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Abandon by Stephanie Dorman: Review: Orangeberry Book Tours


Stephanie lives in the D.C. area and, when not writing, performs polka variations of billboard top 10 songs at subway terminals using her (patent pending) one woman band music suit (this consists of an accordion harmonica, cymbals, jazz flute and full drum set among other instruments. All told the suit weighs 150 pounds and Stephanie has several trained helper monkeys and a shopping cart to move it around). She is a self-described "Polka Visionary" and pursues writing as a means of turning polka into a popular genre of music.

Stephanie can be contacted by looking at a mirror in a darkened room and repeating the words "Candy man" three times slowly. Unfortunately this methodology seems to result in a large number of unsolved murders and anyone contacting Stephanie this way does so at their own risk.
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Annalise never thought she’d live to see the apocalypse, but after the 2012 election she finds herself in a world that is falling apart. Riots are occurring everywhere and when her ex-boyfriend Cort texts her with an escape plan, she accepts the invite and follows him to the mountains of Western Maryland.
Once they make it to their destination though, everything is not as it seems. The power has gone out, cell phone service is non-existent, and the six friends find themselves trapped in a vacation home with no way to discover what is going on elsewhere in the United States.
Turns out, they might not really want to know after all…
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Genre – Zombies / ChickLit
Rating – PG13
My Review
4 Stars 
First off, let me just say that I really was grabbed right from the get-go by the cover.  I love it!   It’s creepy but cozy, too – does that make sense? Probably not, but that is exactly the feeling it evokes in me.    The whole mess starts in D.C. which I found humorous. What can I say? In my opinion, our Capitol is already filled with a brain-dead Congress.  So that started the book off on the right track for me.  Told from the perspective of a savvy young protagonist who has actually prepared for years for an apocalyptic event, the author gives a credible, realistic and sympathetic voice to her inner thoughts and actions.  When she and her old group of friends meet up, she is forced to face some unexpected hostility and less than ideal circumstances (putting it mildly). Her Ex, Cort, is saddled with some unwelcome baggage, but as the situation deteriorates the small group is forced into a kind of detente if there is to be any hope of survival.
I love the show The Walking Dead, so it is not much of a stretch for me to enjoy this book.  The writing is crisp, and the story moves along very well.  The characters have their flaws and their quirks; that made me care about them and kept me enthralled in the story.  There is less action than I would have preferred, but I felt the conversations were interesting and not stilted.  I dislike contrived conversations that feel like the author is conveying information to the reader rather than channeling his/her characters’ thoughts and opinions.  I never felt that here. This is the start of a series, and I am eager to follow the adventure.
A complimentary copy of the book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J
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