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Bound An Arelia LaRue Novel #1 by Kira Saito: Interview

YA Paranormal

Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud, voodoo queens inhabit every street corner, and the ghosts are alive and well. Despite her surroundings, all she wants is to help her Grand-mere Bea pay the rent and save up for college.

When her best friend Sabrina convinces her to take a well-paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation, owned by the wealthy LaPlante family, Arelia agrees.

However, at Darkwood strange things start to happen, and gorgeous Lucus LaPlante insists that he needs her help. Soon, the powers that Arelia has been denying all her life, come out to play and she discovers mysteries about herself that she could have never imagined.

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Hi Kira!  Welcome! I'm excited to have this opportunity to find out a little more about you and your Arelia LaRue series.

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Laurie. I really appreciate it.  

Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

There are so many but two of my favorite characters are Willy Wonka and The Vampire Lestat. Both characters are eccentric, lively and unique. They’re not afraid of speaking their minds, taking risks, both are fearless and I secretly want to live their lives for a day or two. I think when an author is able to create a memorable character it’s absolute magic. 

Who is your favorite author?

There are so many authors that I love but my favorite is Anne Rice. I love supernatural stories but sometimes I can’t relate to them. Her supernatural characters are easy to relate to and they struggle with everyday human issues. Basically, when I read her books I feel like I can be a witch or a vampire but still worry about what outfit I’m going to wear. 

Tell us about your current release.

My current series is the Arelia LaRue series. It’s a YA series that centers on the life of a sixteen year old Voodoo Queen from New Orleans. Voodoo hasn’t been covered within the realm of YA so I’m really excited about the whole concept. The first book is titled Bound, the second is Punished and the third one, Possessed, is coming up at the end of June/early July. I don’t want to bore anyone by going on and on about my books. Here is a link where you can find out more info about the series and the inspiration behind it

 What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part is getting historical references correct without turning the book into a boring history lesson. My books are set in New Orleans so I have to reaserhc certain foods and history that took place during certain time periods. It’s fun but difficult. I’m secretly afraid that the entire city of New Orleans is laughing at me because of the way I choose to describe it. Is that strange? Maybe…

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

It’s strange but I think that once an idea forms the plot and characters basically tell me what to do. They come alive and take over the keyboard. They’re not perfect but they are lively.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.

I’ll quote it:
“I have never been one to read (no patience), but you have somehow got me hooked. I have read LaRue #1 & 2, DAMN your good!! And now for the first time in my life, I 'm waiting for a book to be released.” 
I was like what???? Someone is reading because of my books??? That is CRAZY!
What is the next big thing?
In pop culture the next big thing is voodoo and Voodoo Kings and Queens!! I’m telling you! It’s true!

Kira is a magic junkie and loves writing YA paranormal romances. Some of her heroes include: Jack the Pumpkin King, Willy Wonka, Larry David, Princess Jasmine, the vampire Lestat, Andy and her Maltese Costanza.

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