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Eleanor's Heart by Misa Buckley: Interview & Excerpt

Dying of a rare blood disease, Eleanor Franklin needs laudanum to ease the pain, often driven to steal in order to buy more. But when she steals a ruby she has no idea that the gem will tip her into the midst of a deadly species war.
Saved by Jefferson Park, she discovers a man with an even darker past than her own: he is one of the last true Vampires fighting to stop the eradication of his kind.
But the Sanguine aren’t the only problem as Eleanor finds herself falling in love with Jefferson. It is a relationship she cannot commit to, as she knows her time is limited, and she will not risk breaking his heart.

But I couldn’t run far, not when every slip on the ice beneath my feet made the pain in my back and ribs flare more. I darted into another alley, realizing too late that there might be yet more creatures hiding in the shadows. I struggled on, every breath an agony now. I wanted laudanum. Dear God, I needed laudanum. The pain would only get worse, otherwise. Whereas sometimes I prayed for death, now it was chasing my heels, I found that I didn’t want to die. Not now, and certainly not as I imagined that thing would dispense death. I pulled on my dwindling strength and rounded another corner.
Ahead of me, a man stood in the center of the alley. I skidded to a halt. He regarded me with a steady gaze, unperturbed by my sudden appearance. In fact, I thought that he seemed ready for it, even though he was dressed for a night at the opera. His dress suit was dark and immaculate, expensively styled, while his polished shoes reflected the scant light.
He wasn’t a large man, and there was plenty of room to pass by him, yet despite that I knew instinctively he represented a greater danger than the thing chasing me. A passing breeze confirmed this notion; billowing his red-lined cloak to reveal how the long fingers of his right hand toyed with the silver grip of a pistol. His eyes shifted from my face to the soft scuttling behind me. The wry amusement that had marked his expression up to then fell away.
“You might care to move out of the way,” he told me, his tone light but with a slight undercurrent of tension. I decided to heed his warning and moved to the side of the alley. Cold leeched from the bricks through my thin blouse as I pressed against the wall. Ice sank straight into my marrow and caused the pain to multiply a hundred-fold. My eyes blurred with tears.
In that moment, a soft whump echoed off the alley walls. Static prickled over my skin, and the tang of ionized √¶ther filled my mouth and nostrils. Something fell with a heavy, wet sort of sound. I dared to open my eyes and saw the creature dead on the ground, the dark stranger standing over it. As I stared at the scene, the creature’s form rippled and fell in on itself, turning into a puddle of black ichor.
Gagging at the stench of long-dead flesh, I turned and retched. My stomach twisted in knots and the acrid bile burnt my throat. Tears stung my eyes. A hand on my shoulder jolted me. My spine snapped as I straightened too quickly. My startled gaze met a pair of gray eyes, narrowed in contemplation.
His face was lean and clean-shaven, his pale skin stark in the darkness. His cheeks were hollow, bisected by sharp bones. Thin lips were pressed into a flat line. The slight breeze ruffled his already unruly hair, lending him a somewhat manic look. This was echoed by the pistol he still held. My jaw dropped at the tell-tale white-blue glow of the crystal chamber: I’d heard about √¶ther weapons, but this was the first one I’d laid eyes on. What did it mean that this man had such a device?

How did you start your writing career?

I started out as a fan fiction writer, with no particular urge to be published. The switch from fan to original fiction came in 2007, when I tried NaNoWriMo. I failed to reach 50K, but discovered that I could invent my own worlds and characters.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

It’s a not-very-kept secret that I suffer from a form of bipolar. Writing keeps me sane (sort of). I also love sharing my stories with people.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

Never give up. You have to develop something of a thick skin as a writer, and also the ability to bounce back from rejection. Determination to succeed is vital.

Entice us, what future projects are you considering?

I’ve just finished an erotic sci fi, called TURNING TRICKS, and am now working on a Weird Western entitled THE QUICK & THE UNDEAD. As well as those, I have two more novellas contracted with Champagne Books – TIN CAT, out March 2012, and BAYNE, out May 2013.

Tell us about your family.

I’m married to a Land Rover-obsessed husband and we have five children (yes, I’ve heard all the comments/jokes) as well as an insane American Bulldog and two budgerigars.

What are your favourite TV shows?

My current loves are Castle and Warehouse 13, but I love anything sci fi and I’m a huge fan of Stargate SG-1. Mostly because of Ba’al. Hey, he’s an all-knowing God with a wicked sense of humour and a great wardrobe – what’s not to love? :D

You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?

A big house in the country, complete with a summerhouse for writing and stables for my girls (well, their horses). I’d probably buy tickets to all the US conventions that I’d love to go to but can’t afford the plane fare.

Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?

I didn’t exactly receive it, but I once read advice offered by an actor to wannabes that really struck me. “Never give up on your dreams, be brave and always remain true to yourself. Take risks and opportunities.” I think those are good words to apply anyway, not just to writing J

Misa Buckley is a sci fi geek who escapes the crazy of raising five children by creating imaginary characters who experience adventure, romance and really hot sex on their way to a happily-ever-after. You can keep up to date with Misa’s latest news by following her on Twitter (@MisaBuckley) or at her website.
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"adventure, romance and really hot sex". Yup, sounds like a winner! :)

The prose reminds me of these old movies I watched as a kid where the hero or heroine is always portrayed as dying from leukemia & had a tearjerker ending. Hope this one has a HEA

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The book sounds fabulous but you had me at 'vampire' I do love a good vampire story.
I've never watched Stargate - I might have to give it a try.