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The Lilean Chronicles; Redemption, Bk 1 & The Sleeping, Bk 2 by Merita King : Interview & Excerpt

Science Fiction/Fantasy
Two ancient prophecies both foretelling the extinction of a race. Two sides racing to an appointment with destiny. A terrible tide of evil laying waste to their world. So much rage, fear and a baby crying. A single baby prophesied to save Lilea from extinction by the Transmortal Army. One single man who will bring an end to the evil that almost wiped them out and in doing so, save many worlds from their darkness. Vincent worries for his sanity as he suffers the nightmares and hears the voices in the dreams. As he battles with the nightmares and the source of the voices in the dreams is revealed, he begins to discover his destiny and finds that there are other forces at work against him. Many worlds away Farra discovers her part in his great task. Can she survive the terrors that lurk in the tunnels and can she unmask the mysterious killer? The ancient spirit people take them on a journey through space and time as they both race from world to world to meet their date with destiny and fulfil the prophecy.

Just as Vincent and Farra begin to relax after their battle with the Transmortal Army, a new terror befalls Lilea. As they look forward to their pledging ceremony the first signs that something is wrong become apparent. They cannot understand why their spirit guides have left them and it isn't until the Lilean people begin to succumb to a mysterious affliction that they realise a new evil has found them. Plunged into a terrible nightmare, Vincent battles to find reality amongst the make believe as he struggles to come to terms with loss and betrayal.

Many days away across the gulf of space their Drycenian friends suddenly find themselves hosts to some uninvited guests who beg them for their help. Whilst racing to Lilea they must find a way to communicate with their new guests in order that they know how to aid their friends. It is up to one man to venture into the darkness alone and put his own soul at risk to save Vincent, so that they can try to end this new evil and save Lilea from the terror of The Sleeping.

Excerpt from The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping 
From chapter 14

Jam and Vincent clung to each other as the darkness enveloped them. Vincent could again hear the breathing sound but he remembered from his last excursion in this darkness that it couldn't be his breathing he was hearing.  He again wondered what it was and where it was coming from.
“Can you hear that breathing Doc?” he sent his thoughts to Jam.
“Yes,” Jam’s thoughts came back, “but we’re not breathing; we have no bodies here so it can’t be us.  I wonder where it’s coming from.”
“Yeah I was wondering that too,” Vincent answered.
“Don’t worry about it,” Jam’s comforting thoughts filtered back, “at least not until we have to.”
The Transmortal spirits were furious that this interloper helped the evil one break out of the prison they constructed for him.  It took huge amounts of psychic energy to weave the images, thoughts and feelings of the falsehood around him and he began to sink so completely into it that if he remained there much longer he would never get out.  Together, thousands of them pooled their psychic energies and probed the evil one’s mind for memories, feelings and insecurities so they could weave the most plausible falsehood around him.  It was a work of supreme artistry and the evil one was very convinced; until the unwelcome interloper trespassed into the hinterland with an energy so strong and a light so bright that it frightened them to be near it and they fled from it in terror and retreated to the comfort of the darkness. Now that the evil one and his cohort were aware of the falsehood woven around them, they would have to wait until their strength failed and their memories floundered before they dare expend more energy on weaving another false reality in which to imprison them both.  It would take huge amounts of psychic energy and if they failed again, their Pzolgon would banish them from The Veil for their failure.  So they remained patient and waited and gathered around the evil one and the trespasser and cloaked them in a blanket of darkness and menace so complete that they could both feel it throbbing with evil. 
Vincent became aware of a prick of fear working its way into his energy and he grew frightened and sent his thoughts to his friend.
“Doc?” he called mentally, “talk to me Doc, this is beginning to creep me out.”
“I’m here Vincent,” Jam’s thoughts came back, “can you feel my energy?”
“Yeah, I can feel you,” Vincent responded, “so long as I concentrate on you I can feel it.  The moment I let my mind wander though, I begin to lose you.”
“Then concentrate on me,” Jam encouraged, “and let’s not let our minds wander anywhere else okay?”
“Okay Doc,” Vincent's mind sighed with relief and decided that Doc Jam would always deserve his utmost respect.
“Now,” Jam urged, “to keep our minds focussed on each other, we’ll tell each other our life stories.  Shall I go first?  Drycenians live a long time you know, so you will have plenty of time to get thoroughly used to the feel of my energy.  That will help you be aware of me with you even if we don’t communicate.”
“Yeah good idea,” Vincent responded, “how old are you Doc?”
“I’m one hundred and ninety eight,” Jam replied, “so let me know if I’m boring you.”
“Jeez Doc I’m only forty four,” Vincent replied, “mine’s gonna be a pretty short story.  You won’t have time to get bored.”
Jam told Vincent his life story, piece by piece and in doing so he brought his friend to a deeper understanding of him than ever before.  As Vincent listened to Jam’s story he felt the doctor’s energy grow and strengthen and as it embraced him in the darkness he felt the evil slip a little further back.  Back across the void of darkness in the safety of the battle cruiser, Arshad held onto his energy link with Jam and through him, with Vincent.  He felt their fear as the evil began to cloak their energies and try to draw them away and he sent his strength and love to them to help them hold on.  One by one the Lilean spirit people joined Arshad and linked their energies to his own and with each new link that joined, the light around Vincent and Jam grew ever brighter and the Transmortal spirits were forced further back.
“Now it’s your turn Vincent,” Jam said at last, “you tell me everything about yourself and your life.”
“Well okay Doc,” Vincent responded, becoming shy all of a sudden, “it won’t take quite as long as yours though.”

