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Shadows to Light by Regan Black - Character Interview & Giveaway

A supernatural healer, Mira escapes a trial of her peers only to be sent on an impossible mission: Rescue her scientist father from a madman using him to create bio-weapons. But she's no spy. On her own, with no real clues, she isn't sure where to turn.

Part of a covert task force searching for a missing government scientist, Jameson is tasked with staring at a laboratory building day in and day out. The boredom is overwhelming until Mira, a woman he cannot forget, shows up in a place she should never be.

Forced together by circumstance, Mira and Jameson enter an adventure that will push them to their limits - and quite possibly beyond.


This excerpt is Mira's escape from the formal inquiry which was about to find her guilty of all charges and strip her of her gift for healing:

Mira stared after her mother for only a moment, then forced herself to act. If the Five had already decided her fate, it was likely they wouldn't deliberate much longer. Only long enough to make it look good.
Caught up in the bizarre moment, Mira couldn't rely on how much time she thought had passed. She knew the shock of events distorted perception. Almost like going blindly into a coma patient.
Digging into the paper bag, she found a small box atop a janitor's uniform, including the headscarf and protective mask. The order of healers she'd been born to was nothing if not germ phobic.
She changed quickly, between worried glances toward the door. A closer look at the box revealed a pair of colored contact lenses and a key. With the lenses in place, she pocketed the box and key. Stuffing her inquiry scrubs into the bag, she buried the bag under the other trash bin in the closet. She snapped on the protective gloves to complete the uniform and made her way to the service corridor.
She found it more challenging to keep from tugging at the head scarf than she did to continue at a sedate pace as she worked her way closer to freedom.
As she neared the first intersection, something flickered at the edge of her vision. Blinking only made it brighter until a green box hovered just in front of her. Automatically she reached for it, but her hand passed right through the odd image.
Two small dots, in red, jarred her from the confusion as Mira recognized the purpose of the device. She blinked and shifted her eyes, the display moved with her, lighting up a path that kept her away from the red dots.
If her mother was up to speed on technology, things were dire indeed. Mira didn't have the luxury of assessing who turned her world upside down or why. Right now she simply had to get away with her gift for healing in tact.
She'd groaned as much as the next novice during training, but she couldn't imagine life without her power, no matter the often overwhelming side effects.
The path illuminated on the display was pulsing now, and she picked up her pace. It wasn't audible, but somehow she felt the cadence and her body was drawn to match it. Entering the next stairwell as directed, she rushed down, past the ground floor and into the first sublevel.
The black bag her mother described was right there. She picked it up, fighting the urge to look inside.
According to her display, the area was free of red dots and she needed to exit the stairwell. Still, she hesitated.
The display pulsed twice and she watched her arm lift toward the door handle. If she survived, she'd definitely track down the biomedical engineer behind this little miracle.
Following the cues promptly now, she moved toward the exit with the determination of an employee in search of fresh air.
Just one last guard desk. And now, one small red light on the display. She bit back a curse, and tried to think utterly boring thoughts to calm her racing heart.
"Hold on a minute," the guard came around the counter. "Cuff." With a security wand in one hand, he motioned for her to raise her left wrist.
The display overrode her natural resistance. The wand beeped what she hoped was the correct sound. The guard didn't appear bothered or surprised by the readout. He set the wand on his counter and pulled a display from his pocket, turning it so she could see. "You seen this woman anywhere?"
She studied the image of herself, surprised no one had drawn in fangs and a mustache on her graduation picture. Of course, the Five didn't have a sense of humor. Mira managed not to cringe at the straight fall of black hair and happy expression in her blue eyes. So much had changed inside her since that day, but not much had changed on the outside.
"No, sir. She hasn't been anywhere on my route."
The guard picked up his wand, studied it and huffed a little. "Inquiry was even on your floor. Wonder how she got by 'em. And they call me incompetent." He waved her on. "Enjoy your break. Take a few extra minutes. I'll fix the log for ya."
She gave him a small smile, then remembered he couldn't really see it behind her mask. "Thanks."
The small display at the edge of her vision changed color when she stepped outside so she could see it in the bright afternoon sunlight. She couldn't believe it. Her hearing had started early, but her body felt like it had been standing for days rather than a few hours. Medically, she understood the phenomenon. There wasn't much she didn't understand in the human body, but that didn't make feeling it any easier.
She paused at the picnic area with its shaded tables and ruthlessly groomed privet hedge. It seemed not even a leaf was allowed to grow out of place in her order's headquarters.
No wonder she wasn't welcome. She'd grown well beyond anyone's expectations or knowledge. A dark sedan pulled up at the wrought iron gate and the rear door swung open.
Trap or salvation?
Her display beeped, though she was sure she only heard it in her head. No red dots in front of her. But two red dots in the building were gaining on her position. She waved the cuff over the gate lock and strolled through as if every janitor got a ride home from work in a private car. Sliding into the darkness of the back seat, she felt butter-soft leather under her palms just before the unmistakable hiss of a hypospray met her neck and her world went dark.


Character Interview: Mira Luther, heroine of Shadows to Light

If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

I feel like I owe my dad an apology, because I just assumed he was too selfishly consumed with his work to be a real part of our family. I didn't take the time to listen to the greater message he was trying to teach me when we were together and I later I didn't try to look at things from his side to understand that he was actually protecting my mom and me.

What would we find under your bed?

Not much at the moment. I'm just getting used to the idea of having a real, permanent place of my own. The black bag my mom gave me is there right now. I'm just not ready to part with it and there isn't another good place for it. Of course the box with the special contacts my dad designed is hidden under the bed frame. Shhh, don't tell Jameson. ;) I told him he had to get his own set of lenses - if he can sweet talk them out of my dad.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant.

I love Leanore's in the Financial District for multiple reasons, not just the great service and fabulous, full-caff coffee. (that's something we don't talk about in government circles, by the way.) Sure, I have a new friend in Leanore herself and the staff is cool. The atmosphere is great! It's really laid back, but the food is five-star all the way. Have you heard about the lobster ravioli? To die for, seriously!

What one word best describes you?

Determined. Or amazing. Of course, I wouldn't call myself amazing, that's just what others think these days because I'm so different. Determined is how I see myself, though.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I was a total wallflower all through my school years. I got good at blending into the woodwork and connecting with the shy types. Staying on the fringes and observing others helped me learn to read body language. I think that helped me develop my skills as a healer too - understanding what people weren't saying aloud was almost more important than what they did talk about.

Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?

It's such a novel experience to have real friends now. I love it! We're all still getting to know each other, but I'd bet they think I'm an introvert because I'm so slow to trust and open up to people. Years of living under the radar will do that, y'know? But they understand and it's fantastic to discover I can trust all of them with my secrets.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

I spend time with Jameson! We watch movies together and share a big bowl of popcorn. It's a good thing I like action films as much as he does, but he hangs in there when I choose a chick flick. We've discovered we both like to read mystery and thriller novels and we get into some heated debates trying to solve the crimes before the book does.

Thanks so much for having me here, Laurie!

Mira, thank you for taking time out today to talk with me.  It's been great finding out a little more about your background.  



Regan Black is fiercely committed to guiding paranormal romance readers through action packed stories to the best happily ever after endings so you can savor a fantastic escape from the daily grind.  If you are looking for a proven author who can deliver a fast-paced, exciting novel for your essential escape, you’ve come to the right place. With 41 years of experience telling tales to amuse friends and family, my mission is to deliver stories from the heart, full of unforgettable, passionate characters who know what they want and are willing to risk it all to reach the goal.

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