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Revolution Lovers by Jocelyn Modo - Interview, Excerpt |Sci-Fi Action Romance

His revolution will change her world.

As a soldier, Adie Perrin sacrificed everything to keep her adopted planet free from invading forces. But she failed her mission. The planet is now occupied by the bane of the galaxy—the Petulo race. Crippled and alone, she believes her battle is finally over. Then the planet’s crown prince walks into her life demanding her fealty…and battering at the shields of her heart.
Prince Zin might seem little more than a puppet to the Petulo king who now rules his planet, but he refuses to stop fighting. Nor will he marry a Petulo princess as ordered. Instead he secretly plans to marry a war hero, someone his people respect and love. Adie is the perfect choice, but convincing her to fight with him instead of against him may be the battle of his life. 

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Copyright © JOELYN MODO, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. 

Adie Perrin sat in a worn booth at the Hit or Miss Bar, downing her third bottle of cheap Cerberian alcohol, wanting nothing more than to go unnoticed.
Tonight she had a mission—drink until the green-gold alcohol consumed every vestige of pain. And unlike her previous assignment, her final mission of the interplanetary war, she’d complete this one. Hell, not even a legion of Petulo soldiers could stop her from getting drunk tonight.
After taking the last bitter swallow from her third bottle of alcohol, she palmed the last of her credits. She had enough for two more Cerberians, then she’d be finished. Finished drinking. Finished fighting. Finished living.
There was a sad sort of satisfaction in knowing that she had come to the end of it all. She felt ready, ready to let go and fall.
Adie dropped her chin, allowing her dark-red hair to hide her scarred face before waving down a worn-out waiter. The crammed-in crowd forced her to shout her order up to the tall man. How he heard her over the cacophony of drunkenness, she didn’t know. Maybe he read lips or minds. Either talent would work to the benefit of the staff at her favorite crap bar.

While waiting for the alcohol to arrive, thoughts of the last couple of years surfaced. Tonight she celebrated an anniversary of sorts. It had been two years to the day since control of her body and all its parts had belonged to her instead of the Petulo commander who had captured her at the end of the interplanetary war.

Memories surfaced. A laser blade burning through her skin. Precise, intricate designs branded on her belly, her back, her face. The sound of her own screams. The smell of burning flesh...
She gagged, her eyes and nose watering. Her stomach cramping.

She’d endured the torture for nothing. Her unit—her family—had died before she had even regained consciousness, making the secrets she fought so hard to keep worthless. She had lost everything.
Adie forced the memories away with another swallow of alcohol.

The waiter plunked the fresh bottles on the table, jerking her back to the present.
On the house.” He gave her a toothy smile, a low bow. “It’s an honor to serve you, Soldier Perrin.”

Damn. Just her luck, he’d recognized her.

She slid the last of her credits to the edge of the table and glared. He had to be new to try that shit with her. Thankfully she had a glare as deadly as any of her former weapons. Grinding her teeth, she rolled her eyes up to meet his gaze and let her stank-eye do the talking.

With a shaky hand, he snatched up the slick, circular credits and hurried away.

She grabbed the frosted bottle closest to her and added a handful of pain-deflectors to her suicide cocktail. She’d already inhaled a baggie of her favorite street drug, Nevermind, before limping down the block to visit Hit or Miss for the last time.

The pain-deflectors melted in the Cerberian, changing the color to murky brown. She plugged her nose and guzzled. Yeah, she was something special, wasn’t she? A real role model. She snorted her disgust with herself and everybody else.

Gods, when would everyone stop seeing her as a war hero? When would they realize she was nothing more than a fool who didn’t know when to let go?

Well, she planned to let go tonight. Tipping the bottle up to her lips, Adie shuttered her eyes and let the liquid fire burn through the broken house of her soul.


