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Call of the Jaguar and Shaken by Pam Beason | Two Character Interviews | Featured Author

From Daphne du Maurier Award-Winning Author Pamela Beason comes a tale of escaping from a mundane urban life to exotic adventure, romance, and danger among the Mayan ruins of Guatemala.

Great adventure read...
...very compelling story...
Excellent read...
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When Rachel McCarthy finds herself alone on her birthday, it seems like a brilliant idea to ditch her cheating husband and go in search of a glamorous former lover working in the jungle. But her plane is shot down, bullets are flying, and—barring a miracle—it looks like she may not survive her quest to find true love.

Pamela Beason's writing has been featured as Recommended Reading by Suspense Magazine.

A romantic adventure novella  

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ELISA’S IN TROUBLE…Elisa Langston is the obvious choice to take over the Langston Green plant nursery after her father's sudden death. Her beautiful blond stepsister Charlie and stepmother Gail manage the family’s flower shops, while Elisa feels more at home driving a backhoe.

But after Elisa takes charge, Langston Green is hit by a wave of disasters: vandalism, arson, an earthquake. Money is stolen and the main building is burned to the ground. As the business hurtles towards failure, Elisa feels more desperate with each passing day. Can things get any worse?

AND JAKE'S OUT TO NAIL HER…Jake Street remembers fiery Elisa from high school, where he secretly lusted after her. He’s glad she doesn't recall the little geek he was then. Now he's a muscular ex-detective turned insurance investigator, determined to do a good job on this last case before he enters the FBI. Repeated damage claims from Langston Green point toward insurance fraud and the evidence is quickly stacking up against Elisa.

Elisa's exotic Latina charms may still be alluring, but if she's a criminal, she certainly won’t get any special treatment; Jake will make sure she ends up in handcuffs.

Find out Elisa’s fate in this contemporary romantic suspense by Pamela Beason, winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award for excellence in Mystery/Suspense.

Amazon Prime members can borrow and read this book for FREE through Mid-March.
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Hi, Pamela Beason here. I'm the author of multiple books and a private investigator, and while I'm pretty brave outdoors as a hiker, snowshoer, kayaker, and scuba diver, at heart I am the classic introverted writer. So, rather than answer a bunch of questions about me, I'm going to remain incognito and interview the main characters from my romances, CALL OF THE JAGUAR and SHAKEN.

First up is Rachel McCarthy, from CALL OF THE JAGUAR, my romantic adventure novella.

Author - Hi, Rachel. I heard you had a little mid-life crisis?

Rachel McCarthy – Little? Jeez, I almost died. Several times.

Author - Well, you did fly into a war zone in the Guatemalan jungle. Intentionally, I understand.

Rachel McCarthy – Haven’t you ever made a reckless decision on a whim? I didn't know the situation was that bad, really. I worked down there decades ago in the Peace Corps; someone's always fighting in that area.

Author – Why would any sane woman leave the cushy life you had to run off to the jungle?

Rachel McCarthy – I had a lot of material comforts, that's true. But when I stopped and looked at it, my life was pretty meaningless. And my ratfink husband had been cheating on me for years.

Author – So you went looking for the other man; your former lover that you didn't marry.

Rachel McCarthy – Patrick Kerby. A renowned archaeologist.

Author – How did that work out?

Rachel McCarthy – Except for the plane crashes, imprisonment, more ratfinks, and bullets flying everywhere, I'd say it worked out great—I ended up with the love of my life.

Author – Wasn't there a skunk in there, too?

Rachel McCarthy – Why does everyone bring that up? One embarrassing moment… You've been talking to Alex, haven't you?

Author – Who is Alex? Where does he figure into all this?

Rachel McCarthy – I'm not spilling all my secrets here. My midlife crisis is an open book, but you'll have to read it to find out: CALL OF THE JAGUAR, by Pamela Beason. Right now, I've got to hop a plane back to Africa.

Author - Africa? I thought you were in Guatemala.

Rachel McCarthy – Read the book! You'll see.

Well, obviously, Rachel's a hard woman to catch. Let's move on to Elisa Langston, the protagonist of SHAKEN, my romantic suspense novel.

Author – Elisa, you manage Langston Green, a big plant nursery. That seems an unusual profession for a little gal like you.

Elisa Langston – Why does everyone think that small means delicate? I'm half Mayan; have you ever heard of the Mayan empire?

Author – Sorry; I didn't mean to insult you; you may have noticed that I'm rather petite myself.

Elisa Langston – Yes, I see that. I'm kind of sensitive, I guess, because my father was tall and fair, and so are my stepmother and stepsister. And when my dad left the nursery to me, everyone questioned whether I was capable to run it.

Author – I heard it was touch and go for awhile there.

Elisa Langston – But that wasn't my fault! The Gremlin was out to get me. And then there was a major earthquake, too. How many new business owners have to cope with all that?

Author – The Gremlin? An earthquake?

Elisa Langston – Vandalism. Arson. You name it. I was accused of insurance fraud, too. There was even an exploding toilet!

Author – Wait—I thought this was a romance!

Elisa Langston – Oh, there was plenty of romance during the whole saga. After the earthquake, my stepsister Charlie and stepmom Gail ended up with a couple of hunky firemen, while I ended up with a broken leg and a whole lot of grief. But then I got Jake. I've heard people say that what we have is not exactly normal romance. It’s true that I nearly killed Jake with a backhoe; but that was after he whacked me with a bareroot tree. And you have no idea how sexy mud-wrestling can be.

Author – Mud-wrestling?

Elisa Langston – It's way too complicated to explain here. Just read the book: SHAKEN by Pamela Beason. Say, you know, you look a lot like her.

Author – There's a reason for that, but like you say, it's too complicated to get into here.

Elisa Langston – You are Pamela Beason, aren't you? Hey, Charlie and Gail each want their own sequels; they have stories to tell, too. And my cousin Timo. And Jake's got some great ideas for plots, with all the FBI experience he's getting these days. What do you say? Get out your pen.

Author – I'm finishing my third mystery for my Summer Westin series. Then I'll think about it, Elisa. Seriously.

Elisa Langston – Good. Remember, I drive a backhoe. And Jake has a gun and handcuffs. And we know where to find you.

(P.S. to readers—You can find more information about me and all my books at You can find CALL OF THE JAGUAR and SHAKEN in ebook form wherever ebooks are sold. SHAKEN is also out in print form on Amazon.)

Laurie here -  I just want to thank Pam, Rachel and Elisa for spendig some time here on my blog.  I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to reading both books.

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Pamela Beason lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes novels and screenplays and works as a private investigator. When she's not on the job, she explores the natural world on foot, in cross-country skis, in her kayak, or underwater scuba diving.

Beason is the author of four full-length fiction works; The Only Witness, Shaken, Call of the Jaguar, and Endangered, as well as the non-fiction title, SAVE Your Money, Your Sanity, and Our Planet.

Pamela's writing tackles difficult themes while maintaining a satisfying and enjoyable story, and has earned her multiple prizes, including the Daphne du Maurier Award.

As an avid outdoorswoman and animal lover, Beason challenges the human assumption that we are the superior species. Engaging and touching, each of Beason's titles takes readers on an adventure while reminding us that drifting through life is not enough; you have to live it.

Pamela blogs and tweets about writing, outdoor adventures, and the value of being present in the moment. She looks forward to connecting with readers on her Twitter, Goodreads Page or Blog.

Visit Pam's blog - see some amazing underwater photos and so much more!

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