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The Road To Dark Desire by Brooklynn Rivers: Interview & Excerpt

An injured highwayman with a bounty on his head. A lady determined to save his life. Who will sacrifice the most in the name of love?

Quentin Ellesbrooke has it all until he is betrayed by his lover, Katherine Prescott and her evil stepbrother. With danger nipping at his heels, the Ellesbrooke Bandit gets more than he bargains for when a beautiful lady saves his life. Soon the battle between honor and forbidden lust will begin.

Skyler Weston is about to embark on an adventure wilder than she could ever imagine. After rescuing a stalwart highwayman from the brink of death, she becomes entangled in a web of hidden pleasures, danger and intrigue. Can this highwayman be trusted or is he a gentleman rogue out for his own gain? Seduced by his mysterious past, she is torn between protecting her virginity and succumbing to the dark desires that lie dormant within her soul.

“Put me down!”  Skyler squirmed and kicked.  “Put me down now!”
“Be quiet before they hear you,” Quentin whispered, trampling through the brush.
“Quentin, I mean it,” she said softly, “Set me down.”
“Alright,” he said, turning the corner, “Just stay calm.  We’re at the stables, and the horse is ready.”
Quentin lifted her off his shoulder and put her down gently.  As soon as he released her, she tore off toward the castle. 
“What the…” he started, bolting after her, “Skyler, come back here!”
“Get away!” she screamed.
Quentin wrapped his hands around her waist and tripped, throwing them both to the ground.  Damn, he thought, grappling with her in the dirt.  She was too high strung for her own good.  Suddenly, her foot slammed hard into his gut, knocking the wind out of him.  He doubled over just as she got back on her feet.
“Not so fast,” he coughed, reaching out to grab her ankle.
“No!” she squealed.
 He dragged her back down to the ground.
With one swift motion, Quentin rolled on top of her, pinning her to the ground.  He pushed against her and used his body weight as leverage.
“Get off me!” she yelped, wriggling.
“It’s foolish to fight, Skyler,” Quentin said breathlessly.
“I won’t go with you,” Skyler spat, gasping for air.
Quentin got up from the ground and pulled her up by the arm.  “You don’t have a choice.”
“I need to go back,” she spouted, twisting her wrists.
“Are you mad?” he asked, pulling out a few pieces of rope from his pocket, “Prescott’s counting on that.”
“But I need to find…” Skyler paused, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Tying your hands together, my lady,” he explained, wrapping twine around her wrists, “This looks familiar, does it not?  Or have you forgotten how you had tied me to a bed a few months ago?”
“I should’ve left you there,” she countered, twisting the binds until it rubbed against her flesh, “Untie me, Quentin Ellesbrooke.”
“That’s better,” he whispered seductively, securing the knot in front of her, “Now you can’t get away.”
She tilted her head and challenged him, “Who do you think you are?”
He pulled her close, looking into her eyes.  “Your hero.”
“I don’t need a hero."
Quentin smashed his mouth on hers determined to break her once and for all.  She was so soft, so tempting in spite of her defiance.  His imagination ran wild with thoughts of making love to her while she was bound and subdued.  God, he wanted her—craved the wild passion that grew within his body.  It was nearly impossible to hide the desire that stiffened within his breeches.
Skyler pulled away.  She heard voices in the distance.  “They’re coming.” 
“Hold on,” Quentin said, hoisting her on the saddle, “Let’s go.”
“Where are you taking me?” she asked.
He mounted behind her and replied, “To your father."
With a crack of the reins, they were off.  Skyler held her breath and grabbed onto the saddle as Jack tore through the main gates.  She watched a misty cloud spew from the horse’s nostrils.  The sound of hooves pounding against gravel rang in her ears.  A cool breeze swept across her face once they made it to the meadow. 
It was cold.  The chill in the night air bit at her skin as they headed toward the forest.  Skyler shivered uncontrollably, wishing she had a blanket to wrap around her.  Despite her better judgment, she leaned back on Ellesbrooke and felt the warmth of his body against her flesh.
“It won’t be much farther,” Quentin said, bracing against her body with his torso, “We have to cut through the forest.”
Quentin slowed the horse to a trot and veered off into the woods.  Darkness seemed to shroud them in mystery as they navigated through a narrow trail.  It was black as pitch in there, he thought, wishing the moonlight would penetrate the clouds.
“I can’t see three feet in front of my face,” she said, looking up through the trees.
“At least Prescott’s guards won’t find us,” he added, “They rarely venture this far out.”
“Why?” she asked as a stream of moonlight cascaded down through the tree branches.
 “Evil runs from all that’s Holy,” Quentin explained.
Skyler grew quiet, watching an eerie fog form in front of them.  The grey mist seemed to take on a life of its own.  It snaked around the brush and branches that lined the trail.  Tendrils of vapor rose from the ground like fingers lacing around Jack’s legs. 
She heard a shrill noise echo through the hollow and started to panic.  “What was that?”
“It’s an owl, Skyler,” he explained, “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
“No wonder Prescott’s men avoid this place,” she whispered.  Gooseflesh peppered her skin. “The forest has to be haunted.”
“Don’t worry,” he murmured, “I’m here to protect you.”
As they journeyed down the path, Skyler saw a strange light flicker in the darkness.  One, two, three…dear God, they were multiplying!  Her blood ran cold as she looked around and saw them grow larger.  Some of them would disappear only to emerge somewhere else.  Perhaps they were demons or ghosts.  No, she thought, they had to be red eyes of wolves watching them, waiting to attack. 
“Quentin, what are they?”
“Don’t worry, love.  They’re torches to help guide our way.”
“Where are we?”
“Ravenshire Priory.”
“Ravenshire Priory?  This doesn’t make any sense,” she whispered,  “Papa wouldn’t come here.”
Skyler peered into the distance and saw the outline of its imposing walls.  Uneasiness came over her as they drew closer.  Warning bells resounded in her head.  Perspiration trickled down her temples.  She didn’t want to go any further but knew there was no other choice.
Thick fog blanketed the drawbridge like a gnarled hand reaching out to seize them as they crossed.  The sound of hooves pounding the wood sent a shiver down her spine.  They finally reached the other side, stopping on the soft grass just beyond the path.
Ellesbrooke dismounted and said, “Let me help you down."
“Quentin,” she sighed, sliding off the horse, “You said that you’d take me to my father.”
“Aye, I did.”
“What is this trickery?  He’s not here.”
“You’ll see him soon enough.”

