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Entrapped by Barbara Kyle - Interview & Review : Nurture Tour Stop

Author: Barbara Kyle
Genre: Fiction – Thriller/Suspense
Published by: Barbara Kyle (June 15, 2011)
Age Recommendation: 18+ For Mild Sexuality
Format: eBook
Number of pages: N/A

Entrapped by Barbara Kyle

Set in Alberta, Canada, Entrapped is the story of Liv Gardner, an ambitious young oil executive intent on stopping farmer Tom Wainwright who is sabotaging her rigs after a spill of lethal “sour” gas poisoned his wife. Desperate to save the company she built, Liv plants evidence to frame Tom. But when the evidence is used to indict him for a murder he didn’t commit, only Liv can save him.

My Review
5 Stars

What an all-engrossing read! This fast-paced story leaves me feeling quite divided. Beautifully and tightly structured, the novel flowed brilliantly to its near fairy tale finale.  While my interest was wholly engaged throughout, the behavior of the characters in the first half of the book made me feel disgust.  As the book starts, Liv Gardner, an executive for Falcon Oil is spying in an effort to catch a saboteur.  The company is at the brink of bankruptcy; personally, Liv is almost broke. Liv also has deep concerns about her mentally challenged younger sister.  She can no longer afford the private institution and must care for Chris, along with her numerous other responsibilities – not always an easy task, even though Chris is one of the few main characters I genuinely liked until much later in the book.  Bottom line, I was mightily disturbed by events, actions and conversations during the first half of the book.  The author lets the reader see both sides of the nasty controversy.  I personally strongly dislike, lies, subterfuge, and the general sense of unrestrained, out-right wrongness.  I hate having my belief in the idea of a quintessential right and wrong shattered – yet this book managed to do that. 

Tom is a man fighting back against injustice.  He’s an intelligent man fighting against overwhelming odds.  Falcon oil provides good-paying jobs for the community. A small tight-knit group who is overwhelmingly thankful for the jobs and prosperity they enjoy.

Falcon Oil must stop the terrorist who is waging such a war on them.  Time is rapidly running out, and short-cuts will be taken to get production back on schedule and reassure antsy investors.  Events spiral out of control – Terrorist or victim? The answer becomes more and more muddied until hatred and chance coincide resulting in a final, devastating act on a rainy night.

The latter part of the book deals with the aftermath. Lies are uncovered; the whole ugly mess is finally exposed.  I relished the unfolding events, my mind happy that truth, integrity, and honesty can finally be used to scour off the black crud of deceit that clung to Liv and tarnished so many others, as well. I reveled in the reclamation of sanity and the inexorable challenges of righting grievous wrongs.

This book stirred my emotions, ultimately forcing me to question myself while pondering some serious ecological issues.  What is the price we must pay for prosperity?  What is my price? This fictionalized account of an actual true story is a thrilling journey that both entertains and educates. Outstanding!

Reviewed by Laurie-J

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Tell us about your current release.

Entrapped is a book that I loved writing. It’s based on a true story of a man whose land was surrounded by oil companies’ rigs and gas flares, and whose livestock were sickening and dying from the poisoned air and water. His complaints were ignored, so he took matters into his own hands and sabotaged the rigs. Using this crucible, I created the novel Entrapped. It’s set in Alberta, Canada, and is the story of Liv Gardner, an ambitious young oil executive intent on stopping farmer Tom Wainwright who is sabotaging her rigs after a spill of lethal “sour” gas poisoned his wife. Desperate to save the company she built, Liv plants evidence to frame Tom. But when the evidence is used to indict him for a murder he didn't commit, only Liv can save him.

Tell us about your next release.

I’ve just released The Experiment as an e-book. It’s about stunt-woman Alana Marks, who is fearless in her work but is haunted with super-human knowledge of a past she could not possibly know. When she learns that she’s the result of a Nazi genetic experiment that enabled a mother's knowledge to be transferred to her offspring, she also learns that she's the target of the gene's creator, Dr Viktor Schiller. Schiller is on a mission to exterminate his new Eve before she can foster a master race that will turn human evolution onto a brutal new course. Here’s the link to the page for The Experiment:
Also, my publisher, Kensington Books in New York, has signed me to write three more books to follow the first four in my “Thornleigh” series of historical novels set in Tudor England, so I’m now at work on Book #5. The series follow a rising middle-class family, the Thornleighs, through three Tudor reigns: Henry VIII, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. My Thornleigh characters live through some of the most harrowing years of English history. Readers can find info about my “Thornleigh” books on my website:

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I thrive on routine in my writing life. I write from about 8:00 in the morning to about 4:00 in the afternoon. The morning I devote to “fixing” - revising - what I wrote the day before. The afternoon is for a creating the next “bit.” It’s a system that works well for me. At around 4:00 I knock off and take a long walk or, in the winter, go to the gym.
Where do you research for your books?

The research for Entrapped was fascinating. I spent time driving around northern Alberta, talking to farmers and ranchers and rig hands, getting a feel for their lives and problems, and a feel for the land. The Peace River area of northern Alberta is stunning, really breathtaking in its natural beauty. I also did a lot of reading about the oil and gas industry. I’m a stickler for getting facts right.

How do you describe your writing style?

What do you think makes a good story?

Characters thrown into situations of tremendous pressure, forcing them to make hard decisions. Readers respond to this empathetically. We ask ourselves, What would I do in that situation?

What books have most influenced your life?

As a writer I’ve been most enthralled by great sagas like James Clavell’s “Shogun,” Herman Wouk’s “The Winds of War,” Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind”, Larry McMurtrey’s “Lonesome Dove.”

What do you do to unwind and relax?

My husband and I are sailors, and we sail our Cal-46 ketch on beautiful Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.


Barbara Kyle is the author of the Tudor-era “Thornleigh” novels including The Queen’s Lady, The King’s Daughter, The Queen’s Captive, and The Queen’s Gamble, all published internationally. Barbara previously won acclaim for her contemporary thrillers under pen name ‘Stephen Kyle,’ including Beyond Recall (a Literary Guild Selection), After Shock and The Experiment. Over 400,000 copies of her books have been sold. Her latest thriller, under her own name, is Entrapped. Barbara is passionate about helping emerging writers. She has taught her “Writers Boot Camp” for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, and is known for her dynamic workshops for many writers organizations. She offers twice-yearly Master Classes that focus on work-shopping each participant’s novel-in-progress. Her popular series of videos “Writing Fiction That Sells” offers ten hours of tips, techniques, and inspiration, and is available online via her website. Before becoming an author Barbara enjoyed a twenty-year acting career in television, film, and stage productions in Canada and the U.S.

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List of works by Barbara Kyle:

BEYOND RECALL (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2000, Warner Books
THE EXPERIMENT (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2003, Warner Books
AFTER SHOCK (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2002, Warner Books
THE QUEEN’S LADY 2008, Kensington Books
THE KING’S DAUGHTER 2009, Kensington Books
THE QUEEN’S CAPTIVE 2010, Kensington Books
THE QUEEN’S GAMBLE 2011, Kensington Books

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