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Nightingale by Ashley Christman-Interview: Bewitching Tour Stop

Ashley M. Christman
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction Author

As a child, Ashley M. Christman spent many hours in imaginary worlds, exploring the depths of mythology and immersing herself in a breadth of classics. After spending so much time reading, she decided to try her hand at writing.

An avid fan of film noir, she combines fantasy, noir style heroes and heroines, and the paranormal in a modern day setting in such a way that hopefully would make even Bogie proud.

When not writing, she can be found in the wilds of Minnesota enjoying great cuisine, avoiding the gym, and being walked by the dog with her partner, Tom.

By Ashley M Chrsitman
Being Sidhe is hard, but a Sidhe without a heartbeat? 

Life is lucrative and easy for Dr. Grace Caldwell--daughter of vampire father and fey mother--until her ex-boyfriend, FBI agent Jack Montgomery, blackmails her into helping him solve a prostitute's murder. If only she wasn't as attracted to Jack as ever, she could concentrate on finding the murderer and get back to her regularly scheduled life. And then there's the vampire Constantine, seductive and powerful, a family friend she's supposed to marry... 

Not much of a vampire, and clueless about her fey powers--if she has any--Grace must journey to the Sidhe and enlist the help of the fey to unravel the riddle of the murder. She and Jack might just get killed, but then, two worlds depend on her success. If she fails, both her worlds and all of humanity will descend into chaos of epic proportions. 


Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

My favorite character from a book is Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles. He’s an anti-hero, but Anne Rice manages to make us love him even when he’s bad by making him human. 

Where do you dream of traveling to and why? 

I’ve always wanted to go to Rome so I can stand in the ruins of the coliseum and  actually feel history. 

Does travel play in the writing of your books? 

It inspires me. So yeah, it does. Places I’ve been and people I’ve seen seem to work their way in either via my characters or the actual locations themselves. 

Who is your favorite author? 

I have so many that it’s hard to say just one. 

What was your first sale as an author? 

My first sale was The Witching Hour to Lyrical Press. 

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I tend to write whenever and wherever. The biggest thing for me is the BIC (butt-in-chair) time, which I typically devote anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on how I feel. 

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I do. Sonya Clark, a fellow Lyrical Press author and friend of mine is my main crit partner. Her suggestions are usually right on the nose and she can usually guess what I see in my head and suggest great ways to put it on paper. 

How do you describe your writing style? 

My writing is heavily influenced by film noir, so the noir style kind of works its way in there. 

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?

Yes, I listen to everything from show tunes to Marilyn Manson. It just depends on the scene and the characters involved. 

Have you attended a high school reunion? What did you learn? 

I haven’t been out of highschool long enough for a reunion, but with things like Facebook, I don’t have to go because people update their lives on that.


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