Does travel play in the writing of your books?

            Oh yes!  Travel is one of the most influential aspects in my writing.  Several years ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to spend two weeks in Ireland, Scotland, and England. 

            There's nothing better than an adventure abroad!  I'm a spontaneous person and wanted to experience new territory on my own terms.  What better way to do so than renting a car and following the path less traveled?  If you ever get a chance to explore the United Kingdom, I highly recommend it. 

            Every castle I saw told a story.  Every battlefield, filled with excitement.  Driving through the countryside, I imagined ancient battles commencing.  You know, there's so much more to history than memorizing dates and locations.  We can't forget the people and their experiences.

Tell us about your current release.

            Ah!  I'm thrilled to release my historical romance novel, The Road to Dark Desire. The story is set in 17th Century England when the country is on the verge of another civil war.  The hero, Quentin Ellesbrooke, has lost everything, resorting to a life of crime.  Every woman loves a bad boy, and our hero is just that—a highwayman. 

            His enemy, Alastair Prescott, sets out to destroy him using any means possible—even using his sister's expertise in the Dark Arts.  Prescott and his sister, Katherine, will stop at nothing to ruin the infamous Ellesbrooke Bandit.

            Prescott's plan is ruined when Quentin barely escapes with his life and is rescued by a beautiful young woman named Skyler Weston.  She has no idea that this handsome stranger is the most dangerous highwayman in Britain.  To add a twist, Ellesbrooke is under the impression that Skyler is a tavern wench instead of the daughter of one of the most influential men in Great Britain!  The physical attraction grows unbearable between Quentin and Skyler.  The battle between honor and forbidden passion begins.

            Meanwhile, Katherine uses witchcraft to form a diabolical plan.  She can speak to spirits and uses the art of scrying to gain information.  You see, Katherine is an extremely possessive woman and loves Quentin in her own sick way.  Obsessive is more like it.  She's a firm believer in"If I can't have him, then no one will."  Katherine and Alastair plot to draw out the Ellesbrooke Bandit once and for all, using Skyler as the bait.

            Things take a turn for the worst when Quentin is captured by Prescott's army.  How far is Skyler willing to go to save her highwayman?

            The Road to Dark Desire is a historical romance filled with love, adventure, mystery, and mysticism.  This ebook is classified as "adult" fiction and contains material unsuitable for young readers.  The Road to Dark Desire available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu.

Tell us about your next release.

            My next historical romance is Conquered Shores.  It takes place during the Viking Age (950 A.D.).  A warrior named Gunnar Ravenshield raids a village just off the coast of Ireland where he kidnaps a young woman who has visions that tell the future.  The Norse goddess, Freya, visits Ravenshield and tells him that he must protect her at any cost.  He must make Shannon fall in love with him in order for the prophecy to come true.  How can this happen when she wants nothing to do with Ravenshield and his barbaric beliefs?  Her plan is to escape Dublin and find her way back to her beloved clan.  Things get complicated when another Viking wants Shannon for his own—he knows how valuable she is and will stop at nothing to possess her.  This story has plenty of romance, adventure, mystery and magic.  Once again, it is geared for adults due to content.

            I'm excited to finish this project and have thoroughly enjoyed researching key elements such as Viking life and Norse mythology.  Conquered Shores should be released in June 2012.  Please check my author website for further details.

Who are your books published with?

            My books are available in several different formats including Kindle, Nook, HTML, EPUB, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, and plain text.

            You can find my books on:

Amazon  |   Amazon UK   |   Barnes & Noble  |   Smashwords   |  LuLu

Other sites that will carry The Road to Dark Desire in a few weeks are:






All Romance eBooks

What do you think makes a good story?

            A good story is like a great recipe that I like to share with friends.  First, mix together a large amount of romance, adventure and mystery.  Add a little bit of magic and mysticism to grab the reader's attention.  Then throw in several well-developed characters that readers can identify with.  Blend well.  Serve with a side of humor.  Enjoy!

What do you do to unwind and relax?

            Glass of red wine--preferably Sweet Mountain Laurel, a crackling fire, warm blanket, and a good book.  Yeah...that's my form of meditation.

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?  How and why?    

            Definitely!  I like to take personality traits from people I know and incorporate them into my characters.  For example, in The Road to Dark Desire, I've immortalized my father through the character, William McAllen.  My father's family immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland.  Anyone who knows my dad can readily identify the strength, demeanor and (of course) the Scottish accent.  He makes me smile.

What would we find under your bed?

            I don't know....I'm too afraid to look!

Ms. Rivers is a native of Virginia and is currently living near the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, photography, cooking, and (of course) watching the History Channel. Long summer days and slow walks on the beach are just a few of her favorite things.
She has traveled abroad visiting castles and monuments which have inspired her writing career. Brooklynn is an avid history buff that loves to incorporate elements of real life events in her stories.


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