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A Taste of Fire by R.Tezak: Interview



How did you start your writing career?

Well, I have been writing stories since I was about seven or eight, but I never called myself a writer until college, when I decided to major in English, I graduated and took some time off to travel and just see what life had to offer. I spent a lot of time teaching rather than writing. When I got married, I shared my dream of being a writer with my husband and he encouraged me to pursuit it, the opportunity arrived when I was pregnant with my first child, I spent a lot of time at home during the pregnancy and so I took the time to actually finish a book. So that year I had two babies, my first born son, and my book A Taste of Fire.


Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

I have to be biased here and say one of my favorite characters is my own Zara, I love the way she develops, she starts out as this young woman waiting tables and going to school but grows into so much more, her history is rich and complicated, and I so enjoyed writing it.


Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I have always wanted to go to Paris, I have just romanticized it since I was a little girl, hopefully I will have the opportunity to make going on a trip there a reality some day(sigh).


Who are your books published with?

I am published with a small company Parker Publishing, they are amazing, I love working with them, and I would recommended them to anyone starting out.


Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?

I love listening to music when I write, songs help you to visualize, gives your characters sound tracks, and makes the book feel like a movie in your head. Some of my favorite bands are Radiohead, Tegan and Sara, Muse, Kimbra, Goyte, Tom Waits, Florence and the Machine, just to name a few.


Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

Absolutely not, though my life can occasionally read like well thought out fiction. I find a lot of people asking me that, especially because my story is written in first person. The only thing Zara and I have in common is a love for vampires, and the city of Chicago.

Where are your fans most likely to find you hanging out?

On the bike trail with my kids, in a quiet corner of the library or coffeehouse, and at the beach, I love the sand and the waves, yes even lakes have waves not as big as the ocean and definitely not as daunting but we mid-westerners have waves.

When's the last time you played that musical instrument?

The last time I played guitar was probably a few years ago for my family, I have had my beautiful acoustic guitar for almost ten years, I learned to play in college, but only play for personal enjoyment, and entertaining the Gremlins that live under my bed.

What would we find under your bed?

Gremlins, dust bunnies, broken guitar strings, an ill matched stiletto and combat boot, a box full of trinkets, various vampire novels, and a sippy cup.

Tell us about your current release.

My current release is called “A Taste of Fire”. It is a steamy paranormal romance set in Chicago. We follow the character Zara as she works through the fog of amnesia to figure out who she is, how she got involved with the sexy dangerous vampire Jonah, and why so many people seem to be out for her blood.

Tell us about your next release.
My next release is the second book in the series, the tentative title is A Taste of Blood. This book is a work in progress and I hope to have it out next year, it delves more into the history of Zara, Jonah, and gives more action and details about the hierarchy of the vampire clans, the hunters, and the wolves. Oh and our newest villain people, you are just going to love hating him.

What if you were scarred and you didn't know why?

What if your blood was the aphrodisiac of the underworld?

What if your life line is not years but centuries and you couldn't remember any of it?

You might not recall that you’re seriously involved with a sexy and dangerous vampire (although really he's hard to forget). You might not know why his ex-girlfriend wants you dead, or why an attractive yet psychotic detective is out for your blood. But that's the pitfall of amnesia, I can't remember four years into my past let along four centuries.

But I know this my name is Zara, my blood is fire, and everyone's dying for a taste.

RECOMMENDED for Mature Readers 18+

 R. Tezak was born and grew up in Chicago Illinois. She attended a very private parochial school in the west suburbs and transitioned awkwardly to a very public University. She spent two years in pre-med until she realized she was doing a heavy double major and enjoyed her English classes far more than dissecting fetal pigs. So she graduated with a B.A. in Creative Writing and ventured out West to hike and camp the Grand Canyon, sleep on budget motel roof tops often waking with spiders in her hair to attend concerts in Arcadia California. Somewhere between Seattle and Vegas she ran out of money, and decided to teach. Torn between her passion to write and cook baked goods, she returned to the Midwest, where she met her husband who inspired her to stay home write full time and bake cookies in her spare time. Now three wonderful children and countless batches of cookies later, R. Tezak is publishing her first book.

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