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Complete Tales of da Yoopernatural by PD Allen - Guest Post | Dark Fantasy/Horror

 Product Description
Tales of da Yoopernatural harkens back to the tradition of spooky stories told around the campfire late at night, combining the feel of the oral tradition with modern sensibilities. In these tales the author has created a world of myth and legend, a world which looks a lot like the one we inhabit but is just a bit skewed with the occasional portal to other dimensions, appearance of mythical creatures, spirits, ghosts and more. The stories range from the prosaically dreamlike to the disturbing, without a lot of graphic bloodshed or gratuitous violence.

Stories Inside
Blood Moon
Connie Hillman follows her former lover into madness. In the ancient Huron Mountains, she encounters ghosts, cannibalistic Weendigo, and a mysterious giant while trying to rescue the man she cannot stop caring about, Phil Waverly, an anthropologist lost in his obsession to prove his own demented theories.

The Buck of Mulligan Plains
Henry Kincaid enters into a mythic hunt that will bring him face to face with the Lord of the Wilderness. Meanwhile, his lover, Lilith Gordon, fears that she will lose him forever.

The Secret Life of Trees
The northern woodlands are home to many strange sights. Some say the ghosts of fallen forests haunt the region, while others say it is the ghosts of the lumberjacks who felled the ancient trees. A few speak of enchantments even more mysterious than ghosts, marvels of the fallen wilderness that linger, haunting woodlands and claiming the lives of solitary hunters or backpackers. Carl Landau will soon discover the truth behind these local legends.

The Giant Killer
Five-year-old Rene DeClaire embarks on an adventure with fairies and a giant-killing dwarf.

Afraid of the Dark

Drawn on by a contrasting mixture of attraction and repulsion, will Andrew Erickson uncover what secrets lie hidden in the absolute darkness of the haunted Laughing Eagle Mine before they cost him his life, and that of his friends? Join him on his harrowing descent into a nightmare world carved out of the ancient basalt of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

On Ice

An enchanted, ancient sturgeon seeks to communicate with Bruce Torvalds, bridging the gap between man and nature. But is it already too late for Bruce to escape his social preconditioning? This tale demonstrates that the greatest struggle is not between man and nature, but between man and his own mindset.

A Killer’s Pride

Out of a misguided sense of loyalty, young Ojibwa Indian Stephen DeClaire ignores a call to follow the Red Path. He joins the army along with his friend Skip Neunan and is shipped to Iraq just in time to take part in the razing of Fallujah. Stephen finds himself the focus of a struggle between the Buffalo Maiden and the Beast of Babylon. In the fight for his soul, he learns powerful lessons about imperialism, the nature of war and civilization. Will he survive the invasion with his soul and mind intact, or will he follow his friend into the darkness?

Say EEEK to da UP, eh.  

How the Title was Derived

The stories are set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP). This is a remote region, topographically and ethnically isolated. In some ways this region parallels Appalachia. The population is mostly Finnish, French & Indian, German and Scottish.

They have developed a regional dialect that can be downright difficult for foreigners to make sense of. (Think of the movie Fargo, and then accentuate the dialect.) One little trait of their dialect is transforming soft th sounds to d... da for the, dose for those. They also tend to end sentences with 'eh.' As in "Dose are some nice mudders yer wearin, eh."

The region has long winters, miles of wilderness, some of the most ancient geological formations in North America (nay, in the world) and over 100 waterfalls.

People who live in the UP call themselves Yoopers. They refer to those who live in the lower peninsula as trolls because they live under the bridge. (The Mackinac Bridge, over 5 miles long, spans the straits of Mackinac. It is the longest suspension bridge in the US.) Hence, the title of this book: Tales of da Yoopernatural.

The tag I've been using is a play on a well known Yooper bumper sticker, which is itself a play on a Michigan bumper sticker.

Michigan sticker: Say yes to Michigan!
Yooper sticker: Say yeah to da UP, eh.
Tales of da Yoopernatural tag: Say EEEK to da UP, eh.


PD Allen is a novelist, a poet, a musician and a geologist. He is a writer of high (or true) imagination, metaphysical fiction, alchemy and new thought. He is also a student of enlightenment, inching his way along the path as it is revealed to him. Currently, he divides his time between Michigan and southern Indiana, living with his lovely wife, Elizabeth.


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