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Some Enchanted Waltz, A Time Travel Romance by Lily Silver: Interview & Excerpt



Some Enchanted Waltz: A Time Travel Romance by Lily Silver

When a violent storm spawns power outages, radio DJ Tara O’Neill must keep broadcasting severe warnings to local residents without electrical power. As the storm intensifies and dead air devours the airwaves, Tara must reboot the transmitter to get back on the air. Lightning strikes as Tara reboots the system, hurtling her through time.

Lord Dillon needs a bride, immediately, to escape his enemy’s snare. He has always respected the Fairy Race. As a boy, he played with them in the secret glen and was warned that one day he would be called upon to shelter one of their own who has lost her way among mortals.  

Tara appears just when he needs her, a strange woman with no memory; a wounded woman needing his protection. A beguiling woman with fey features and a strange tattoo of fairy wings across her back . . .   

Memories collide with terrifying dreams of being kidnapped by a Darkling Fey Prince, making Tara uncertain of her true origins. Has she been sent to Adrian as he insists to save him from some disastrous fate? As they journey to Dublin, little does Tara realize her husband’s business there is rebellion. The United Irishmen are preparing to seize the government and free Ireland from her British oppressors. 

Can Tara prevent Adrian from dying for a cause destined to fail? 
Some Enchanted Waltz, A Time Travel Romance
by Lily Silver
Lord Adrian Dillon summoned the family physician to his study for a private interview.
The thin, graying man watched his patron with glittering eyes that revealed his intelligence. “Your note said you had something to discuss regarding the young miss of a most serious nature.” He took the chair opposite Adrian’s desk and folded his hands on his lap, waiting patiently for Adrian to explain his dire message.
“Do you believe Tara is well enough to be married before the week is out?”
“Dear me.” The doctor’s hands gripped the chair arms.
 As Dr. Magnus stared at him with disbelief, Adrian continued in a defensive tone, “Under the circumstances, I think it is only proper we are wed as soon as possible.”
The doctor sat for a long moment, his quick mind turning over the situation carefully before he advised his patron. He nibbled on his upper lip, sucked in both lips, rolling them before replying, “How fortunate for you that this woman
washed up on shore, with Burke pressing a suit with his daughter.”
Adrian’s brow furrowed in agitation. His forefingers were arched together as he sat with his elbows propped on the desk before him. “I trust you will remain discreet.”
“Aye.  Only take care in what you do. This
young woman may fit nicely into your scheme and become a very proper Lady Dillon for you. You are doing the honorable thing by taking her into your care in the guise of marriage. There are other lords who wouldn’t presume to be noble about their designs on such a comely waif who fell into their lap with no memory of where she came from. If she seems pleased with the arrangement, you have gained a wife and she has gained a comfortable situation. Then again, she
may wake up one morning and recall she has a husband and babes elsewhere then where will that leave you, my lord Dillon?”
“She is unmarried.”
“You mean you are hoping that is the case.” Magnus supplied. “Adrian, have you entertained any of the possibilities regarding her situation? She may be a half-wit. She may have been someone’s doxy on that ship or she could be an indenture on her way to the Indies. She could have the pox, for all you know.”
“No.” Adrian shook his head, confident in his
assessment of Tara. She was no half-wit or strumpet bound for the plantations. She was the lost fey he’d been cautioned about years ago.  And she was helpless, confused in her changeling state. She needed him to take her into his protection just as much as he needed her to
elude Burke’s snare.
“If you persist in this mad scheme, and I’m assuming you will, you must be aware that sooner or later, she will realize she is not the person you have made her out to be. She may recover her memory before you are wed, expose your scheme to
all, and then Burke will jump on you before you have time to regroup.”
Brushing aside the old man’s warning, Adrian
replied, “I want you to help me procure a special license from the magistrate. Considering the circumstances, I should think it would be fairly easy.  Tara is now an orphan and has been engaged to me for the past eight months, since we were in Italy. That would make me nearly her legal guardian, would it not? Her father was escorting her here for our wedding
when disaster took him away from us. She has no one else save me.”

