Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chronicles of M: Ammit (Book 2) by Nicholas Forristal


Nicholas Forristal is 30 years old, has a B.S. in Psychology, married, and has a 1 and 1/2 year old son. He probably watches too much tv, plays too many video games and drinks too much caffeine too. He's been writing silliness for as long as he can remember. From short stories for elementary state exams to plot line for video games...there was dabbling in poetry for a time as well.


In this sequel to Chronicles of M, Samuel and Thomas race to find a way to purge the demon that resides in M. With the demon in complete control over M, it escapes captivity, leaving Thomas to rely on old acquaintances and new allies to help him hunt down M before he kills again.

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And If you missed it, here is the first book.

Samuel is a retired agent to the stars. During a bank deposit, a heist goes sideways, resulting in him saving the day. Due to Samuel's actions, a mysterious man offers him an opportunity - join an ex-governmental agency who's tasked with handling an unconventional and unpredictable man named "M" as he battles the paranormal. Will he join for the adventure of his life, or will he continue his retirement?

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Anne Consolacion said...

Count me in!

Kristen Heyl said...

Sounds like a great read..thanks for the giveaway.

MaryAlice Tillman said...

looks like I need to look into book 1