Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beloved Evangeline by W. C. Anderson : My Review

(Blurb from Goodreads) Evangeline Johnson has always been spectacularly unlucky. Her failed search for a supernatural explanation gradually grows into an obsession, one that leaves her slightly scarred and more than slightly antisocial. Unsuccessful—to say the least—at hiding from the bizarre accidents that befall those unfortunate enough to cross her path, she ultimately finds herself lured onto a haunting adventure—from which there's no turning back.

*This is the first book of an independendently published dark paranormal urban fantasy trilogy for grown-ups tired of perusing the YA section. Beloved Evangeline is written in a neo-gothic style and contains violence, mature themes, and a handful of choice words. The sequel, Ever Evangeline, is coming soon.

(Blurb from Night Owl) 
"One moment the man was there, talking politely, and the next moment—he was gone. It was as if the ocean had simply reached out and plucked him from the shore. Aside from a few droplets here and there, I was completely dry.
I gasped, dumbstruck, mouth agape.
Although onlookers jumped in and lifeguards combed the sea, the man was never found."
Seven years after abandonment by her fiance, Evangeline Johnson exists, but just barely. Unsuccessful—to say the least—at hiding from the bizarre accidents that befall those unlucky enough to cross her path, she finds herself lured onto a surreal adventure that is at once haunting and darkly hysterical.
Beloved Evangeline is the first book of a paranormal/urban fantasy trilogy for grown-ups. The sequel, Ever Evangeline, is coming soon.

4 Stars

There is something strange about Evangeline. She is like a magnet where trouble and accidents are concerned. To protect her friends, she tries to keep them at a distance, usually without much success. Yet, Evangeline has a spirit that seems to have a boundless, quiet reserve of strength and fortitude. She has been relatively successful at blending in for years, but now she is being forced to unravel the mystery of her sudden, unexpected inheritance, while trying to free her mentally ill mother, and complete some other difficult challenges in order to satisfy the last wishes of an old man claiming to be her grandfather.

I loved Evangeline’s voice in this story – often snarky and darkly humorous, her strange quirks come across as real and sometimes heart-breaking. As she gets pulled deeper into the dark, supernatural world, I marveled at her tenacious persistence to get the job done. This story does a wonderful job of introducing Evangeline and has whet my appetite for further adventures.

Laurie J - Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews

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