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Project Hybrid by Tommie Mims: Character Interview & Excerpt

 When a young man, Twilight being the name he goes by, is haunted by memories of possible past events, he is forced to set out on a search for what these nightmares mean. Yet shortly after an encounter with one of the few people not scared of him goes wrong, a side of him is awakened leading to a rush to discover how to control this new power before it is too late. Can Twilight discover the truth behind his forgotten past or will the nightmares consume him as they become a reality?

 Within the second, Pyre was back on the offensive, his blade focused solely on a direct hit with no chance of allowing me to dodge. With little other choice, I used Abyss to catch the blade within its jagged teeth, momentarily locking it in place. But this attempt did not last long as Pyre thrust the blade through the grip of my dagger, narrowly missing my torso.
     I pulled back and used the moment to fall back as I attempted to find his weakness.
     "What's wrong Twilight?" He growled as he grew closer once again, "What happened to all that fierce talk just a moment ago? Have you given up already?"
     "Well then fight as if your life depended on it! Stop kidding around or you will die here and now!" He stopped his pursuit and closed his eyes as he slowly lowered his blade. "I'll just have to force the power within you out." He held his right hand directly in front of himself as sparks began to ignite in his palm. Instantly, a flame grew within his fingertips, forming a sphere as he grasped the ball within his hand. "This should inspire you to fight."
     With little warning, the fireball shot from within his hand directly at me at an incredible speed. I had no choice but to take the blast, so in a defensive pose I crossed my arms across my chest and lowered my head as I braced for the impact. The pain of the impact sent a wave of pain across my body, not only scarring my arms but burning the areas of my chest unprotected as well. The strength of the impact knocked me back, causing me to skid and fall onto one knee.
     'I cannot fool around anymore or this will be the end of me.'
     I slowly raised my head, focusing all my attention upon my fierce rival as I returned to my feet. "Ah, there's the look I've been waiting for, pure hatred and anger." He laughed in a maniacal way, similar to the laugh made my Midnight previously.
"So you want hatred? Then you'll have it." Ignoring the burns across my body, I lifted into the air and soared directly towards Pyre with Abyss and Illumina ready to tear through his body. A new feeling ran through me as I felt a new strength being awakened. Our blades once again collided, forcing him back as I pushed forward with all my strength. "I will not lose!" My blades began to shine as my rage increased, and an expression of surprise crossed Pyre's face.
     A voice began to call to me within my head, 'Release the power.' That statement kept repeating through my head, echoing in familiar voices. 'Release the power.' It became louder every second, until the entire outside world was being drowned out by these voices. "Who are you?" I screamed threw Pyre off guard.
     "What are you talking about?"
     'Release the power!' "How?"
     I pulled back on my attack, my blades still radiating a mysterious glow as Pyre gained his balance. "Now's my chance." His screams sounded like a whisper among the voices.
     Release!" I screamed as Pyre swung his blade and without warning a wave of energy expanded from the shining blades, forcing Pyre into the air and seperating the battle between Cimmerian and the beast summoned by Pyre.
     "What was that?" The voices vanished, only leaving Pyre shouting in rage and confusion. Astonish by this new power, I began to test its abilities in battle. With a single slash of Abyss, an ebony ray glided through the air, only slightly missing Pyre.
     "So the real battle begins." Pyre said with a grin.
     "This fight is over." I combined the power of Illumina and Abyss as I slashed toward Pyre, creating an X formed of both darkness and light. 'There is no way he can dodge this.' I thought to myself. 'It's over.'
     Pyre raised Cinder over his head and as he brought it down, a surging inferno emerged from the blade, colliding with my attack as the two lit up the sky. 'The victor of this fight may not be so clearly determined, but I still have my secret weapon. I know what I must do'...

Today let's welcome Twilight, a young man from Pandora that’s been cursed with powers he never dreamed of.
 What was the scariest moment of your life?

Definitely the nightmares I used to have every night. Visions of that monster, the destruction surrounding its path, it was always so frightening. I never knew why I kept dreaming of it, but every time I heard those sirens, I knew what was soon to come. I’d wake up in a panic every time I had one of those dreams. It’s funny, now that I think about it, I’d never have guessed what they really meant.
 Oh! And flying. Flying for the first time was definitely both exciting and horrifying. I guess it’s part of new life I have to get used to.
What do you do to unwind and relax?
I like to go into the forest around Pandora, the part everyone seems to be afraid of. There’s a little area where I can always be found when I need to just relax and think to myself. I never really understood why everyone was afraid of that forest; to me it’s the most relaxing place in the world. I’ve even fell asleep there many times, it’s like a runaway home for me.
What makes you happy?
Dream. I know anyone could say this about the one they care for most, but she’s something else. When I’m with her, I’m not worried about the nightmares or whatever else I have to face, I’m just happy to be around such an amazing girl. I guess because, she was the first person to ever really accept me for me, and not treat me like some strange outsider like everyone else. I’d do anything for her, anything to protect her. If there’s one thing in the world that truly makes me happy, it’s her.
What is the next big thing?
I’m not really sure yet. I guess I need to master these powers first, so doing that is definitely a priority. It’s kind of funny how my biggest enemy can become my best friend. And with the warning he gave me, I need to learn faster than I even realized.
What is going to happen?
A war like nothing before. The “perfect” weapons that we were each designed to be, will be put to a test like none other. But even so, I swear that I will keep Dream safe for as long as I live. You can count on that.
And as much as I hate the idea of it, I’m kind of also excited to see just how much I can do. After all the new tricks I’ve learned recently, I can’t wait to find out more.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Before I met Dream and the others, I used to be a loner. I never really had friends from what I can remember. I was always looked down upon by anyone that I met. After dealing with it so much, I even questioned myself, wondering what was wrong with me make everyone hate me so much. It was kind of sad, I spent so much time alone that when I met Dream, it almost felt unreal. Like I’d simply wake up and she would be gone forever. I don’t think I could have gotten through everything I’ve been through so far without her.

I live in New Jersey and spend a majority of my time at work at Starbucks or in school studying psychology. In my free time, I like to write the Project Hybrid series as well as draw the characters within the story. Oddly enough, my favorite genre are horror stories about either zombies or ghosts, neither of which I’ve ever written about.

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