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Sisters of the Moon Series by Nina Croft (Double Feature): Interview, Series Spotlight, Excerpt


 Bound to Night
Waking up after a brutal werewolf attack, telepath Tasha Grant finds herself a prisoner of The Facility, an organization carrying out illegal research into the paranormal. She dreams of freedom, a normal life, and going home, but after eight long years, she believes it will never happen. Her life changes with the arrival of the stunningly gorgeous Jack, the latest unwilling guest of The Facility. Passion flares between them, but Jack refuses to share his body or his mind.

Jack must fight his burning desire for Tasha; he has a job to do—destroying The Facility—plus a very good reason for keeping his distance from for the young werewolf. Only when they escape their prison, does he admit his feelings and accept the possibility of a future together. However, Tasha yearns for a normal life, and Jack is a vampire…

As the past unravels and they uncover the secrets behind Tasha’s attack, she realizes that ‘home’ is farther away than ever. Now, she must decide if that matters when the alternative is a place at Jack’s side…
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***I am reading this book now  :)  ***
A prickle ran down her spine.
“Dad, are you there?” Tasha called out, but the words were thrown back at her, echoing off the stone walls.
She was early that was all. He’d be here. He’d promised.
The sun slipped lower in the sky, finally vanishing behind the huge warehouses. Shadows hugged the edges of the buildings, drawing ever closer to where she stood in the encroaching night.
She swallowed, her throat suddenly dry. Something was out there, watching her from just beyond the edge of darkness. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a movement in the dim light. Tendrils of emotion teased at her mind, like nothing she’d felt before. Not a person; there were no conscious thoughts, only raw feelings. Anticipation, hunger, hate.
For a minute, Tasha stood immobile, every muscle locked solid. Then she turned her head slowly and peered into the gloom. She blinked, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. A dog? But it was bigger than any dog she’d ever come across, bigger even than the wolves she’d seen at the zoo.
It took a step closer, clearing the shadows, and an icy wave of dread rolled over her, threatening to suck her under. Her mind screamed to run, but her body wouldn’t obey, every muscle clenched tight as her gaze locked with cold yellow eyes.
Another step and the spell was broken. She hurled her backpack at the thing’s head, then spun around and ran. She’d only taken a few strides when a heavy weight slammed into her, crashing her to the ground. Stars flashed behind her closed eyes, and the coppery taste of blood filled her mouth.
Tasha rolled onto her back and the beast was on her, pressing her down, hot stinking breath smothering her. She tried to scramble away, but it lunged, taking her shoulder in its huge jaws. Bone crunched loud in her ears. Searing pain flooded her body and mind, and she knew she was going to die.
Maybe not yet.
But soon.
She must have blacked out. When she came to, the beast was gone, and she wasn’t dead after all. Her own shuddering breaths were the only sound in the darkness. She tried to roll over, but red hot spikes of pain pinned her to the ground. Her phone was in her backpack. She could see it lying about ten feet away. It might as well have been a mile.
Her dad would be here soon, all she had to do was hold on.
The beam of an approaching vehicle flooded the area with light. Tears of relief blurred her vision; she’d known he would save her. Always before, she’d balked at using her inner sense, scared it would mean she was accepting the impossible, descending into madness. Now, for the first time she reached out, needing to feel her father’s comforting presence. But the minds she encountered were strangers.
She twisted her neck so she could watch. Some sort of dark van pulled up a few feet away, but she didn’t recognize the vehicle. Two men stepped out and came toward her.
“She the one?” the closest asked.
“Oh yeah. Let’s get her in the van—that thing’s still out there.”
“Wait. My father—” Tasha clamped her lips on a scream as the first man leaned down and dragged her to her feet. He tossed her over his shoulder, oblivious to the moan of agony wrenched from her throat. The few paces to the van seemed to last a lifetime, before she was dropped in the back. She landed with a jolt and lay staring at the roof, trying to get a grip on a world reduced to nothing but hurting.
The rear door slammed and she was alone. Panic tore at her insides as the vehicle started to move, and quickly picked up speed.
The journey passed in a haze of pain and confusion intermingled with brief respites of unconsciousness. Finally, the door opened and a dark figure stared down at her.
“Welcome to The Facility.”


Bound to Moonlight
Anya, a powerful telepath, has always believed she worked for the good guys–the organization that created her, trained her, and turned her into the ultimate weapon. Her most recent assignment: to assassinate the head of a group of mercenaries. The very man she believes is responsible for the death of her sister.

Investigating the disappearance of three pack members, Alpha werewolf, Sebastian Quinn, finds himself under the scrutiny of a deadly group, The Agency. Targeted by their assassin, he must now fight to save his own life.

Captured and held by the charismatic werewolf, Anya feels the stirrings of passion. For the first time, there is something beyond duty. Now she is faced with a choice — complete her assigned mission or risk everything she has ever known for a chance at love.
Bound to Moonlight - Amazon

Bound to Moonlight

The tablet was small, white and bore no markings to identify what it could be. Sebastian had no clue what they were, and if they did turn out to be suicide pills, then he’d be killing her. But he sensed she was running out of time, and he suspected the pills were the only thing that might save her life. He shrugged and put his hand to her lips. They were dry now, and he slipped a finger inside and pried open her mouth.
As she started to struggle, he put his arm around her shoulders and held her tight against him. She bit down on his finger. He swore and pulled free.
Her eyes were open now, dark with pain, and she twisted so she could look into his face. “Are you torturing me?”
“Not yet.”
“I hurt. Am I dying?”
“Not if I can help it.”
She smiled then, a slight curve of her lips that didn’t banish the fear from her eyes. “I don’t think you can.”
“Sweetheart, I can do anything I want to.”
“I’m not your sweetheart. I’m not anyone’s sweetheart.” Her tone was sad and defeated. “I’m scared,” she whispered.
He had an urge to take her in his arms, hold her, tell her everything would be all right. But how could he? He’d never been any good at lying. Instead, he said, “Open your mouth.” 