Tell us about a favorite character from a book.
With each new story, I fall in love all over again, but I think the character who has stayed in my heart since the earliest stages of conception is Adie from Revolution Lovers. She has so many demons, is horribly damaged, a lost soul, yet she’s courageous, and vulnerable, and caring…when she’s not lashing out and driving everyone crazy. While writing her story, she surprised me again and again, and as a writer, there is nothing better (or more frightening) than having your characters take control. When it came to writing scenes where truly awful things happened to her, I had a difficult time following through, especially towards the end when I’d grown close to her. I wanted to save her…but in the end I knew that if she was to survive, she had to save herself.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
I think for me the place that has the biggest appeal, is Egypt. So many of the books I have read take place in or at the very least allude to Egypt. I have wanted to visit since I was in high school and began reading Ann Rice’s vampire series. Of course, that was when my love affair with vampires began as well. Ann Rice changed my life. Literally. How many authors can you say that about? I can count them on one hand: Ann Rice. Rainer Maria Rilke. Emily Dickenson. J.D. Salinger. Edgar Allan Poe. This is the first time I’ve put a ‘most influential authors’ list together and looking at these names, I can definitely see a theme. Hmmm. No wonder my mom was worried!

Tell us about your current release.
This latest release, the one I’m promoting here, is Revolution Lovers a science fiction romance that I began writing years ago. Since then it has gone through many revisions, been submitted to many agents and publishers, and at last found its home at Ellora’s Cave’s mainstream romance line, Blush.  

Tell us about your next release.
My next release is Intimate Enemy, an erotic romance science fiction story with a heroine, Azure, who is naive but gutsy, running away from home to find the leader of an underground movement to ask for his help in rescuing her cousin. What Azure finds instead is her intimate, Lone—the one male in the galaxy meant to be with her—a dual-blood male who wants less to do with her than she wants to do with him.

What book are you reading now?
I just finished reading Hearts and Swords, a collection of short fantasy stories by Robin D. Owens and am now reading In Her Sights, an action-packed, rollercoaster-of-a-ride romance, by Robin Perini…huh, looks like I’m all about Robin right now, which makes me think of the bird. So colorful with its red breast and blue eggs, robins are a symbol of spring, something I’ve been longing for. I’m sick of the cold and the dark. Sick of it!
What would you consider to be the best book you have ever read?
I’m going to interpret ‘best’ as most life altering because, really, that’s what the written word (or art in general) is all about, right? My answer has to be Franny and Zooey by Salinger. Ugh, I know, I fall into the Salinger cliché, but clichés become so for a reason, and I remember reading Franny and Zooey in high school, totally absorbed by the story, the characters, the prose. During the last few pages, my heart pounded, I was crying, I felt like I was Franny, suddenly and at last, understanding…everything on a different level than ever before.

Who should play you in a film of your life?
Cathy Bates. I love Cathy Bates. I’m obsessed with Cathy Bates. I want to be her when I grow up. But since she has more than a few years on me, I guess I should pick someone in my generation…Jennifer Aniston. She seems like such a cool chic, someone I could be friends with, hang out with, laugh about this crap shoot life we’re all living. That she’s talented and beautiful could go without saying but I’m saying it. Do I sound like a stalker? I think I sound a little stalker-ish so I’ll stop myself and jump to the next question.
What are the most important attributes for remaining sane as a writer?
Remaining sane? Wow, um, I’m confused by this question. One of the reasons I became a writer was to channel my insanity into my writing, giving me an acceptable excuse for all of my idiosyncrasies, like talking to myself, living in a dream world, obsessing, being a total drama queen, exaggerating the good, the bad, and the ugly…basically being a total nut job. If you peeps care about sanity, choose a different profession and let us crazies have the label ‘writer’ as our excuse for running amuck.
Tell us about your favorite restaurant.
Sushi Gin. Mmm, raw fish! I can eat my weight in sushi, would do so every single day of my life if I could afford the habit. Salmon and tuna rolls with avocado are my faves. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sushi Gin is a little hole in the wall place that has half price rolls during the lunch hour and is only six minutes from my house. I could never live some place where there wasn’t a sushi bar close by. If I ever end up lost at sea and end up on a desert island there better be lost of fish to catch because I can’t love without my sushi!
Do you have a Website or Blog?
Yes! My amazing website and my fabulous blog.
Jocelyn Modo grew up infatuated with science fiction and fantasy, reading everything she could get her hands on. Later, when she discovered paranormal romance, it only seemed natural to combine the genres and she began writing paranormal romance and paranormal erotica, inlcuding shape shifter fatasy and science fiction romance and erotica. She lives on the planet Earth, but travels frequently to other worlds, always remembering to bring her laptop with her.

Jocelyn has two wondering parents, two wonderful sisters, an amazing, intelligent nephew, and a baby niece with the biggest blue eyes. She loves to read, write, garden, and enjoy the company of her brilliant friends.

She loves to hear from readers, who can e-mail her at 
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