Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beyond the Threshold a book of short stories by Willow Jaffe , et al: Spotlight


Beyond the Threshold (Volume 1)
(Author), Lisa Barry
, Dan Neuman
, Grant Boshoff
, David Dempster
, Willow Jaffe
, Rhiannon Matlock
, Robert Broughton
, Anne Cargile
, Dominique Nelson
The Ink Slingers Guild was born when two aspiring writers decided they wanted to create a group of like minded individuals for help and support. This collection is based on one of the practice exercises done at every meeting. The exercise is to have three members each pick one word. Those words are shared and a timer is set for five minutes. Laying pen to paper or tapping with fervor on their keyboards each person writes as much as they can in that time, but it must include those three words. The best part is the sharing of these compositions, often hilarious and always inspiring! And the concept of this book was born. Three words were chosen: - Supernatural - Door - Castaway The rules were simple: you must use all three words OR the concept of the words within your story, it must be a short story, and it must be PG-13. Ten authors stepped up to the challenge and went Beyond the Threshold. Enjoy!

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Willow Jaffe, is a writer, originally hailing from Los Angeles. The daughter of a poet and a painter she learned whimsy and magic at an early age. Given a pencil at a tender age she began by writing poetry, and then moved on to plays and script writing. She works continuously in her chosen field by submitting non-fiction work to online magazines and blogs as a guest author but her love remains writing fiction with fantasy elements. Currently working on her novel she now lives in Clearwater, Florida with her husband, three boys and a cat.
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I do enjoy short stories! Just enough to read through my lunch breaks.