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Flesh and Feathers by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland : Guest Post and Excerpt

Waitress Azaleigh Carlton’s life was simple. That is, until she meets Kale and Gage – two very different and charming men. One she loves and the other she can’t live without. She soon finds out that the people closest to her are hiding a secret, one that will change her life forever. And now, someone or something is trying to kill her. As chaos unfolds, she learns of a world where good and evil are in constant battle – with both sides winning and losing equally. What does one do when hell won’t let you win and evil just won’t die?


“Go to hell!” I shouted as I began walking hard steps down the alley that would lead to the city sidewalk.

“Azaleigh!” he shouted, grabbing my arm and spinning me around to face him.

My only reaction was to slap him hard across his face. The loud sound of my hand making contact with his cheek shocked me, but I was too angry to care. “No! You don’t understand! You don’t ever get to touch me again!”

I shrugged harshly out of his grip. Just then, a heavy gust blew, ruffling my hair and blinding me as I turned to walk away, followed by a loud thud. Taking a step forward, I brushed my hair from my face, but then stopped suddenly. A man wearing a white hooded cloak stood in front of me. At first I stopped because I was astonished by what he was wearing, but as I studied him, I noticed the slender sword-like object that he gradually pulled from his side. My body began to tremble with fear.

The Subject of Pride

Ok! Danielle made the suggestion to me to write this blog post on pride. First, I have to tell you that this is a rather funny subject for us. It is a constant joke of ours. The reason is I am an overly proud person… not saying that I can’t be wrong at times (which I will tell you is few and far between – LOL), but I have a tough time “sucking it up” when things go badly. In addition to that, I end up missing out on things because I am simply too stubborn and give in to my pride-ish ways.

Even though this is a really bad characteristic of mine, it has its advantages. For instance, I was way too proud when we received our first rejection letter. Being new in the business, I didn't realize rejection is just something you have to deal with. I was devastated, but acted like I didn’t care which, in turn cause me not to want to send any more quarries. Thank God for Danielle! She pushed us to accept the unchangeable and keep moving.

Now… the advantage. If you read Flesh and Feathers, you will see both mine and Danielle’s personality in Azaleigh. When Az acts as though nothing bothers her, or she pretends to be in complete control, you are seeing my personality. And when she gives in to her temptations and just enjoys the moment she is given, you are seeing Danielle’s personality. You see… I give Az her attitude and Danielle gives her the kind-hearted characteristic. Basically, what I am saying is that together; Danielle and I birthed the perfect character (in our opinion.) LOL. That sounded kind of gross. But it’s true! I have learned from both Danielle and Az that there is a time for pride and there is a time to let go of that pride. If you don’t have a balance, then life is going to slip by you.

Danielle Hylton was raised in Virginia. She grew up having a huge appetite for daydreaming; always wanting to live in the spectacular worlds she created in her mind. She now lives with her husband and dog where she is pursuing a degree in literature. Danielle is a strong animal activist. She is currently co-writing the second book in the Flesh Series, "Flesh and Flames".

April Fifer grew up in a small town in Virginia, where it was common practice believing that dreams could only be found in stories. At the age of seven she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was told that she would struggle through life and would never pick up a book to read for pleasure. Although school was hard, she was able to find her way with the help of two teachers who taught her self-discovery. Ignoring what she was taught growing up, she turned it around and found that your dreams could become stories.

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