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Witch Way Bends by Olivia Hardin: Interview: Orangeberry Tour Stop


Welcome Olivia!  Thanks for visiting today. What inspired you to want to become a writer? Dreams inspire me.  From my teenage years on I had “character dreams.”  My consciousness in those dreams floated amongst all the people in the dream.  It made those visions tangible and they stuck in my mind into the next day… eventually I know I needed to put those dreams to paper.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published. That’s easy.  I had so many people help me get to this point along the way and the best experience has been to be able to give back to others.  I’m honored when people contact me and ask for advice.  I still have so much to learn but I love mentoring others.

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters? For my newest release, Shifty Business the theme song would be “Try” by Pink.  Even the video epitomizes the essence of the book… the push and pull of relationships and the marks, good and bad, that she leave on each other.

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors? Find support.  I would never have become a published author were it not for the group of fellow writer who had mentored me.  Writing is the easy part.  Becoming good and getting published and building success is hard.  It can’t be done without people to listen, to encourage, to give you a good shove when necessary.  My fellow writers are an invaluable resource to me.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? As long as I’m living somewhere in Texas, I’m good.

Can you see yourself in any of your characters? Uhm… yes, very much so.  Devan has my insecurities, Jill has my penchant for talking excessively (especially when nervous), and Gerry… well, she has my fear of flying.  Haha!

What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve had? I have this weird idea about a futuristic story with a justice system in which convicted murderers are implanted with a device that will kill them at the exact time of day in which they killed their victims, only they won’t know the day.  They just have to go on indefinitely until they drop dead… I know, crazy and morbid and weird.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you? Love yourself first.  You won’t have anything to give anyone else unless you learn to love you.

Favorite Candy? Lucky Country Strawberry Licorice… mmmmm

Nickname? Trouble.  My close friends pretty much know me as Trouble.  I’m fierce about standing up for things and people I believe it.

Give us a glimpse into a typical day in your day starting when you wake up till you lie down again. I have a regimen.  We live on a lake and so we wake up each morning and drink coffee out on the deck.  After cooking and eating breakfast, we walk our little Corgi mix and then she and the hubby give me a kiss and a hug and send me off to my day job (a legal assistant.)  On my lunch break I try to catch up on promo work, blogging, etc.  When I get home we eat supper then I try to take an hour or two to write.  I’m in bed usually around 9:00 and I read and/or watch TV until we his the sack by 10:00… and that is my very boring day!

What’s your favorite season/weather? I love winter.  When we moved here to East Texas I was so thrilled that we had two years of a very beautiful snowfall in the winter… being from the Texas Gulf Coast we didn’t get much snow at all.


Genre – Paranormal Romance
Rating – PG
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Devan Stowe is a woman on a quest. She has only one thing on her mind when she teams up with Kent Crosby and his associates—putting an end to her father’s child trafficking business. Her determination takes her on a journey to discover her true strength and… the one man she was destined to love. In his arms, she’ll learn the meaning of trust, honor, and courage. Old friends and new will come together to help Devan unlock an amazing gift that will free her from her past and open up a future full of magic, faeries and more things than she ever imagined possible.



Olivia Hardin realized early on how strange she was to have complete movie-like character dreams as a child. Eventually she began putting those vivid dreams to paper and was rarely without her spiral notebooks full of those mental ramblings. Her forgotten vision of becoming an author was realized when she connected with a group of amazingly talented and fabulous writers who gave her lots of direction and encouragement. With a little extra push from family and friends, she hunkered down to get lost in the words. She's also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and is sometimes accused of being artistic, though she's generally too much of a perfectionist to appreciate her own work. A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband and their puppy Bonnie.
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