“I say, you do have the advantage in that respect. You are the only person who claims to know her, to be able to identify her. Unless someone appears to claim her your arrangement should go well enough.”
Adrian stood and moved to the window. He turned his back on his guest to glare out at the bay. The illusion of calm waters belied the violence that nature had visited them once more in the night. The small islands were emerald jewels set in a fine mist of silver. Gray-blue ocean swells met the azure cloudless sky. It was a perfectly glorious day on the coast of Bantry Bay. 
“I say, my boy. Do you intend to brood there the remainder of the day? If you want a special license, let us make for Cork while the weather is with us.”
*   *    *
As the bitter medicine coursed through her limbs, Tara drifted upon an island of calm. She felt dazed, comfortably numb like in the Pink Floyd song. Maybe if she relaxed and didn’t try so hard to think, she’d remember how she got here and where it was she belonged. 
The land of the Tir-o-nog? Was that a hip new travel destination, like Dubai?
Lord Dillon kept talking about her being sent to him, coming from another realm.
Didn’t he refer to her as Fey, meaning fairy?
Were fairies like elves? The image of a dark haired young woman with big blue eyes and pouty lips rose in her memory. The woman wore a long, flowing gown and a long blue cloak. Lady Arwen of Rivendale.

She knew the woman’s name as well as her own. Another being, similar in form, materialized in Tara’s mind; a beautiful, rather delicate young man with long, pale, white gold hair and dark brows. Like Arwen, he had pointy ears and arched brows. Legolias.  The name came to her unbidden.
Her head throbbed as jangled images of white haired wizards, hobbits and dwarves swirled through it. Cave Trolls and hideous Orcs. Tara
gasped. Her bandaged hands flew up to cradle her throbbing temples as the loud, eerie music pounded in her head.
Don’t think about it. Stop trying to figure
it out. Get a grip on the here and now.
Tara pulled herself up from the bed and shuffled
to the window on stiff legs. 
She was in an ancient stone castle. The landscape was beautiful. Mist hung above the trees, and the gray-green silhouette of mountains bordered the distant blue sky.  Her room was situated at one corner of the castle, giving her a panoramic view of the interior courtyard and the thick forest and gently rolling hills beyond the ancient stone walls. A large black and white cat was serenely sunning himself on the stone bench beneath her window, ignoring the geese, ducks and chickens pecking at the cobblestones around him.
A coach pulled through the opened gates.
A horse drawn coach?
Suddenly, it struck Tara clean between the eyes; no telephones or computers, no bathroom, no electricity. Women in long gowns and men emerging from horse drawn carriages. It wasn’t so much a matter of where she was, but when.

Hello Lily!  Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.  I'm thrilled to meet you and find out a little about you while you're here.  How did you start your writing career?

I started writing romances about 20 years ago. It started out as a hobby, a way to escape for a little while into my own fantasies as a stay at home mom. I was a voracious romance reader back then and I still am today. My first attempt to write a full length historical romance produced an 800+ page manuscript. That first attempt helped me see my flaws and lead me on a fulfilling new life journey as I strove to study the craft of writing and improve my skills as a writer. I went back to college as a non-Trad student in my forties and pursued degrees in both History & Humanistic Studies because of my love for history and my desire to write historical romance.

Who are your favorite authors?

My all-time-fav author and the person who inspired me to become a historical romance writer was Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She wrote such deep, rich, compelling stories that I found satisfying. A Rose in Winter by Woodiwiss is the first romance I read, and it’s still one of my favorites today. The brooding, wounded and masked Lord Saxton was also my first exposure in romance to a Gothic hero. As a tribute to him and to Woodiwiss, I created my own Gothic hero in my debut novel, Dark Hero. I find I’m drawn to the dark, mysterious types most of all in romances. As for modern writers, I would say Lisa Kleypas and Elizabeth Hoyt are my favorite historical
romance authors. I loved Kleypas’ The Wallflowers Series and Hoyt’s Prince Trilogy. Those two series are on my desert island keeper shelves, meaning
I’ll return to them again and again as pleasant re-reads.


Where do you dream of traveling to, and why?

Ireland. No contest. I love Irish history, culture and mythology. I’ve been researching Irish lore and legends for years as fuel for my romantic fantasies. Many of my characters are of Irish descent. In my first published novel, the heroine (Elizabeth O’Flaherty) was part Irish and had to reconcile herself to certain magical gifts she inherited with her Celtic lineage. Also, when I was researching the historical details for the rebellion for Some Enchanted Waltz, I
also came across some fascinating tales about the fairy folk which I incorporated into the storyline.  The heroine, Tara O’Neill is of Irish descent but the mystery of her origins is a secret, even to her. I’ll give you a hint; it involves Irish legends. I would love to visit Ireland one day. Ireland seems to be a land imbued with mysticism, romance, and magic.

