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Into the Deep by Lauryn April : Character Interview & Excerpt

Ivy Daniels is a high school junior still learning who she is. After almost drowning, Ivy finds herself with an ability she doesn’t want, an ability to uncover secrets which quickly begins to redefine what she thinks about the people around her as well as herself. Because of this ability, Ivy becomes the one thing that stands between an angry teen and the death of every student on campus. The only problem is she doesn’t know who wants everyone dead. Will she figure out whose secret is that they’re planning to blow up her school, or will she fail to find him in time?

Through her search to do the right thing, Ivy discovers that knowing the thoughts and secrets of those around her may just tear her apart.
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“Ivy, don’t you dare walk out that door!” my dad yelled.
                In the corner of my vision, I saw my mom stand up; one of the turquoise throw pillows falling to the floor. I walked out the door. Looking back, it was a fairly childish response, but it was all I could think to do. I had felt trapped, like a lion living like a housecat. Finding the person that was planning to blow up the school was higher on my priority list than going to class, but I couldn’t tell them that. I couldn’t explain what I had been doing or what I could do. They wouldn’t understand. I also couldn’t explain why I was so furious with my father, why I felt like he had no place telling me right from wrong. I couldn’t confront my mother with that information. So I walked out the door, slamming it behind me
                 After that, I found myself driving more than a few miles over the speed limit. My fingers were wrapped tightly around the steering wheel, the bones of my knuckles stretching the skin until it blanched white. I didn’t know where I was going, I just needed to drive. I needed to get away. My mind raced as I drove on autopilot. I felt bad for running out of the house. I’d never done anything that disrespectful before, and yet I felt like my father didn’t deserve my respect anymore. That was truly how I felt, but to think it sounded awful. He was still my dad, he still loved me and I still loved him even if I felt disappointed with him at the time. I just didn’t know how to act around him anymore. My thoughts were conflicting and my head ached as I tried to sort them out. So distracted by the drama that was my life, I failed to notice where I’d been driving to. It wasn’t until after I’d passed the sign that read ‘Laurel Hill Estates’ that I realized where I was.
Welcome Ivy!  It’s such a treat to have you visit today.  So let’s get started  because I’m ecited to find out more about you, OK?  What was the scariest moment of your life?  
Nearly drowning in the Lakefall Country Club swimming pool is near the top of my list, but there’s one other thing that happened to me that I still have nightmares about, the explosion.
Oh my!  I guess we need to read to find out about those incidents, right?  Both of those sound really scary! Moving on to something else….What songs are most played on your Ipod?  
I like a lot of classic rock like The Outfield and Bryan Adams, but recently my boyfriend introduced me to a band called The Black Keys that I absolutely love.
What is your favorite meal?  
My Mom’s lasagna, no contest.
What group did you hang out with in high school?  
Last year, my junior year, I suppose you could say I hung out with the popular crowd. I got invited to all the best parties. Lately though, I’ve had a new group of people that I’ve been hanging out with. I don’t really know how to define us, we’re certainly not popular. We’re just us.
Hmmmm……well, Do you play any sports? 
Volleyball! I love volleyball, but I mostly just play at the beach with friends.
That sounds like fun! Who should play you in a film?
 I’ve been told I look quite a bit like Dianna Agron.
Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?
 Everyone feels alone sometimes, everyone from the kid who always gets picked on in gym class to the most popular girl in school. I’ve learned that everyone has something, something that makes their life hard or confusing or complicated. No one is perfect.
That is so true!  Thanks for being here.  It’s been fun having this chance to meet you.

Lauryn is an indie writer in the young adult / adult paranormal romance genre. She lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is currently seeking a degree in Psychology. Her debut novel "Into the Deep" explores the intricacies of the adolescent mind; and how feelings of loneliness and judgment affect young people.
You can find out more about her on her blog where she writes about her experiences writing and shares her opinion about books.
You can also follow her on twitter @LaurynApril where she tweets about articles and blogs she reads, specifically related to reading, writing, and the reviewing of books.

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