Tell us about your current release

My current release is called The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping.  It is the second in The Lilean Chronicles series.  It comes under the science fiction/fantasy/paranormal genre headings.  The story takes place 1 year after the end of the first book in the series and centres around the same group of characters who find themselves involved in a new set of circumstances that necessitate them fighting to save their planet from a new and terrible evil.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

I find that the plots and characters build themselves better if I don't interfere too much.  The whole business of writing is largely intuitive for me.  I don't plan beyond having a skeleton plot of what I want the 'main event' of the story to be.  Once I have that clear in my mind I just start to write and the characters step forward and take over.  I have found many times that I've thought of some event or circumstance that I plan to include, but the characters either don't let me include it at all or they change it beyond all recognition.  They show me all the time that they are in charge, this is their story not mine and we now have a great working relationship.  I always say I don't write the story, I just take dictation from my characters. 

If you were to write a series of novels, what would it be about?

I am writing a series now.  The first two volumes are out, the third is in the editing stage and I shall be starting the fourth shortly.  The series centres around the life and experiences of Vincent Domenico, the prophesied great warrior from the planet Lilea.  There is a strong paranormal/spiritual thread to the series, as Vincent and his people have a strong relationship with their ancestors' spirits who walk with them as spiritual guides and help them towards their destiny.  My series travels the galaxy visiting many worlds and takes us on journeys through space and time as Vincent and his friends fight for their lives and those of their loved ones.

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?  How and why?
Interesting question.  Yes they are important.  Firstly, a name is something that gives us our first connection with someone, so it must be something that tells us about the person.  Also, as my series is set far in the future and on worlds other than Earth, the names need to be 'neutral' if at all possible.  I have chosen not invent a whole new language of names as I feel that makes it more difficult for us to make a real connection with the character, so I've given them names everyone will recognise, but which are sufficiently neutral in tone and feeling so as to be plausible for another planet.

Entice us, what future projects are you considering?

The third book in my current series has been written and is being edited.  I plan to publish it in August or September 2012.  The fourth will be written during the summer and should be published in Feb or March 2013.  I am thinking about a new series involving the adventures of a galactic law enforcer, a sort of futuristic galactic mercenary who travels from world to world recapturing escaped convicts and who gets involved in solving problems caused by them.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

All of my characters have a bit of me in them, but none of them is totally me.  I am nothing like them physically but they are very like me in many aspects of their personality and character.  We've all heard the old adage, write about what you know, well we know ourselves better than we know anyone else so I feel it is natural that one's characters will have aspects of the writer in them.  I do plan to include a character in the fourth in my current series who will be 99% me, in character and personality anyway, but probably not physically.

Is there one passage in your book that you feel gets to the heart of your book and would encourage people to read it?  If so, can you share it?

Yes there is.  This is from chapter 12 of book two in my series.  This passage really sums up the whole story for me and really if I'm honest, the meaning of life.

………As the huge Drycenian battle cruiser raced towards its mission with Lilea, these three men sat and sent their prayers out to the universal consciousness and unseen around them in the quiet dignified calm of the temple, the Lilean spirit people sent their own alongside them.  Two races bonded by friendship and respect, two worlds fighting for the freedom of innocents; the land of the living and the land of the dead all united as one single force of love.  The prayers and the love sent forth from that small temple flowed out into the vastness of the universe, a tangible energy stronger than any other.  That love was why they were here in the first place, that love was what they would fight for and were willing to die for and somewhere out there in the void, two hearts trapped and frightened in the darkness felt that love and were enriched………

What are your hero and heroine of the story like?

My hero is called Vincent Richard Domenico and he is from the planet Lilea.  His birth was prophesied a very long time ago in Lilea's past and he has a very special destiny.  His life has involved many trials and dangers and much suffering for him but he is a strong man and has endured with dignity.  He's an expert in all forms of unarmed and solo combat, especially at close quarters and he's known as the the blade guy, because he's an expert in blade use and has a huge collection of them. He doesn't like guns much, he prefers a blade every time.  Lileans are big and Vincent is a huge guy and of course I've modelled him on my vision of the perfect male.  I think it's necessary that you should love your main character, even be in love with them a little as that will connect you to them so closely that when you write their story, it will be natural and will flow well.

My heroine is called Farra Duncan and she's from Earth.  She's ex military so she's tough but she hasn't lost her femininity. She's beautiful but strong and tough, sensitive and emotional but she has self discipline.  She loves blades and is quite expert in their use and collects them when she can.  Her personality is very much my own and if I were being totally honest, she's the person I'd like to be, both physically and mentally.

Merita King has loved the science fiction and fantasy genre in both books and movies since she was a young child.  She has been greatly inspired by years of watching movies and reading books and has wanted to make a contribution to this genre for many years.  Her stories all contain a strong spiritual thread  as she believes that spirituality is universal and crosses all boundaries.  She believes that the creative process is largely intuitive and can be very effectively blocked by too much pre-planning.  “Plot lines, characters and events all come to me intuitively,” she says, “and this makes the act of writing a constant pleasure.”  She is a psychic medium and lives alone in Hampshire, UK.  

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