What do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?

Lately, I have been getting lots of emails from readers of Some Enchanted Waltz.  They tell me they enjoyed Tara and Adrian’s story and are asking if there will be a sequel soon. One reader wrote about Waltz, bless her heart, Thanks for writing hot sex scenes, but not allowing them to take over the plot of the book as happens in too many historical romances, in my opinion.
I’m pleased to have the praise on both counts, for creating enough steam for the reader, but not so much that it detracts from the main plot or takes it

What do you think makes a good story? 

For Romance, I believe a good, satisfying read brings in an emotional element in the characters. Emotion draws us in. Without it, we can just have paper doll characters moving through scenes. The character’s feelings, thoughts and reactions to events, and their personal history is what gives them motivation and what fuels the story. Also, for writing about Romance Heroes, I feel that the hero must at all times be honorable and noble. He can do some bad things, but for me, he cannot be downright mean or nasty to the heroine. In real life, if a guy is a total jerk to me, I’m not going to be swooning or wanting him to kiss me. So my heroes have to tow the line and be decent and honorable when it comes to how they treat the heroine, even if they have a dark past, are scary or otherwise dangerous bad boys.  That’s why they’re
called Heroes.

What hobbies do you actively pursue?

I am also a nature photographer, and so I love to trek about the woods and shores snapping photos. I paint watercolors, mostly nature studies of birds, flowers, and landscapes. Those things help me relax and take me away from my writing for a little while.

What’s the next big thing?

The next big thing for me is finishing the manuscript Bright Scoundrel, which is a sequel to Dark Hero. I am one third of the way through that one, and hope to have it available for a November release date. Again, that one takes place in Ireland, involves magic, ghosts, a castle, and another Irish Hero: Kieran O’Flaherty.


I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, on the eastern shores of Green Bay. I have always been a voracious reader of romances, mostly historical romances and sweeping historical sagas. I love researching different time periods and imagining what life was like back then so it seems only natural to write historical romances. My one vice, aside from reading romances, is coffee. I melt beneath the intoxicating sway of a strong white mocha latte promising to embrace my senses and carry me away. Mmmm . . . I can visualize the steam rising from that frothy cup as I sit here thinking of it. I write Historical Romance novels and non-fiction essays on women and feminist movement throughout history. I completed two degrees at the University of Wisconsin, in History and also in Humanistic Studies with an emphasis in Ancient and Medieval Research.

Aside from good romance, good coffee and history, I am also passionate about art and enjoy reading about the lives of artists through the ages.

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You can read a free serialized historical paranormal romance, The Gypsy's Curse, on the author's website. The entire novel is free on the website with new posts every Tuesday  and Thursday night. Lily tells me that for her, "It's all about giving back to the wonderful readers with this one."
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Ann said...

This sounds like a great book. Love the reference to Lord of the Rings in the excerpt.

Alicia Street said...

It's on my TBR list. Can't wait.

Lily Silver said...

Thanks, Ann. Yes, if we went back in time and had no memory, movies and imagery from this time would tend to confuse us, I think.

Alicia, thanks for stopping by to say hello! Waving at you.

The Loopy Librarian said...

Romance and time travel...great combination!

Rhonda Hopkins said...

Sounds like a great read, Lily. Loved the interview! :-)

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J. Lawrence said...

I like the hero concept in relation to how he treats the heroine. I have been telling my boys since they were small that they will end up being judged by how they treat all the women in their lives. It is so true, even in fantasy! Good luck with it!

Irene Menge said...

Paranormal historical romance is my favorite genre. I studied Fine Arts and Ancient History, although I enjoy most periods and cultures. It is fascinating to learn all that is known about a culture and then imagine the thoughts, lives and loves of the people. This sounds like a marvelous book. Thank you for this giveaway and for introducing me to this interesting author. I am eager to read her books.

D Mason said...

Sounds Great! Thanks!

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The excerpt sucked me right in~~I can't wait to read this! Thanks for the chance to win :)

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Sounds like a great book.

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