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Keir by Pippa Jay: Interview & Excerpt

Science Fiction Romance

Outcast. Cursed. Dying. Is Keir beyond redemption?

For Keirlan de Corizi--the legendary 'Blue Demon' of Adalucien--death seems the only escape from a world where his discolored skin marks him as an oddity and condemns him to life as a pariah. But salvation comes in an unexpected guise: Tarquin Secker, a young woman who can travel the stars with a wave of her hand.

But Quin has secrets of her own. She's spent eternity searching through space and time with a strange band of companions at her back. Defying her friends' counsel, Quin risks her apparent immortality to save Keir. She offers him sanctuary and a new life on her home world, Lyagnius.

When Keir mistakenly unleashes his dormant alien powers and earns instant exile from Quin's home world, will she risk everything to stand by him again?

WARNING: Contains sweet romance, some violence and plenty of adventure.

A Lyrical Press Science-Fiction Romance

Once more he found himself somewhere strangely other. An alien planet. A fierce thrill flowed through him, and he drew a long breath. It was early evening on this world, and humidly warm, as Quin had warned him. The blue of the sky was streaked with the colors of sunset, the red-gold sun sinking behind them, throwing long shadows. They stood before a building that put the palace of Adalucien to shame with its splendor, twisting up into the sky and reminding him of the convoluted interior of a tall cone shell, broken open to reveal the chambers inside.
It had a fluid, organic shape to it, as though it had been grown rather than built. Made of a pale, marbled orange material and shot through with threads of different colors– pinks and mauves, greens and blues– it looked as though it were flaming in the scarlet light of the evening sky. There was no regularity to its structure. Numerous pillars of varying thicknesses seemed to have sprung up like trees wherever they had felt they were needed, curving into broad ribs to support the ceilings.
It was hard to be sure with such an asymmetrical construction but Keir estimated it to be perhaps twenty stories upward, soaring in ever-tapering tiers into the clouds. Terracing curled around the outside of each level, aerial walkways lit by tiny blue-white stars strung like beads. He could see people walking along them and hoped they would not have to travel quite so high.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” Quin asked enthusiastically.
“It is beautiful,” he agreed. “What is it made from?”
“Coral. A marine creature. They lower a titanium frame into the ocean and the coral colonizes it. When it dies, they lift it into place and grind the surface down to make it smooth. The whole palace took over a hundred years to finish.” Her grin wreathed her face in lines of happiness and he could not help but share her exuberance. “I never get tired of seeing places like this!”

Do you use a pen name? If so, how did you come up with it?
Yes, Pippa Jay is a pen name, but it’s basically just a shortened version of my real one. My first name is Philippa (quite a mouthful!), but everyone calls me Pip or Pippa anyway. And Jay is from my middle name of Jayne. My surname is pretty common, and since I’d used the pseudonym since I was a teenager I decided to stick with it. I’ve had a couple of compliments on it too, so I’m happy.

What was the scariest moment of your life?
My ‘near death’ experience that wasn’t, lol. When I was heavily pregnant with my third child, I had a really nasty cold that made it hard to breathe. One night it was so bad I thought I was suffocating. I managed to get myself out of bed but collapsed on the landing. Luckily my husband was coming up to put the older two kids to bed, because I really thought I was dying. Apparently I’d gone a rather attractive shade of purple. Anyway, he rang for an ambulance. By the time they came, the worst of it was over. It turned out I had a chest infection aggravated by a panic attack, and not a near death experience after all. The strangest thing was I remember feeling really angry about it too. If Death had turned up for me, he’d have been in for one heck of a fight!

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?  How and why?
A friend of mine commented recently that I “like strange names.” I can live with that. Names, to me, are essential and usually one of the first things I give to a character. Names define them. The Shakespearean quote is "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". But names and words have associations. An image springs to mind with certain words. Or in my case, a name springs to mind when I see my characters.

Do you have a favorite quote, quip, or saying? What is it?
It’s from the scifi spoof film Galaxy Quest, and seems to be a favourite with a lot of the authors I know. Commander Quincy Taggart said, “Never give up - never surrender!” It’s probably the best piece of advice I could give to anyone, but especially to an aspiring author.

