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Eternity by Laury Falter #Review #YA Paranormal

EternityEternity by Laury Falter

Eternity - the second book in the Guardian Trilogy...

Maggie thought she was safe until an old enemy arrives in New Orleans with a dire threat: A battle is on the way.

With only a few days to spare, she and Eran embark on a path that is expected to prepare them for the world’s most evil creatures. But what Maggie discovers is far more disturbing…the truth behind her identity and why their enemies will never give up.

My rating: 4 Cups

Maggie is settling down to her new life in New Orleans. She is learning to control the uncomfortable physical response that plagued her unmercifully when she first moved to town. Maggie is also finding out more about herself and her previous lives. She is more determined than ever to protect those whom she has grown to love, and find a way to vanquish the evil that has stalked her for hundreds of years.

Eran is Maggie’s diligent protector. He is determined not to let his deep and abiding love for her interfere with his duty to keep her safe. He has his hands full because Maggie is just as determined not to put those she loves in danger.

A battle of wills rages in this story as both Maggie and Eran must face some horrendous truths. Maggie discovers more about her ancestry by revisiting previous pivotal episodes on the astral plane. She also trains daily with her mentor and friend in order to hone her combat skills. In the war that is upon them, both Maggie and Eran are tested, and are forced to use every resource available to them.

The strange and compelling world-building begun in the first book is expanded significantly in this second installment. The increased complexity of the relationships certainly keeps this story from ever becoming dull or predictable. Yet, all the added nuances mesh perfectly in the grand scheme of the entire framework. Once again, the author brings us a story that is unstinting in intensity, drama and everlasting love. A world filled with robust characters – some of which are despicable, regardless of the reasons that may have contributed to their downfall. Unfailingly mesmerizing, this series has me hooked; I am looking forward to the third installment.

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The Guardian Trilogy:
Book 1 - Fallen
Book 2 - Eternity
Book 3 - Reckoning

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Annie in Wonderland said...

Sounds like a good book - just out of curiosity, what dropped it a cup?

I like the design of your blog. Thanks for the Linky follow - I am now following back :).

Laurie said...

Hello Annie, Thanks for dropping by and for the follow.
Of course, ratings are subjuctive. At Coffee Time the ratings are: 5 Cups - Ultra Rare Extraordinary Read. Not many books will be rated a 5. It is a superior work!

4 Cups - Outstanding Great Read. It is not excellent, but it is certainly worth reading. You'll enjoy this book very much. This book should be at the top of your list.

For me, Eternity is a worthy successor to Fallen. The world-building continues to become more complex. It is a very engaging story that should appeal to fans of this paranormal sub-genre.