference to the world!


Excerpt from Altered – Revelations of the Evolved


For all intents and purposes it looked like a normal high school cafeteria at lunch time: friends catching up with each other and planning for the weekend – though I doubted the weekends here would be anything to write home about. Two older women wearing black hair nets served the grub. I walked to the start of the line and grabbed a melmac plate, mug, and silver fork and placed them on a brown tray. I slid the tray along the ledge passing in front of the two women who placed a scoop of macaroni salad, a scoop of coleslaw, a scoop of baked beans and a slice of ham on my plate. At the end of the line on a larger table were open cartons of various juices and milk. I grabbed the milk and poured some into my mug with shaking hands. It wasn’t like this was my first day at a new school; this was my first day at a place for disturbed teenagers and/or criminals where there was no obvious means of escape.

My fingers tightly clutched the plastic tray, preparing myself to use it as a weapon if need be. I had never been in a physical fight in my life and prayed that I wouldn’t be in one today. I took a deep breath and searched frantically for a vacant table. Another uniformed guard stood along the far wall and eyed me curiously. In my nervousness, I opted for the closest table with two girls, both wearing orange t-shirts. I chose not to engage them but rather sit at the end away from them.

As I ignored the curious faces of the crowd, I felt the strong gaze of one person in particular staring at me from a few tables away. That was the first time I saw him. A boy with wavy blond hair whose brilliant green eyes met mine. He looked like the stereo typical beach bum: all he needed was a surfboard. He laughed slightly as I thought this, almost as if he could read my thoughts. Paranoid, I looked down at my plate of food and picked at it with my fork. I didn’t have much of an appetite these days.

I thought about the boy. I was positive I had never met him before, yet somehow he seemed familiar. Maybe we had met in passing. Strange, I would have remembered meeting someone that cute.


3 Stars

The book cover does not suit this book well. The tranquil mountain scene – intended to portray a sense of Clear Water’s isolated location - does not really reflect the contents of this exciting book. There is little there to entice the potential reader, or alert them to the fact that the book is action-packed, visionary in scope, and suspenseful.   The method employed for time travel is quite original – I loved the way the author explains it all, and found that to be exceptionally intriguing, and even believable. 
Lacey seemed a little too lackadaisical to me.  I wanted her to be gutsier – mainly because she has such an important role to play in the upcoming confrontation. Taylor and the other travelers seemed a little plastic; I wanted more personality, and maybe a few distinctive quirks or something that they carry back with them from the future. Some of the conversations seemed slightly off-key or forced to me; part of that I chalked up to time differences, but still….
The overall concept is fabulous; unfortunately, some of the methods used to achieve the necessary goals were highly suspect and bothered me – causing my personal moral compass to swing wildly out of control.
I am looking forward to the next book in this planned series as I am sure the characters will gain additional depth and the world-building will continue to gain momentum and broaden in scope.
This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J


 I currently live in Ontario with my husband (who is also in the military), my two sons, new dog and my two cats. We have moved all over Canada (Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba & Ontario). I have no idea where I found the time but in March 2009 I started to write my first novel. After circulating it among friends, family and coworkers I finally grabbed it off my dusty shelf and published it. I just published book two and am working on the final installment (exciting!!!!!!!).



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