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The Speed of Darkness by Sarah Baethge: Interview & Excerpt

Eric Omlup, (computer teacher, web design consultant) tries to be seen as a normal, friendly guy. He is determined to hide the fact that he is a werewolf from everyone so he can just live a normal life.

Unfortunately, because he tries to be a good guy, he finds himself jumping in to try and save a man who looks to be helplessly under attack. Unexpectedly, the two villains that he wants to scare off may back down, but happily consider finding him to be a great asset. Eric is horrified to learn that he has exposed himself to a company of cruel scientists, called The Eclipse, that are capturing near-human 'supernatural' creatures for use in questionable medical experiments because no laws to protect them are in place.

Now can he and Nigel Hunter (the man he saved) remain outside of the clutches of The Eclipse as their pursuers quietly, yet persistently tear bit by bit away from the safety and secrecy he has so endeavored to acquire?

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From The Speed of Darkness

Eric closed and locked his door. With clear disgust on his face, he addressed Nigel.  “Nice,” he said sarcastically. “Nice to know you could have just gotten away easily when I jumped in to help you.”
Nigel fidgeted uncomfortably as he tried to keep himself from meeting Eric’s gaze, “It doesn’t work like-“
“You certainly were able to do it at will just now!” Eric yelled, stomping up to him.
“But Bart-“, Nigel began, gesturing as he spoke.
“Your psycho friends!” Eric thundered in anger as he raised his hands above his head. “Thanks! Can’t forget those two freaks are now after me too. All because I didn’t want to just stand by and watch them cut up some little fruit like you on tape!
“Now I find out that’s what you wanted.” With a sickened look he folded his arms and stepped away from Nigel, who simply looked confused.
“What..?” Nigel called after Eric, as he looked helplessly at the back of the other man, “I never want-“
“Oh, come on,” Eric said derisively, turning around and grabbing Nigel’s shoulder. “Why would someone, who can –FOR REAL- just zip away, stand around and wait for his buddies come at him with a knife for a video?”
Nigel finally met Eric’s eyes and said, (as if it explained everything)”Bart had a flashlight.”

Hello Sarah, first I just wanted to say welcome! I am looking forward to learning more about you. Tell us about your current release.

I most recently published ‘Right Now’ and it was the oddest, easy writing experience I’ve ever had. I thought of the story one night as I was watching TV, went to my computer to make a short half page of notes and then just wrote for like a week. The plot only changed from my original plan once, but when I finished the story I just loved it more than I ever expected I would.

Tell us about your next release.

As it’s still not done, I can’t guarantee it will be my next release; but at the moment, I am putting together a story that would work as a prequel to ‘The Speed of Darkness.’ The idea came to me a couple weeks ago when I considered looking at the beginnings of my story in a way I never had before. Now I often get distracted and drop whatever I’ve been working on to simply explore a new idea that occurs to me, but I like this new plot a lot; so, even if I finish something else beforehand, I’m pretty sure I will eventually write this.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

Plots and characters are derived from whatever occurs to me at the moment I am writing. I do try to start with an outline; it’s always good to have something to come back to when I start to question, ‘what next?’, yet if a new idea occurs to me as I write, I try to let that shine through. It all just seems more natural and not so forced if I can do that.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

I suppose it sounds corny and obvious, but there is nothing I find more enjoyable than to simply lose myself in a book and read. For a bit of fun, I’ve even created my own book review site @ but, I will admit that I don’t update it as often as I should.

 How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I suppose I can’t quite say I ignore it because I will read what the reviewer has said and try to decide if their remarks have any merit. It’s part of my TSoD prequel idea. I do intend to with it and whatever number of sequels are needed, to address any relevant problems that are brought to my attention. I plan to rewrite/rename the current story, write a few related volumes, and call the whole series ‘The Speed of Darkness.’

Have you ever read or seen yourself as a character in a book or movie?

Almost embarrassing to admit, but more than once Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory has done or said something crazy that left me worried I may have somehow met someone behind the scenes who thought it would be funny to base a character on me.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

Nigel Hunter from ‘The Speed of Darkness’ is basically a heavily exaggerated, extremely fictionalized copy of me.

I am Sarah Baethge; I’ve recently published a book The Speed of Darkness @ {FREE with coupon code: VV43H}and I’m currently working on a prequel, the beginnings of a separate space saga  called Breaking Away @ {blog giveaway? and an unrelated short story called Right Now @ {FREE on Amazon Prime}. Don’t let the covers put you off; I drew them myself on my computer as I got to the part of the internet publishing process that asks for a cover picture.

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Right Now - Lilly Aldern finds herself without a job,so she is hired to work as a secretary for her brother and his partner. When investigating the workings of an aerospace company, Legacy Towers, they come across a strange man named Joe that should have his own knowledge of their workings; yet his memory of the past has somehow been almost completely taken away.
Strangely, this seems to have enabled a brief glimpse of the future for him.

Breaking Away - A 5 part story about old settlers on a planet not getting along with new citizens that are trying to take over.

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