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Fiery Gemstones by Cassandra DeBrown: Cover Reveal, Interview and Excerpt




Expected release November, 2012

Excerpt from Fiery Gemstones: A Heston Witch Novella
“So what are you going to do, sis?” Eden asked.
The three of them were seated in Edna’s office sharing an aromatic brew of Irish coffee and a couple of biscuits as was their usual custom at about this time every day. It was a tradition they had started years ago and now it was an integral part of their working day.
“I don’t know yet but I will definitely think of something. I have to. He just keeps popping up wherever I go. It’s downright annoying.”
 Edna took a sip of her coffee and then made a face.
“Eww, mine’s gone cold already.”
She crossed over to the automatic coffeemaker that was one of the more recent additions to her office and topped up her drink with hot water then returned to her seat behind her walnut desk. Her office décor was plain and utilitarian, done up in shades of coffee and cream. It was a neat and peaceful place and Edna considered it her sanctuary. She protected it fiercely from what she called ‘The invasion of the gadget people’. There was no computer in her office, no fax machine and no TV screens either. She didn’t own a mobile phone either. Her only concession to telecommunications was the intercom and old fashioned land line that she had on her desk.
“You could always take the matter to the townie police force and let them handle it.”
“Handle it the human way? No, that would only reinforce this guy’s arrogance. Besides imagine the message it would send to the rest of the riff raff out there. ‘The Hestons are now fair game, so feel free to harass them at your leisure?’ I don’t think so.”
She caught the look on her sister’s face.
“Don’t worry, Ethos. Whatever I do, I promise I won’t set a bad example for the girls.”
“Too late for that,” Eden scoffed.
“Hey, it’s not my fault that both your daughters consider me their favourite aunt.”
“No, it’s not. But it is your fault that they take their inspiration from your wildest pranks.”
“That’s not fair. The girls have vivid imaginations and they know how to use them. Besides, we’re all role models for them. And it’s not like we didn’t get into any scrapes when we were their age even though we didn’t have an Aunt Edna for Evie to blame all our shenanigans on.”
“Nope, we had an Uncle Harry and that was much worse.”
All three ladies burst out laughing.
“Seriously, Edna,” Eden continued when their mirth over shared memories had died down, “What are we going to do about Preston Williams?”
“I have an idea,” Ethos chipped in. “Let’s have him over for dinner.”
“Really, are we going to resort to cannibalism now? Is that really necessary?”
“Not have him for dinner, silly. Invite him to The Happy Place for dinner.”
“And then what? Dazzle him with our considerable charm?”
“No, you dazzle him with your considerable charm, Edna, and if that doesn’t work, you could always do some mental mojo on the fella.”
“Hmm that would work,” she mused aloud. “I’d wanted to get him to sit down and talk ages ago but he just keeps throwing random numbers at me, he’s obsessed with Red Rock Haven.”
“Well, you’ll simply have to give him a new obsession. Red Rock Haven isn’t for sale, not now, not ever,” Eden stated fiercely.
“I know that. But will he? Alright I’ll try this your way but if this doesn’t work, you guys will just have to trust me to deal with this on my own.
“Why wouldn’t it work?” Ethos wanted to know.
“I don’t know. I have a funny feeling about the guy, that’s all.”
“Have you seen anything?”
 “Nope, not a thing. I didn’t even see him coming into Silverline before he showed up around here and that is very strange.”
“Well, whatever he is hiding up his sleeve, you’ll have a chance to read his intentions tonight.”
“Not to put the cart before the horse, ladies…”
Both sisters turned to look at Eden. She held up her hands defensively.
“I’m just saying, you haven’t even invited him yet.”
“Oh,” Edna said sheepishly, “you’re right.” 


Welcome Cassandra.  Thanks for stopping by and agreeing to answer a few of my questions.  What do you think makes a good story?

