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Teed Up For Love by Barbara Weitz - Character Interview: Pump Up Your Book Tour Stop

Using her quick wit and take-charge attitude, Miranda Stiltgaard takes a marketing job for Stuart Golf Enterprises in Chicago determined to prove a well-educated girl raised in a small Alaskan town can succeed in a big city.

Embezzlement of company funds sends aloof London bachelor, Keegan Stuart, roaring into Chicago to ferret out a thief and protect the family business.

Miranda hates that this unreadable Brit sees her as a backwoods frontierswoman dragging bear home for dinner. Or that she’s capable of a crime. But if it’s a fight he wants, she’ll show him how it’s done. Never does Keegan expect a woman of fortitude to rock his resolve and steal his heart…a heart he does not intend to lose.

Today I am so excited to have Barb and Keegan here.  Welcome to my stop on the Pump Up Your Book Tour with Barbara Weitz.  Also, Tomorrow I will be posting my review of Teed Up For Love.


Keegan, the hero in "Teed Up for Love" is here with me today and together we want to thank Laurie for hosting us. Although Keegan is a very private person, he has agreed to let me ask him a few questions. That and the fact Miranda, the heroine, is off to Alaska this week visiting relatives.

BARB: So Keegan, tell me...how do you feel about Miranda's comparing you to an 18th century rake? (Oh, this is fun. Keegan has just leveled me with a glare that can only be described as British disdain. I think I'll goad him.) You know...one of those roughish 18th century rascals who likes to make a woman squirm...
KEEGAN: I know what a rake is. I'm bloody British. We invented them. Next question.

BARB: Seems I've hit a sore spot.
KEEGAN: Do you have questions or are you going to mamby pamby around, trying to make me out to be something I'm not.

BARB: Really. Then how do you explain your need to accuse Miranda of a crime before you had the facts.
KEEGAN: Beautiful or not, she had a chip on her shoulder when we first met. It made me suspicious.

BARB: What in the world are you looking for?
KEEGAN: Tea. Surely, Laurie provided us a pot of steaming tea?

BARB: No. This is a virtual interview. Imagine the tea. Back to business. Did it ever occur to you that you might have easily brushed that chip off Miranda's shoulder had you not annoyed her from the get go? On purpose, I might add. That sounds rakish to me.
KEEGAN: ...BLEEP...she belted me with my own umbrella.

BARB: Yes, that was a great scene. I was also proud of her for making you jealous over Corbett's attentions.
KEEGAN: I most certainly was not jealous. Corbett was out of line. Period.

BARB: Sigh! I can see this was a mistake thinking interviewing you would be fun.
KEEGAN: Whatever do you mean?

BARB: I mean, we're getting nowhere.
KEEGAN: Then I suggest you ask something clever before I grab the interview away from you.

BARB: Ha ha! Come, Keegan. Laurie's readers don't want to listen to us quibble.
KEEGAN: Quibble? You're wasting my time...

BARB: Hey buster, you can't fool me. I know you appear all unapproachable and sophisticated on the outside but here's what I think. You're just a big old marshmallow on the inside and Miranda sees right through you. What do you say to that?
KEEGAN: Poppycock. Interview over.

BARB: Sit down. You know I'm playing with you.
KEEGAN: Next time you interview me, be better prepared with relevant questions.

BARB: Hey, where you going? We have an interview here...

Uh, sorry folks. Keegan comes from high breeding and can usually pull off an interview no matter how irritating the questions. I've seen him grin and bear it more than once, but when you dig into his personal life he gets ouchy. Unfortunately, he figured out I was trying to prove him the rake he refuses to acknowledge. In retrospect, I should have let Miranda interview him. It's quite interesting to see how she can turn him to putty...uh, that is after she broke through his ironclad veneer. I guess that raw lust attraction thing is real.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed meeting Keegan. He really is a hot, handsome hero able to worm his way into your heart. Ah, I think a cup of hot tea would hit the spot. Luckily, I live in the real world.

Thanks so much for being here today Barb and Keegan. The interview was so much fun! Next time I'll be sure to have some REAL tea for you, Keegan.  :-)


BARBARA WEITZ lives in a quiet suburb of Chicago with her husband and a mischievous German shepherd, Heiko, thankful her three grown sons are off making mayhem elsewhere.

A career executive secretary most of her life, she’s also held a variety of mundane and unusual employment opportunities, during her sons growing years. This, coupled with a passion for animals, music and poetry, has helped shape the fictional characters she creates. To learn more about Barbara, visit her website.

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Debra St. John said...

Hello Laurie, Barb, and Keegan,

Great interview...loved how snarky Keegan got! (That's a unique name, Barb, how did you come up with it?)

Congrats again on your release!


rhea said...

Hi Keegan, Barb, and Laurie.

Fun interview. Made me laugh.

Barbara Weitz said...

Thanks for stopping by Deb. My computer has been off line for 24 hours (what timing, eh!), so I'm tardy in getting out a reply. I'm not sure where names for heros and heroines come from other than when a name fits I see the character in 3-D color. I've always been interested in names and since Keegan is half Scottish, it seemed to fit.

Barbara Weitz said...

Hi Rhea...so glad Keegan gave you a chuckle, at my expense I might add. He's such a rascal when you can get him to drop his guard. I do believe I'll miss him. Thank you for stopping by to keep us all company.