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The Earth Angel Awakening by Michelle Gordon: Character Interview & Excerpt

“Lucky? Don't you know by now that there's no such thing? That everything that happens in the Universe happens by design and not by chance?”
Aria looked at Linen. “You know, sometimes I forget that you're actually a Faerie when you say things like that.”
Linen shrugged. “I suppose I just find it all fascinating. That the humans are creating their lives with every thought, and yet they don't even realise. That people and circumstances are put into place by the Angels, and they have no idea of the significance. Don't you find that interesting?”
“Do I find it interesting that humans are a bit stupid and completely oblivious?”
Linen laughed.
“No, I don't find it interesting, I find it incredibly annoying! I mean here we are, cheering them on, hoping they will remember, and yet they blunder about with no idea about anything.”

Twenty-five years after leaving the Earth Angel Training Academy to be born on Earth as a human, Velvet (now known on Earth as Violet) is beginning to Awaken. But when she repeatedly ignores her dreams and intuition, she misses the opportunity to be with her Twin Flame, Laguz. Without the long-awaited reunion with her Twin Flame, can Violet possibly Awaken fully, and help to bring the world into the elusive Golden Age?

The Earth Angel Awakening is the sequel to the Earth Angel Training Academy, also available on Kindle.

Warning: Contains expletives and therefore may not be suitable for younger children.

An Interview with Aria.

Hello, Aria, it's nice to meet you, I've heard a lot of great things about you, perhaps you'd like to introduce yourself to our readers?

What have you heard? Wow, am I famous already? I bet it was Amethyst wasn't it? Or maybe Velvet. They're so sweet! I feel like a celebrity now! Oh, sorry, you asked me to introduce myself! Hello, readers! I'm Aria, and I'm a Faerie! I feel like I'm at a Faeries Anonymous meeting now! Um, what else? I used to live in the Elemental Realm, and I helped grass to grow, but then the humans destroyed my patch, so I didn't have a job anymore. But it's all fine now, because I have a job at the School for the Children of the Golden Age. Oops, sorry, that was probably too much information for an intro, I get carried away sometimes and forget to keep things brief. Sorry.

That's alright, Aria, no problem, you have a lot of energy, which is great, but what do you do to relax?

Relax? Well I don't get much time to sit around doing nothing, but when Linen and I get a few spare moments we like to go to the Leprechaun Garden and chill out, it's really cool there, but you have to solve all sorts of riddles and stuff to get the password to make the door appear.

Who is Linen?

Linen is my Twin Flame, my best friend, my work colleague, he's my everything really. When I first met him, he was pretending to be an Old Soul, but when he got turned back into a Faerie, we well, we finally got together. Now, I can't imagine life without him. He's just awesome. I love him.

That's really amazing, I'm so pleased that you have found your Twin Flame. Now for some quick questions for our readers to get to know you better, ready?

Yep, I'm ready!

Okay, morning person or night person?

Well, I'm not a person, I'm a Faerie, and I love the morning and the night.

Fair enough, do you play any sports?

Sports? I did try cricket once, but it didn't actually involve crickets, which I found a bit weird, so I didn't enjoy it much.

What's your favourite food?

I love food! Chocolate, absolutely. I love chocolate fudge, cupcakes, truffles... Actually anything with chocolate in it. I would love some chocolate right now actually, do you have any?

I'm afraid I don't, sorry.

Oh, that's okay, I'll have to see if I can manifest some. What else do you want to ask me?

If they made The Earth Angel Training Academy into a movie, who would play you?

It's being made into a movie? Wow! So I am going to be famous! That's so incredibly awesome! Did you know that I have my own Oracle Deck too? They have my portrait on them. They're amazing, all humans should have a set.

No, I didn't know that, that's great. Who painted your portrait?

This incredible artist called Jack Shalatain. He did Velvet and Amethyst's portraits too. He's done many paintings over the years of Faeries and Angels and Unicorns, you should check them out, they are very, very good. And he's such a nice man too!

I think you have an excerpt for us, from The Earth Angel Training Academy?

Yes I do! It's from the beginning, before I got my name, when Amethyst and I first go to our room at the Academy. Here you are!

“Wow! It's so beautiful!”

Amethyst and the little green Faerie gazed around their room in awe. The spacious room was bright and airy. There were three huge beds in circle, draped in beautiful linens. There was a notice board on the wall that had a large sign on it.

“Welcome new students! I hope your room is everything that you desire. To change the décor, simply touch the item and state your desire. To manifest anything, just speak your request out loud, three times. If there are any problems, questions or concerns, write them down on this board and they will be dealt with. We will be reconvening in the main hall later on today. See you there! Velvet.”

The Faerie's eyes widened. “We just touch things, and they change? I've gotta try this!” She flew over to the nearest bed and touched the sheets. “Green!” Instantly, the sheets turned the colour of spring grass. The Faerie squealed in delight, and started zooming around the room, touching things and yelling out colours and patterns, until the room looked like the inside of a kaleidoscope.

Amethyst looked around, amusement showing on her face. “Hmm,” she said. “I may just change a few things around my bed, if that's okay with you?”

