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The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodge: Review: Promotional Book Tours


The Golden Apple of Discord
Taralie Severin and her three sisters are a powerful coven of modern-day witches who banish mythical creatures in between classes and shifts at the police station. But when Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, her sisters are ordered to execute her for crimes against the Milunfran order. Refusing, the sisters become fugitives from both their kind and vampires alike. Ignorant and hunted, Taralie becomes entangled with unlikely allies, a band of vampires in hiding from the ruling vamperic government. With this new addition to their coven Taralie must balance duty with desire while learning not everything is as it seems, their enemies are worse than she knows, and she could be on the verge of ending a thousand-year-old civil war.

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4 Stars
After a bit of a slow-ish start, this book really took off. It is the story of four powerful witches who get caught up against their will in a Vampire Civil War that’s been raging for centuries.  The eldest witch, Taralie, and leader of the coven, is captured and suffers a horrific ordeal before finally escaping.  Her escape, however, causes additional unforeseen problems that force Tara and her sisters into hiding. Fortuitously, they meet a powerful trio of vampires who are also trying to evade discovery by their warring brethren.
This book was entertaining, and I enjoyed the conversations and the plot development.  I never really was able to make too much of a connection between the book title and the events depicted in the story, though mention is made of an “apple of discord” once.  The characters are exceptionally gifted, and the band of seven seemed to be scrupulous; using their powers to fight evil.  With so much inherent power it seemed odd to me that none of them ever seem to be tempted to recklessness. A few warts or character flaws could have added complexity to these characters and added some additional depth to the narrative.  I sometimes felt as if I were reading a superman story taking place in a world without Kryptonite.  This book flows smoothly, and I liked that the romance was generally understated. There are some humorous episodes, too, which I appreciated. At the end I went away feeling hopeful that this little outlaw coven may indeed be able to topple the corrupt leadership of the warring factions and bring about a lasting peace.  I am looking forward to further adventures.
This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J

Lauren HodgeAbout Author Lauren Hodge

Lauren Hodge is the oldest of seven children and an identical twin. She has three children and lives in Richland, Washington. Not only does she dislike author biographies immensely, she plays piano decently, cello poorly, likes to cook fattening foods, and shoot anything if gun powder is involved. She has an associates degree in general science and works as a chemist/lab monkey in an environmental lab.

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