Does your significant other read your stuff?
He read the first couple of books that I finished. At the time I didn’t really have anyone else to sound off ideas from, although that’s now changed. He isn’t really into the genre that I write, but he’s always honest about not liking something. He reads far more widely than me so even though he doesn’t write he can tell me if something isn’t coming across very well. Now I spare him that torture and use Critique Circle or rely on some of my more experienced author friends.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an elf. Then a Jedi Knight. When neither of those worked out, I decided I’d be a veterinarian. Instead I ended up as an Analytical Chemist, then became a mum, and now an author. At least I still get to legitimately pretend to be variations of the first two in my head.

A stay-at-home mum of three who spent twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay bases her stories on a lifetime addiction to science-fiction books and films. Somewhere along the line a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. Between torturing her characters, she spends the odd free moments trying to learn guitar, indulging in freestyle street dance and drinking high-caffeine coffee. Although happily settled in historical Colchester in the UK with her husband of 19 years, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

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5 Stars
"Romance was sweet, suspense was very intense…..interesting story!" Wanda

The Masquerade Crew
4 Stars
"There’s magic, romance, multiple worlds, a mysterious being and many different races of beings thrown into the mix. Altogether Keir proves to be a pageturner." Bec 

One ebook copy of Keir, available internationally in Kindle, PDF, HTML or ePub formats
Ends July 21, 2012


Pippa Jay said...

Thanks for having me, Laurie. :)

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

I'm not sure how I'd feel about being blue. With all his other problems, I'd think that would be the hardest. It's not like Keirlan can hide.
This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it.
PDF format would be fine.

Holly Bryan said...

Yes, this sounds GREAT!! Definitely my type of story. Congratulations, Pippa! (that IS a great pen name, by the way) Reading your answer to what you wanted to be growing up, it was like I was reading my husband's bio... okay maybe he never wanted to be an *elf*, but most definitely a Jedi Knight! AND he grew up to be (still is) an Analytical Chemist. It was kind of neat to read that about you since not many people know what it is when I tell them what he does. Heck, *I* still don't exactly know what it is either...and we've been married for 11 years :) Congratulations to you on publication of this book and for finding your way to fulfillment of your dreams. Your kids must be very, very proud.

And thanks, Laurie, for always having such awesome author interviews, reviews, excerpts, etc. Your blog rocks!

Holly Bryan said...

Sorry, forgot to add what digital format I'd like if I win - Kindle. Thanks!

Denice Mae Cordero said...

It looks very interesting... Thank you for this!!! And if I win, I would choose a pdf format!!! Thank you!!!

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Pippa Jay said...

@Joanne - no, you're right - he can't hide although he tries.
@Holly - thank you. And yes, not many people knew what an Analytical Chemist was. Most assumed it meant working at a pharmacy.
Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. :)

PuttPutt1198Eve said...

I agree that names define a person or character, in this case. That's why I think that children should be given names that can be shortened or changed somewhat when they get old enough to determine it for themselves!

PuttPutt1198Eve said...

Forgot to say that I would like the format for a basic Kindle. That should have been stated in my post above. Thanks and sorry!

Lauri J Owen said...

It's weird that you choose names first. I do that, too, but only sometimes. More often, I have a kind of person in mind and have to search names until I find just the right one - the one that fits.
Excellent book, by the way, and I do know having read it! Buy it - it's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Both characters sound intriguing, along with the reference to "apparent immortality." Thanks for the giveaway; Kindle format, please, if luck goes my way.

Darlene said...

It's always scary to have an illness while pregnant! Thank goodness everything turned out ok!!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Pippa Jay said...

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

Heres sending you some smiles. :)

wwe11 said...

This book looks really good.

Denise Z said...

If I was not already sold by the blurb, the moment you mentioned Galaxy Quest, I knew you were my kind of person ;) Thank you for taking the time to share with us I am really looking forward to reading this bit of awesomeness on my Kindle.

wni said...

thanks. I would love to have an epub.

Pippa Jay said...

Thanks for the smiles, anonymous!
wwe11 and Denise Z - thank you. Yep, Galaxy Quest rocks! Although I've never forgiven the makers for killing off Quellek. O.o

k.a. said...

sounds like a great summer read on my
Sony eReader, so I guess .epub would be best