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Destiny's Daughter by Anthony Sunderland: Character Interview


Destiny’s Daughter, vol 1

23 year old Dawn Dempsey, a brilliant scientist and martial arts expert, is the newest recruit to the FBI’s elite Alien Visitation Investigation team.

Her first assignment involves a crashed alien spacecraft, a young boy trapped in the blazing wreckage, a captured Greae, and one found murdered in a cave.

Throughout it all Dawn has to conceal the boy's true nature and the and her own dark secret from the FBI.

The Destiny's Daughter alien mystery series will follow Dawn's adventures at the heart of the FBI’s elite alien hunters. They will investigate sightings and encounters with strange creatures, unexplained events, and experience terrifying adventures and confrontations.

Destiny’s Daughter, vol 2 (Hide and Seek)

Dawn Dempsey has successfully infiltrated the FBI's elite alien hunting squad. Welcomed as a valued member of the Alien Visitation Investigation team, and above suspicion, her mission is to thwart the FBI's investigations from the inside.

she is also intent on freeing the captured alien.

On a routine investigation into old abduction cases in rural Iowa with her partner and lover, Scott Nelson, a chance encounter threatens to ruin everything for her.
Could her undercover mission be over before it has even begun? Could her true nature be about to be revealed by an unstable war hero?
Today we have FBI Assistant Director Franklin S. Langan to tell us about his journey from a tiny Irish farming village to being tipped as a future, if not the next, head of the world’s most famous crime fighting agency.
No. As I recall we’re here to talk a little about the difference in culture between Ireland and the Irish community here in Chicago.
Yes, of course. I was just having a little joke there. But I do want to touch on your spectacular rise a little later, because I’m sure people will be intrigued about it.
Sure. As long as you don’t make the director think I’m angling for her job.
I didn’t mean there was going to be a change at the top anytime soon. But no problem. Let’s start at the beginning shall we.
Yes, fine.
You are now a US citizen but you were born in Ireland weren’t you?
No, I was born in Manchester to parents who were second generation Irish immigrants to the area.
So you were British by birth?
I always see myself as Irish. The family moved back to Limerick when I was ten months old because there was still a lot of hostility towards the Irish back then.
This was due to the troubles, was it?
Partly, but mainly due to stereotyping. It wasn’t until the later years of his life that my dad was able to talk to me openly about the abuse and the “Navvy” taunts that he was subjected to.
Navvy. What’s that?
The British imported a lot of unskilled labor to work on the roads and waterways. These were known as the Navigation Canals. Hence the workers who carried out the heavy manual work of digging out and constructing them were referred to derogatorily as navvies. And …
I’m sorry. Do you need a moment?
Thank you. My dad was very proud of the work he, and his father before him, did to support their families. It was hard and intense for long, back-breaking hours.
And this was the thanks that they got.
Only from a minority of idiots. I’m delighted to say that the vast majority of people on the mainland are open, warm, and friendly.
So growing up in Ireland explains the charming lilt to your voice and that impish smile.
Thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere. It also explains the broken nose and the cauliflower ears.
Well I think they add to the charm. Were you a boxer?
No, that’s for wimps. I was a Gaelic footballer and captain of the school hurling team for two years.
Wow! I’ve heard that those are two of the most violent games on the planet.
Prepared me for life as a police officer in Belfast.
I’ll bet. But why did you join the Northern Irish force after growing up in the republic?
Because I was a British citizen by birth.
And you were a catholic in a predominantly Protestant force. What problems did that cause?
I followed my dad into the freemasons so religion was never an issue.
So you were in the police force at the height of the troubles.
That’s right. I saw far too much death and destruction for one lifetime.
You were head of a taskforce against gun runners. Is that right?
It sounds exciting and adventurous when you say it like that. I was chief liaison with the FBI. Driving a desk and shuffling paper really.
Hurling champion settles for the quiet life. Hmm. But you did the job so well that the FBI wanted you to head up a new division. How did that come about?
Somebody decided that it might be a good idea to spend hundreds of man-hours to debunk all the alien abduction stories.
So, the FBI’s real life X –
We don’t use that term. We’re officially … err, department P.
As in, P for?
For the letter after O.
And what is department O?
Look, we are researching and collating the data from just about every claimed abduction or paranormal case over the last fifty years to determine if there is any evidence of alien contact.
Why is your department based in Chicago?
Because the Mid-West is a hotbed of these types of claims. It simply makes sense for us to be at the center of that.
Or over a vast network of caves where a treasure trove of alien remains, artefacts, and spacecraft are stored.
That’s nothing more than military propaganda in a failed attempt to keep people away from area 51.
Some people might say that the myth of area 51 is actually a very successful ploy by the FBI to keep people away from the real evidence of alien contact that you keep hidden in a labyrinth of caves. Thousands of square miles of unexplored tunnels in this area alone.
Please feel free to explore the vast array of caverns, chambers, and tunnels running right beneath our feet. I’m pretty sure you won’t find anything.
Well……thanks for talking with me .(mumbles to self… pulling teeth…)
I live in West Yorkshire, a truly beautiful part of the world, spoilt only by the cold, wind, and rain - oh well. Owning a convertible car here really is the height of optimism.
The season one finale of Buffy inspired me to start writing. Something inside me clicked and I wanted to write something so good that it would challenge Sarah Michelle Gellar's incredible talent. Nothing like aiming for the top when you've never done something before
I've written four screenplays on spec, 2 Sci-fi, 1 superhero, and 1 horror, plus several short stories, and a novella. The novella, Destiny's Daughter, is a spin-off from one of the scripts. It was always intended to be the first in a series, and I was originally going to send it to the 'Writers of the Future' comp.
I have several design concepts for '59 as a graphic novel. These were created by two great students, Anna and Kelsey, at Calderdale college. That project is on a back-burner because the Kindle obviously allows me far greater control over my work. It will still happen in the near future.
When I'm not writing, promoting my work, or at the day job as an electrician, I play badminton, pool, and bowl (erratically).
Over the years I've ticked many things off my "to do" list, some scarier than others: fire-eating, parachuting, public speaking, singing, and bungee jumping - though I missed out on the cable-car jump in Latvia, and still want to do a jump off the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.
I'm a qualified glider pilot. Things still to do include playing piano, guitar, swimming with sharks, trekking the Inca trail, and whale watching.
Oh, and being on set when those films are produced.
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