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Honey Chaser by Zori Simone - Interview, Giveaway, Excerpt: Featured Author

He’s a tantalizing Italian she can’t resist...

With the threat of a murderer ringing in her ears, Sheila Washington (The Trustafarian), travels from city to city avoiding attachments and familiarity. She isn’t looking for a passionate affair when her car fails in Albuquerque. But she meets multi-lingual Darren Abruzzo and discovers his talent with his tongue isn’t limited to romance languages.

She’s a puzzle he wants to seduce...

When Darren meets the green-eyed beauty wearing a threadbare dress and an air of mystique like a crown, she incites not only his curiosity but an insatiable hunger. As he affectionately calls her Honey, Darren chases Sheila, seeking more than a summer fling. His demands for more of a commitment challenge her with the question: will she remain a prisoner of fear or will she be freed by love?


“I can’t promise you anything, Darren.” She winced at how that sounded like the guy’s line.
He traced the pattern of moonlight bisecting her upturned face. “Do you feel safe with me, honey?”

Sheila nodded. “You make me feel… a lot of things.” Her heart fluttered at the love shining in his eyes. She wanted her desire for him to be greater than her fears. Right now it was. Sinking to her knees, she tugged him down with her.

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Let’s start with the title. What is a Trustafarian and how did you come up with it?

A Trustafarian is a slang term for a trust fund brat. I keep a notebook in my purse to record ideas, quotes, and things I’ve heard or read. Trustafarian was scribbled in there. It’s such a cool word, I wanted to use it in the title but I didn’t want the heroine to be defined by that term. Sheila, (Darren affectionately calls her Honey) isn’t what you’d expect from someone who lives off an inheritance.

Give us your Tweet length description of the book.

TWEET LENGTH: Haunted beauty meets dazzling Italian on x-country trip. Will Sheila be freed by Darren's love or remain imprisoned by a murderous threat?

Which scene did you enjoy writing the most?

Probably the end. Some authors write the last scene when they begin a new project. Throughout the drafting process, I knew what I wanted to unfold, I wasn’t sure how. When inspiration finally hit, it was very satisfying to write the end.

Does that mean you get writer’s block? What inspires you or helps you move through it?

When I get stuck, it usually means I need a break from writing. I’m also addicted to fabric so if I have a chunk of time, I’ll work on a sewing project. If I only have a little time, I go for a walk or get on the stationary bike. Music helps too. I love, love, love music and it shows up in The Trustafarian, too.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your book?

The characters sometimes take over a scene and it unfolds in a completely differently way from how I’d intended! It can either be exciting or frustrating to write an entire chapter only to scrap it later.

It’s said writers are either plotters or pantsers?

Is there an in between? I try to plot the climatic scenes but I don’t write in a linear fashion. Maybe it’s because I have two young children and or maybe that’s just the way the creative process unfolds for me. If I get an idea for a scene which should appear in the latter part of the book, I go with it. Sometimes, writing a “later” scene helps shape the beginning.

 What do you think makes a good story?

There are so many important elements to consider! I try to think of what appeals to me as a reader: I not only want to be drawn into the story right away, I also want a book that’s hard to put down. The characters must be believable, and the pacing quick.

What’s your favorite one liner in the book?

It’s kinda cheesy! Darren tells Sheila: “I’ll still be opening your doors and putting the toilet seat down a year from now.”

Where are your fans most likely to find you hanging out?

In a park, chasing my kids or reading my Kindle.

What’s next from Zori Simone?

Earlier, when I mentioned how characters sometimes take over the scenes, I was specifically thinking of Peach and Angel. They’re in supportive roles in The Trustafarian but they’ll be the co-stars of book 2 in the Honey Chaser series, The Shadowboxer. I also have a paranormal romance in the works. Visit my website for updates about those projects!


Formerly a desperate military housewife, Zori Simone turned to romance novels to cope with 3 cross-country moves in 3 years. Now she writes to entertain fellow military spouses and women worldwide. Her romantic escapes are sizzling with sensuality. She’s not a trustafarian yet but her father-in-law promises she’ll be rich when he hits the lottery!



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