For me, the best stories are the ones that grab my attention right off the bat and keep me interested in the outcome of the various threads right up until the very end. I love stories with multiple characters and plot lines. Intrigue me, shock me, entertain me, make me emotionally invested in what happens to whom. I love humour and wise cracks too. If I can learn something new as I move from one cover to another as well, all the better,

What do you think is the hardest part of writing your books

Staying focused on one piece of work while a dozen other characters who will not fit into the current story clamour for space in my head. My imagination tends to work overtime and I could be writing about nuns this minute and then find myself preoccupied with leprechauns the next. The editing is no fun either, cutting out paragraphs or pages that somehow just don’t work the way I want them to.

Tell us about your current release

Fiery gemstones is a Heston Witch Novella, part of my new YA trilogy The Heston Witches that follows the adventures a clan of powerful witches. There are two teenage witches, their grandma, their mums and their aunts. Apart from the usual magical happenings that are the norm around such magical families and the typical teenage mischief that goes with the territory, their home and lives are under threat by a badie of epic proportions. It is a short but sweet read that was actually meant to serve as an intro to the trilogy but somehow got out of control J.

 If you haven't been introduced to the clan, do take a peek at the short story on Writing Shorts ( Edna was the first Heston witch I met and she’s the one who introduced me to the family so to speak. Her mother, (Evie) is the Matriarch of the clan, and along with her sisters (Eden and Ethos), they all live in their ancestral Home Red Rock Haven located in Silverline City. Eden and Ethos each have a daughter, (Elvira and Esther). They are a pushy bunch and they don’t take any mess from anyone but I’ve fallen in love with them and I hope you will too.

It wasn't the next up on my list of projects seeing as I have three other Works in Progress that are, well, still in progress. When the Hestons became the last thought I had at night and the first people I thought about when I got up, I realised that I'd get no peace till it was done.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?

My music tastes are a little weird, or so all my friends tell me. I tend to like songs with lilting, haunting melodies but I enjoy all kinds of music especially show tunes/movie soundtracks. When I’m writing, I’d probably have a song by The Script, Kings of Leon or Adele on a loop on my music player.

Morning person or night person? How do you know?

I’m definitely a Night person. Too many years working a job with unsociable hours and staying up late to study, I guess. My body clock is permanently warped, LOL. I do my best work between 1am and 5am in the morning but getting set for work in the morning can make me a little grumpy. Without my morning dose of caffeine, I can’t function at all and restrict myself to barely decipherable grunts and monosyllables.

Where do you dream of travelling to and why?

Brazil and Switzerland. Brazil for the weather and the beautiful beaches, Switzerland because I am dying to see the WHO and UN headquarters.

Do you play any sports?

(Laughs while shaking her head). I wish.  Nope, no sports for me though I do swim (after a fashion) and I love walking. Let’s just say that my hand eye coordination isn’t the best it could be. I’m all fingers and thumbs except when it comes to work, then it’s like my brain suddenly gets into gear and I’m very calm and focused.

Entice us, what future projects are you considering.

I think I will let you see them as they come along. I love writing. It’s something I’ve always done in one form or the other and I know I will definitely continue with the Heston Witches Trilogy. Legitimate Doubts, the sequel to Legitimate Issues is almost halfway done, I just felt Chuckles and Bobby had a lot more to say. I’m also working on book one of the Deadly Beauty Series - Amber Dade.

War Beast and First Do No Harm keep glowering at me from my Works in Progress folder but I’m pretending to work on them too. Wish me luck.

Thank you for having me on your blog. I really enjoyed visiting and I hope to come back again soon.

Cassandra DeBrown is a single, thirty-something-ish lady who by her own admission has spent too many years pretending to pay attention in class while she doodled abstract art on her classmate’s notes and made up stories in her head.  Having worn various hats in life she says she is trying on the author hat for now and enjoying the ride so far. Though she’s been writing for years, short articles and blog posts, this year she finally put her writing talent out there and has been thrilled that there are people out there who ‘Get Her’. Her latest offering, Fiery Gemstones will be available where all good eBooks are sold.

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