Hi Nina! I am thrilled that you have come for another visit to chat about your new series and career as an author.  How did you start your writing career?

I actually started writing back in my late twenties when I was working as a volunteer in Africa. I’d trained as an accountant, but after working in London for a couple of years, I was bored and restless. My husband had always wanted to do voluntary work (he works in agriculture) so we applied to one of the agencies and I ended up living in a remote village on the banks of Lake Kariba in Zambia, teaching bookkeeping to the locals.

The place was super-remote: no electricity, no TV (and this was before the internet), very few books (and definitely before Kindles) and I started writing to entertain myself.

I stopped when we returned to England and real life interfered, but then took it up again when we moved to our present home in Spain—again pretty remote, no electricity, and when we arrived no TV (though now I do have my kindle!)
Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

When I was younger, we used to travel a lot. We travelled around Africa and South East Asia. We spent three months making our way from Bali to Bangkok and another three working our way from Dehli to Kerala (in southern India). All our spare time and all out spare money went on travel. But these days we’ve settled down and have a few responsibilities that make travel a little difficult (namely four dogs, three cats, a horse, two goats, some chickens and a three legged Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.) But there are still places I’d love to visit. I’d like to see the pyramids in Egypt, and I’d love to ride up the Inca trails in Peru and drift down the Amazon in a canoe….

Tell us about your current release.

My current release is a paranormal romance novella, Bound to Moonlight. It’s book 2 in my Sisters of the Moon series about a group of telepathic sisters. The series follows their interactions, romantic and otherwise, with a pack of werewolves who help them overcome the evil organization, which created them and now wants to destroy them. 

Each book in the series is a stand-alone romance.  Book 3, Bound to Secrets, will be released in December.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

I’m a total plotter. I always wanted to be a pantser, one of those people who just sit down and fantastic stories flow spontaneously from their fingertips. But I’m not—I’ve tried it a few times and I invariably get lost in the middle. But I hate routines, so I never plot the same way twice. I use various methods, character interviews, scene by scene breakdowns. And at some point in that process, my characters will start chatting away in my head, and that’s when I usually start writing.

What is it that you like to do when you’re not reading/writing?

I live on an almond farm in the remote mountains of southern Spain. It’s a beautiful place and when I take time off, I love to sit under a fig tree with a bottle of wine and just stare at the scenery. But that’s lazy! So I also walk my dogs, ride my horse, talk to my pig, and even pick the occasional almond.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I cry. Actually, that’s not true—not anymore anyway! Some upset me, but I’m coming to the conclusion, that you can’t please everyone, and I don’t believe you should even try. It amazes me how often someone will say they hate something in one of my books that someone else has said is the very thing they love. People are different, that’s what makes them so interesting.
What would we find under your bed?

I have no clue; I never, ever go there.

What is the next big thing?

Apart from my Sisters of the Moon series, I have a full length paranormal romance coming out from Entangled Publishing in December. Bittersweet Blood, is the story of a woman searching for her past and the red-hot vampire who helps her find it. It’s also the first book in my Order of the Shadow Accords series, with books 2 and 3 coming out in 2013.
Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia, which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.
Nina writes all types of romance often mixed with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.
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Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! I've always wanted to be a pantser too.
Your series sounds great!!

Sutton Fox said...

The covers are gorgeous!

Can't wait to read these. Just the kind of stories that entertain me. Thanks for sharing.

Debora Dennis said...

Geez, I am a pantser and it just isn't working for me...maybe I need to hear more about your ways of plotting :)

I love your covers, great excerpts, thanks for sharing!

Robin Delany said...

I love the covers, they are gorgeous.
I was a pantser, and when you have ADD, being a pantser isn't all it's cracked up to be. I find I do a little better as a "plotster" than anything else. My rough outlines keep me in order, and when my passions take me to new places, but I don't find myself floating in the middle of nowhere without a story.

Courtney_Elena said...

GREAT COVERS Looks like a good read

Nina Croft said...

Thanks people - I love the covers as well (thank you Fantasia Frog!)

And I think most people want to be pantsers - there's a sort of romance to just letting a story flow. Accepting what you are is one of the hardest things in life - but it has to be faced sometime!

Laurie said...

Yes, they are lovely covers. I just finished reading Bound by Night...very good, fast paced story that kept me engaged and wanting to find out what would happen next. :)

Nina Croft said...

Thanks Laurie!

sully6189 said...

Sounds great! I need a new read!

Judy-Ree said...

Beautiful covers! They would definitely encourage me to take a look at them if I saw them on a shelf. Some of my favorite stories are books about siblings/family members. I like getting the happy ending from the first book, and then getting the little follow-up tidbits from the next. It's like checking in on a friend. :)

Brooke said...

I like the covers too, very pretty and intriguing. I love the paranormal genre, especially when they talk about the government being involved. I mean really, of course the government, and scientists are going to want to put the paranormal to use and under a microscope. That just makes a lot of sense to me so I click a bit more with books who bring that up.