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Spectre of Intention by Tonya Macalino-Interview, Giveaway: Bewitching Tour Stop

Tonya Macalino lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with her husband and two children. She is an avid collector of folklore and folk history, far too many to fit comfortably within the pages of any given book. When not working on her latest novel, she runs a handcrafted lotion, cosmetics, and bath company. To read more of the little gems she unearthed during her research, please visit her blog at

For news and events, drop by her Facebook page at

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Spectre of Intention
By Tonya Macalino

“Secrets, Kaitlin. Secrets.”

Kaitlin Osgood has a stowaway.

Underneath the glossy shell of the Senior VP for Countermeasures International lurks the tattered remains of the girl she once was: street rat and thief, Ashley Porter. Every day, every decision is brittle with the fear of discovery.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the cruise ship acting as the platform for the latest space elevator, she should finally be safe…

…safe from the sexy, enigmatic eyes of Director of Port Security Camden Glaswell who seems to see through Kaitlin’s ruse.

…safe from the relentless, burning pursuit of master thief, Stephan Chen, the chief architect of Kaitlin’s former life of crime—the onetime lover who haunts her still.

But Kaitlin has another secret: her talent for security comes not from the latest technology, but from her ability to sense people’s emotions, to see the ghosts of their intentions.

It’s a talent she must learn to wield as a weapon before the mistakes of her past cost Kaitlin her life…
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Tell us about your current release.

SPECTRE OF INTENTION features Kaitlin Osgood, a character that was just a bunch of fun to write. Not only does she have to hide the fact that she’s one part empath, one part oracle, but she also has to mask identity issues that border on split personality. Kaitlin absolutely cannot reconcile with her criminal past and so she packs it around with her like a third party to every conversation.

In the book, she has come to a crossroads where she is being offered a dream life, but simultaneously fate demands that she take care of that unfinished business of her past before she can have the future she never dared dream of.

No shortage of conflict for that girl!

What was your first sale as an author?

My mother-in-law was the first person to buy my book! Can you believe that? That was the sweetest gesture ever. No lack of support and enthusiasm from the Macalino clan! I am truly a lucky daughter-in-law.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

You mean other than a writer? (My old room in my folks’ house is packed full of old “books” I wrote. When you start at age 4, they sort of pile up!) Well, I was also convinced I was going to be an inventor and work in a think tank at NASA. No one could fault the pig-tailed version of me for lacking in ambition! I built robots and simple computers out of cardboard and wrote up these intense formulas for how to solve those plastic number-sliding puzzles. I was brilliant—in my own mind!

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I know this will come as a complete shock, but I hung out with…the brainiacs. Yes, yes, scrape yourself off the floor. So, no, there wasn’t a lot of partying or other wild stories to bring into our old age, but we were so close and we keep in touch even after all these years. They are still the people I turn to when I need someone who really GETS me.

But beyond that little group, I went to a very small high school in southern Idaho, so it was hard not to know everybody despite the fact that it was a VERY cliquish environment. Which is really too bad, because after leaving that predator vs. prey environment, I’ve come to understand that the people I went through my coming-of-age story with were a really amazing group of people and I missed a lot of years that I could have been enjoying the benefits of their friendship.

But some stories are all about timing I suppose.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

Oh boy. Well, initially I suppose the real surprise was how close science fact had gotten to science fiction. I’d heard about space elevators as kind of this nebulous idea that theorists were playing with, but then I came across the Liftport Group and discovered that most of the technology was in place and that NASA had even funded research into the viability of the idea. The only key piece of technology that was still missing was the ability to grow carbon nanotubes into the necessary lengths.

But technologies aside, I think the ultimate surprise for me became the theme of the book: everything pioneering that has been done, everything amazing that human beings have accomplished seems to have required that the final step, the actual enactment of the event be done without the safety net of logic. Every single one of them seems to have required an utterly illogical leap of faith. And that, to me, is fascinating.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Oh, that is so easy! Venice! Venice! Venice! My seven book series, SHADES OF VENICE, is set there and the chance to actually go digging around for all those tiny little details would be absolutely incredible.

I have actually been there. For exactly four hours. I was on my way back from Athens to Vienna where I was living at the time and I had a layover. I met an Air Force doctor on the train and he invited me to join him exploring the city—promising to get me back in time for my connection. He had articles and maps printed out and highlighted—the man was pure efficiency! We zipped through that town a two hundred miles an hour and I even had time to get souvenirs for my parents!

It was a ride I’ll never forget, but someday… I guess until then Google Earth will have to do!

Tell us about your next release.

Well, what a lovely segue. My next book, due out by Christmas of this year is titled FACES IN THE WATER and is book one of my SHADES OF VENICE series. The heroine of FACES is Alyse Kate Bryant, the female sensory immersion artist for Lone Pine Pictures, in other words, she is the person who creates the sensory tracks for holographic films. Already a reckless daredevil, the death of her father sends her spiraling out of control. That’s where the story opens.

The spiral quickly peaks and lands our heroine trapped in a quarantine camp in the flooded ruins of Venice. Abandoned by her friends who feel justifiably betrayed, Alyse is left to fight her way free on her own. But it can never be that simple. Because the Sleepers’ Syndrome carriers who populate the quarantine camp are no longer as human as they seem. The city of legend is bringing its legends back to life. Night falls on the city. Human eyes turn to black.

The hunt begins…

Do you have a Website or Blog?

Why yes, I do! My website is and it contains my blog, The Story of Place. If you want to learn more about the folklore and technology covered in my books (and folklore of random places I’ve visited) that’s a good stop for a little light reading. For news, events, and other random announcements, you can visit me on Facebook at

Please feel free to drop on by and leave me a message anytime! Thanks so much for letting me drop by!

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dawnmomoffour said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway. The book looks really good. Can't wait to read it!
-Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

Tonya Macalino said...

Thanks, Dawn! I hope you enjoy it! And thanks, Laurie, for hosting me!

Dotty Dot Dot said...

Thank you for commenting on my site. Your background, and the skeleton, look okay on my end. Maybe try adjusting your screen settings to see the whole skeleton? Thank you for using my backgrounds. Have a great day!

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Robin said...

This book and your Venice series look great!

Robin D

Tonya Macalino said...

Thanks so much, Robin! The 1st book in the Venice series is headed into its final phase of preproduction. Very exciting!

June M. said...

I have been reading more sci-fi/fantasy lately and your book sounds great. And I love the sound of your Venice book. Congrats on the releases.

Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing with us today and for the fun giveaway opportunity. Spectre of Intention looks like a very unique read and I would love to read it:) I think it is awesome your mother bought your first book - that's what moms are for.


Pabkins said...

Science fiction versus science fact really is a wondrous thing. What we don't know right?
Pabkins @ Mission to Read

Tonya Macalino said...

Thanks so much folks! I hope you find SPECTRE to be a fun combination of genres. Thanks too for taking the time to read my interview. Happy reading to all of you!

kayla said...

This is an incredible giveaway!