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Wake Me Up Inside by Lee Bice-Matheson : Character Interview


Character Interview with Paige Maddison,
teen heroine of Wake Me Up Inside

Tell us about your family:  Hmmm... my family.  Well, I am an only child often surrounded by adults, in my new home, and that often gets  to me.  Let me back up.  My mom, dad and I had to move from Scarborough to Camlachie, Ontario, which is about 2 and 1/2 hours from my hometown.  Camlachie is a small village, really.  My parents were estranged from my mom's parents, for seven years.  So... apparently there are strong personalities in our maternal lineage.  My grandfather is originally from Scotland but raised in Camlachie, and met his wife, my grandma while visiting Scotland and brought her back to Canada.  They live in a huge mansion named O'Brien Manor and have looked after it almost single-handedly until the last several years, with aging and all, they hired a nurse's aide named Hanna.  Now, my grandfather is failing, and my mom was asked to go back home and help out.  My mom is a journalist, freelance writer, and fiesty as my dad would say - full of energy.  She's the same height as me: short!  And we both have long, curly, auburn hair so I am teased that I am my mother's daughter.  My dad is a chiropractor, passionate about his calling and is always helping people to return to the best of health, so he was happy to move to O'Brien Manor and help out.  They're both over-achievers, hyper, and I can honestly say, I had to join them, sink or swim.  Ha ha.

What was the scariest moment of your life?  That's easy!  It was just after we moved into the guest house on the estate, and as I was lying in bed  - I noticed sort of a black cloud above me, and as I shrunk beneath the covers, my eyes peeking out, I saw it come closer and closer and I smelled this horrible, sweaty stench and felt its ice cold presence.  I knew I was in trouble, and realized the earlier glimpses of shadows out of the corner of my eyes, and nightmares were premonitions of what was to come.  This was the first time I felt an evil presence that I knew was not my imagination.

What songs are playing on your iPod?  I love Evanescence's Wake Me Up Inside!  It resonated within my soul and I felt the pain of Amy Lee as she sings it.  It's one of those songs you want to sing at the top of your lungs along with her.  I also love Ridin' by Chamillionaire because it's so different from songs that I am used to.  Also, Stronger by Kanye West because the lyrics helped me throughout the menacing visits from evil Conall.  I finally connected to the words in the verse (now that don't kill me, can only make me stronger, I need you to hurry up now) and it helped me to resolve an important puzzle.  I also love Adele.

Do you play any sports?  My favourite sport is tennis.  I love playing singles because it challenges me personally and it's a game where I get to 'legally' take out my frustrations by hitting the ball as hard as I can.  I have a killer serve that rarely is returned.  I also play volleyball because I need to force myself to become a team player.  Being an only child can make you sort of a loner, if you are not careful.  I love my team and we play well together because I don't take the game as seriously as my tennis game.

Who should play you in a film? A young Julia Roberts would be perfect.  She's out there, I know.  She has an innocence about her, especially when she was younger, that I have in common with her.  I like to believe I'm worldly, but not so much. Julia was great in Pretty Woman.

Is there a writer you idolize? If so who?  First of all, I love to read my mom's columns.  She writes so passionately from her heart.  She once wrote a story on life as a mom that touched my heart.  I didn't realize how selfless mother's can be.  Also, I love Edgar Allan Poe for his poetry.  He had a way with writing emotion so abstractly into his writings, and always with a twist.

What one word best describes you?  Brave.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?  I am nosy beyond belief.  I will very quietly find a way to discover someone's secrets they are keeping and they won't even know I did. 

In this para-thriller/romance/coming of age, ghost story Paige Maddison, teen heroine, is forced to deal with other-wordly experiences whether she wants to or not. Her life seems perfect living in Scarborough, Ontario, until one day her parents announce they are moving to a village named Camlachie.
Angry and resentful, Paige begins to have nightmares of a girl haunting her dreams. And when the dreams turn into reality, she is scared out of her mind. Paige must figure out what is haunting her family and the mystery of O’Brien Manor before the evil is their undoing. Wake Me Up Inside is a page turner; an emotional roller coaster that leaves you haunted.

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Lee Bice-Matheson is a proud Canadian author, wife and mother, who has a passion for travel and seeing the world.  She spends her days helping to manage a chiropractic business with her husband of 22 years.  Lee enjoys exercising, sailing, hiking, scary movies and dancing.  She describes herself as a 'doer' and looks forward to what may happen each new day.  As a writer, she hopes that readers of her work will find an escape from the darker side of life.  Check out her book Wake Me Up Inside, the first of a trilogy via her site: or Connect with her on

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