Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reckoning by Mollie M Hall: Character Interview and Excerpt: Bewitching Tour Stop


A One-on-One Chat with Lovell Ambrose


When I first sat down with Lovell Ambrose, the young man who befriends Kat in Reckoning, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard he was handsome; intelligent mysterious; aloof. And after meeting him, I found that he is all of those things. But there is something more—an elusive, intriguing quality that is hard to pin down. I can understand why Kat is so drawn to him. He kindly agreed to meet me at his home in Denver. After greeting me at the door, he invited me into his small dining room. Settling onto two straight-backed chairs, the interview began. Always polite, always charming, he answered all my questions and even asked some of his own. He was open and forthright and never played at being evasive. But I walked away feeling as though there is a great deal he hasn't revealed, and that, somehow, he knew more about me in ten minutes than I will ever know about him.


Hi, Lovell. Thanks for agreeing to speak with me today.


No problem. I'm glad to do it.


I'd like to start by talking a little about your background. You recently moved to Denver from Boston, is that right?


Yeah, I got here a few weeks ago.


It must be quite a change.


Yeah, Denver is a new experience. It's a different environment, a different vibe from Boston. I like it. Don't get me wrong—Boston's great. There's a lot of history and sports and culture, and the ocean's right there, which is awesome. But Denver is definitely a big change. It's very spread out here, isn't it? There's a lot of space.


Yeah, there really is. It takes a while to get places sometimes.


(Laughing) I noticed that.


So, aside from the travel times, what do you think of Denver so far?


It's great! The weather's beautiful, and the mountains are awesome. It's a nice city. There's a lot going on here.


Have you lived anywhere other than Boston?


I've spent some time in a few different places. My parents are world-relief workers so we moved around a lot.


Any favorite places?


None in particular. There were things I liked about every place we were, and things that I didn't. Just like everywhere you go.


Where were you born?


In a very small village in northwestern France. It's in the region of Bretagne.


It sounds beautiful.


It probably is. We left shortly after, and I've never been back. Where were you born? Are you one of those Colorado natives I hear so much about?


Almost. I wasn't born here, but I've been here since I was about four, so I think that just about makes me a native.


(Smiling and nodding) Agreed.


What brought you to Denver?


My parents bought a house here. It's an older place that needs some work, so I'm getting it move-in ready for them.


Other than fixing up the house what do you do?


I've got some different hobbies and interests that keep me busy—music, hiking, reading. I'm kind of in a transitional phase right now so I'm not sure what the future holds. But I'm open to possibilities.


I understand you've become friends with your neighbor.


Kat? Yeah, she's awesome. She's a lot of fun to hang out with. Do you know her?


No, I don't. But I'm hoping to meet her soon. I'd love to interview her.


She's really interesting. But, fair warning: She doesn't like to talk about herself very much. 


I'll remember that. Do the two of you spend a lot of time together?


A fair amount. She's got a lot going on so it's hard to catch up with her sometimes.


Here's just a random question—What do you like best about her?


Her courage. She's got spunk. I like that.


I'm going to run through a list of questions pertaining to your favorites. One-word answers are fine, or you can elaborate. Ready?


Go for it.


Favorite food?


A well-made cheeseburger.




Cold, clean water. When you see how many people don't have access to clean drinking water, you really learn to appreciate it.




Anything on the cello or the piano.


You play both, right?


(Nodding) I do. What about you?


I play a little piano. Not as well as I'd like, but you know how that goes.


It can be a hard instrument to master.




I don't watch a lot of movies, so I can't really answer that. What's yours?


I like period pieces, so anything with great costumes and sets.


Ah…a history buff, huh?


Yeah, I guess I am. Best way to spend a weekend?


Doing something you love, maybe with someone special.


OK. This is my last set of questions. They're a little more personal, if that's OK?


Sure. But I reserve the right to refuse to answer. (His lips turn up in a smile that is both flirtatious and nonchalant.)


OK. Fair enough. First question—How would you describe yourself?


(Laughs) Wow! Now I'm really on the spot…let's see…I would describe myself as a traveler who is intuitive, loyal, physically fit, conscientious and dedicated.


Dedicated to anything in particular?


(Smiling) Truth, justice and liberty?


Those are good ideals.




Would you say you're an honest person?


Yeah, I would. But I won't reveal all my secrets up front. A little mystery is good, right?


What's the worst thing you've ever done?


(He flashes that smile again.) I can't tell you that. That goes back to the whole mystery thing. Maybe when you get to know me better I'll spill. What's the worst thing you've ever done?


(I can't help but laugh.) Turning the tables on me, huh?


Absolutely. The street always runs both ways.


Touch√®. As someone recently told me…I reserve the right not to answer.


(He laughs softly, dipping his head in acknowledgment.)


OK, final question—What do you care about most in the world?


(He sighs and, tilting his head back, looks up at the ceiling. He sits in thought for a moment then returns his gaze to mine.) Giving your all to whatever path you follow and making sure the innocent don't suffer.


Well said. I think that's it. Thank you for your time. I hope we can do it again soon.


(He leans forward and shakes my hand.) Anytime.


I'm about to rise from my chair when a petite redhead with striking green eyes enters the room. Glancing between the two of us, she says, "Don't believe anything he says." Dropping her backpack in the corner, she looks at Lovell with one eyebrow raised then heads in the direction of the kitchen.


(Lovell looks at me with that now familiar smile.) What did I tell you? Spunk.


I gather my things and leave the house realizing that I've just encountered Kat Matheson.

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