The Faerie was bouncing up and down on her newly multi-coloured bed. “Okay!”

Amethyst went to the bed opposite and touched the sheets. “Amethyst,” she said. Instantly the sheets turned a shimmering lilac colour. She nodded happily and touched the wall behind her. “A meadow on a breezy summer's day.” The wall took on the appearance of a meadow, with a bright blue sky, lazy clouds drifting along, wild flowers in bright colours and the long grass swaying in an unfelt breeze.

“Ooh!” the Faerie said. “That's so beautiful! I'm going to try!” She flew to her wall and touched it. “A lawn from a Faerie's point of view.” Giant blades of grass appeared, a huge ladybug crawled slowly up one of them and a massive ant ambled past. The Faerie flew around in circles. “It's so life-like! It feels like I'm back home again!” She stroked the moving image of the ladybug. “I wonder how Larry is,” she muttered to herself.

Sighing she looked around at their now vibrant, colourful room. She glanced over at the third bed. “Do you think our room-mate is an alien?”

Amethyst glanced over at the empty space. “It would seem so. They are the only ones who have not yet arrived, after all.”

“Wow, a being from outer space. Or even outer, outer, outer space! What do you think it will look like?”

“I'm not sure. In the Angelic Realm we only really dealt with human-like beings.”

The Faerie looked over at Amethyst. “Human-like? Do you mean you helped beings on planets other than Earth?”

“Yes.” Amethyst smiled. “Humans on Earth aren't the only beings in the Universe who need a little help every now and then.” She sat on her bed and bounced lightly. “Beautiful feather mattress,” she murmured to herself.

“Do Angels need to sleep? I always assumed that being pure energy, there would be no need. Fairies are a little denser - we need to rest, though not nearly as much as humans. Do you know they spend about a third of their lives sleeping?”

“Angels don't need to sleep, no. But we can, and we do like to spend some quiet time in meditation too.”

“So why do you have a bed if you don't need to sleep?” the Faerie wondered.

Amethyst peered at the Faerie curiously. “Do you know what the process is like here at the Academy? Weren't you given information about the classes and the way they teach us how to be human?”

The Faerie blushed. “I think there was an information meeting in the Elemental Realm. And I do vaguely remember some leaflets. But to be honest, I didn't pay much attention. I was just so pleased to have somewhere to go and possibly be of some use again, that I didn't listen to what was said.”

Amethyst shook her head. “So what do you know about the Academy?”

“Erm… it's been around for about fifty years, it's run by a white-haired old lady called Velvet… and we're the biggest class they've ever had!” She looked at Amethyst. “Will I get into trouble for not knowing anything?” she asked timidly.

Amethyst smiled kindly. “I shouldn't think so. They're not cruel, the Old Souls. I just think you may have a bit of a shock at what's to come in the next few weeks, that's all.” She gestured around the room. “It's not all fun and magick, you know.”

“Oh, I know,” the Faerie said breezily. “I'm a hard worker, I'm sure I'll be just fine.” She grinned. “Besides, how can I go wrong? My best friend is an Angel.”

Amethyst smiled. “This course will be anything but boring, that's for sure.”

“Boring? It's going to be the biggest adventure of our existence!”

I'm afraid that's all we have time for, Aria. I've really enjoyed our interview, I hope you have too.

It's been great! A little short maybe, but I'm sure you can interview me again when the movie comes out!

I will, definitely. Anything else you want to tell our readers quickly?

Yes! Please buy Michelle's books, because I'm in them! Which means they're brilliant! You can find them in the Amazon, apparently. Bit weird, if you ask me, but there you are. And look at Jack's work, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter! That's it, I think. Oh, one more thing, have fun! Don't spend your life being a boring and miserable human, have fun and laugh and do silly things. Be like me! Okay, that's it, I promise.

Thank you, Aria, I'm sure we will meet again.

I'm sure we will! Bye!

I’ve always wanted to be an author, and have been writing creatively since I was eight years old. I have self-published five books so far, a non-fiction mini book called Choose Your Own Reality, a novella called Heaven Dot Com, and three novels: The Doorway to PAM, The Earth Angel Training Academy and The Earth Angel Awakening. I've started working on my next book, and am hoping to release it in December. I also enjoy helping other authors to realise their dreams through a self-publishing business I run with my editor – Elizabeth Lockwood. Check out Purple Self Publishing Services for more information!

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koddabear said...

I loved the interview. It made make me want to pick up the book and read it before I even got to the excerpt. I will be putting it on my book to read list.

koddabear said...

That last post was "It made me want" no one make a me do anything!:)

M. Thayer-Berlyn said...

I've heard about character interviews, but never actually read one until just now. This was great fun! I liked the excerpt as well.

Best Wishes, Michelle!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful covers! Charming!

Michelle said...

Hello everyone!
Thank you for your lovely comments, all very much appreciated, I'm glad you enjoyed Aria's first interview! (She's very happy you enjoyed it too!)

I hope you've all entered the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the first book.

And if you do read them, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon :)

Love and light,

koddabear said...

I just finished reading Earth Angel Training Academy and loved it. I bought the second one so I'd have it here to start on as soon as I finished the 1st one. Great book.