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American Goddesses by Gary Henry : Character Interview


When two small-town women find themselves with nearly unlimited powers of mind and body, their lives get complicated. Things turn nasty as a shadowy organization attempts to use Megan and Trish for their own evil ends, and destroy them, their town and the USA in the process.

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Character interview with John Harris, husband of Megan Harris in
American Goddesses by Gary Henry

Laurie: What’s it like being married to a woman with powers that make her a virtual goddess? 

John: Boy, you get right to it, don’t you? I get that question a lot. It was rough at first. It’s a lot better now. 

Laurie: How rough? 

John: You mean aside from getting the crap beat out of me by some thugs who escaped from Grasslands (Federal Penitentiary), and getting a nice dose of sexual abuse when that bitch psychic Melnikova took over Megan’s body and abilities? 

Laurie: Sexual abuse? 

John: I’d rather not go into it, if you don’t mind. Suffice to say – it was bad as bad could be. 

Laurie: How about your relationship with your wife? 

John: Rough at first. Megan was always bossy. Then she gets powers that – well, I’ll give you an example. I’m drinking a few beers watching football one Sunday. I go in the kitchen for another beer, but the refrigerator door won’t open.

“Megan, the refrigerator door’s stuck or broken or something,” I say. She’s at the kitchen table reading a magazine. She says the door’s ok, but I’ve had enough beer and I’m cut off. Can you believe it? She uses her godlike powers to keep me from getting a beer. 

We really got into it. Finally she tells me to go ahead and become an alcoholic and lets me open the door. By then I didn’t feel like it any more. I go downstairs to blow off a little steam lifting weights. Boy did I get a surprise. 

Laurie: What? 

John: The weights. Completely trashed. Quarter-inch steel lift bars bent and curled like pipe cleaners. And the plates – 50-pounders warped like, like one time when my Dad left one of his vinyl records in the car on a summer day. Useless. 

Laurie: Megan did that? With her mind? 

John: Yeah, while we were arguing about the beer. She said it was inadvertent. I was still really pissed. I ran upstairs with one of the warped 10-pound plates to show her, but she was gone. Went out flying, she said. 

Laurie: So that’s why you had the affair with the reporter? 

John: Jesus. I thought this was going to be an easy interview, like what’s my favorite football team. 

Laurie: Ok, what’s your favorite football team? 

John: Broncos. 

Laurie: So, the reporter? 

John: I don’t want to talk about it. It’s over now. 

Laurie: Things are better with you and Megan? 

John: Oh yeah. You know Susan Tzin-Tzin, the scientist who was responsible for Megan and the other women getting their powers, she told me an interesting thing. 

Laurie: Yes? 

John: She said people who are bossy or controlling are really just scared. They try to control others because they feel vulnerable.


Laurie: That was the case in your marriage? 

John: Seems like it. As Megan’s gotten more used to her powers, she’s gotten less controlling and bossy. She’s figured out that since nothing can hurt her, she has nothing to fear. Our marriage has never been better. 

Laurie: She doesn’t use her powers to get her way?

John: Used to. Hardly uses them at all any more. Mostly to do things like move the washing machine so she can vacuum behind it. She does do this one thing I love. She’ll use her thumbnail to flick off the cap of a beer bottle – you know, the kind that needs a bottle opener. She flicks it into the air and catches it in her palm without even looking. That’s so cool. 

Laurie: You’re in construction – a macho line of work. 

John: Project manager for Witzell Construction. Quality design-build, residential, commercial, governmental. Call Witzell for -- 

Laurie: How much of a hard time do your co-workers give you, being married to a woman a lot more powerful than you? 

John: They ragged me all the time at first. You know, “who wears the pants in your house now, buddy” kind of thing. Then we had a little incident. 

Laurie: Yes? 

John: One of our concrete-mixing trucks got stuck in a ditch on a job site. The only tow truck in Lawrencedale that could pull it out was in for maintenance. So I called Megan. She was there before I got off the phone. 

She’s in her office clothes, heels and skirt, so I got her some big rubber boots and work gloves. The guys are checking her out, which annoyed me, but I figured that wouldn’t last long. 

She goes to the truck, it probably weighs 40,000 pounds. It’s got the two passenger-side wheels in the ditch. Leaning over like it’s going to fall. She picks up the front end like it’s nothing and swings it away from the ditch. Then she does the same with the rear of the truck. 

You should have seen the looks on the guys’ faces. Believe me, there has not been a word since. 

Laurie: What did Megan do then? 

John: Nothing. Just gave me back the boots and gloves. Gave me a quick kiss and said “bye hon,” and blinked out. Back to her office, I guess. Look, I’ve got to get back to work. Anything else? 

Laurie: I could talk to you all day if you had the time. But I appreciate you sparing as much time as you have. Thank you, John Harris.

John: Welcome. 

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