Sunday, November 25, 2012

Selarial's Song by Laura Brewer:Spotlight


Selarial's Song is the first book in the trilogy, The Songs of Talmanor.  the second book, Dream Song, should be ready for release soon.
It’s been 800 years of uneasy peace, but now the Coalition of Free Worlds is on the verge of war with the Thess’n Empire - again.  They Thess’ns have been twisting their tails regularly with raids and random assaults along the border. Most of the Coalition leadership is not taking the danger seriously. The Coalition Fleet, on the other hand, is quietly preparing for what they see on the horizon.

Selarial, a Singer of notable telepathic ability, is in the middle of things as Chief Engineer on the Equinox.  Singers form mind bonds in a team with two other sentient species from their world, Sorth. Kirrlea (feline) and Roth (raptor) work with Selarial, using their unusual skills to support the defense.

Alcar Trent, Captain of the Ventura claims no home but his ship.  When his ship is paired with the Equinox, he's not so sure about the psychic gifts, but trusts them to watch his back in a fight. He learns to rely on their abilities and to discover some of his own.

As the incidents increase, Selarial and Alcar begin to see the Sorthians are high on the list of targets.  Selarial also manages to incur the personal enmity of a Thess’n Warlord.  When ancient weapons, long thought destroyed, begin to appear, Selarial wants to know why.  On Sorth, the Singer Council search equally ancient records for answers, but find more questions – and an urgent warning.

It will take all the skill of Selarial and Alcar, both together and separately to deal with the Thess’n threat, even to survive.

I write mostly Science Fiction from the lovely mountains of Tennessee, where I live with my family and assorted animals. I love to cook and dabble in fiber arts. I am also a homeschool mom enjoying the adventures of high school (most of the time).

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