Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Morning Afterlife by Sonnet O'Dell : Review

The Morning Afterlife
If remembering could bring about the end of everything, would you still try?

Karrin wakes up on the side of the road with selective memory loss; she knows her name and age but nothing more about herself. She walks the highway back to a town to find all but a few people have disappeared and that there are strange but beautiful beings hunting them down. It seems to her that some great apocalyptic event happened but she just doesn't remember it.

Karrin however is in more danger than she realizes as someone in her new group of friends is more deadly to her than those hunting them down. When she finds one of them, a young man roughly her own age named Gabe injured, she goes against all she's been told and helps him. Gabe in return wants to help her, help her to remember. Karrin's memories, however, could put her in even more danger and bring an end to everything she now holds dear.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short novella tells the story of a young woman who wakes up disorientated and with amnesia, alongside a road. She remembers her name, but everything else is lost to her. Walking down the road, she comes to a town that seems somewhat familiar to her and meets a small group of people in the otherwise deserted town. The group takes her in, warning her to be careful because there is another mysterious group whose aim seems to be to kidnap vulnerable, careless survivors.

This is a haunting, beautifully rendered tale that throws a solid punch at the end. I wish it had been longer and fleshed out with more character back story, but that is just because Sonnet never fails to amaze me with her creativity and imaginative subject matter. I did not want the adventure to be over. Pick up this bittersweet story and discover for yourself Sonnet’s gift of fluid prose.

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The book sounds great. Thanks for the wonderful review!
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