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Blood Eternal by Marie Treanor - Interview: Bewitching Tour Stop

Despite the growing passion that unites them, all is not well between Elizabeth and Saloman. She refuses to follow him as he builds his influence among the human population and consolidates his rule over the vampire world. A shocking revolt is just the latest crisis that's call him away.

But under Saloman's regime, vampires have become less concerned with secrecy. And after he joins forces with vampire hunters, Elizabeth begins to understand the inevitable collision of the two worlds. She could be a conduit between humanity and the undead-is she can manage to play both sides and stay alive...


Tell us about your current release.

Well, I’m very excited about it! BLOOD ETERNAL is the finale of my AWAKENED BY BLOOD vampire romance/urban fantasy trilogy. It’s all about the Ancient vampire Saloman who’s accidentally awakened from a 300 year “sleep” by academic researcher Elizabeth Silk. Now Saloman, a deeply sensual, powerful and ruthless being, is out for revenge and world domination, and it’s up to Elizabeth, with all her new mystical powers as his Awakener, to stop him. Unfortunately, she falls in love with him, even though killing her is top of his to-do list!

If you haven’t read the previous two books, BLOOD ON SILK and BLOOD SIN, yet, I won’t spoil the stories for you. Let me just say that unwanted love has prevented Saloman and Elizabeth from killing each other but they still have largely opposing aims. In BLOOD ETERNAL, an old enemy awakens another Ancient vampire to oppose Saloman – his cousin Luk whom he staked in the seventeenth century - so as well as putting down vampire revolt, Saloman has to deal with the emotional turmoil of his past in order to preserve his own and Elizabeth’s future. (To say nothing of the world’s!). While Elizabeth has to struggle against prophecy, the interference of friends, illness and the powerful temptation of immortality, to find her own destined role in the inevitable vampire-human conflict.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

No, he’s not really a romance reader! He will check passages I’m not sure of, and help me out on bits of scientific knowledge which I lack! And he occasionally amuses himself by reading the “smutty” bits J

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I don’t. I’ve always been secretive about my writing, which is not a very helpful habit but a hard one to break. Usually, the first person to read my manuscript is my editor! The exception to this was the series of Fairytale Fantasies I co-wrote with Bonnie Dee for Samhain. Then we had to read and judge each other’s work, which made me very nervous at first! However, I actually found it a very helpful process and I learned a lot while we wrote them.

How do you describe your writing style?

I would say “clear, with a touch of humor”. Other people have called it “witty”, “intense” and “lush”. J

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Losing my 8 year old son in a playpark in Italy. We were on holiday, and my husband had gone off to the shops while I stayed with the boys to let them play a bit longer. Only while I was helping my younger son with something, the older one disappeared! We couldn’t find him anywhere in the park, and I was scared witless because it was surrounded by woods beside a busy road. He couldn’t speak Italian - and neither could I.  I managed to pick up that no one remembered seeing him leave. I was afraid to leave the playpark in case I missed him, and yet I couldn’t just stand there doing nothing except tearing my hair out by the roots!
Eventually, I grabbed my younger son by the hand and bolted up the path through the woods toward the house, thinking if we went really fast we could then double-back to the park in case he arrived from a different direction. Fortunately we hadn’t gone very far before I saw him running along the path toward us. Apparently he hadn’t seen us in the park and thought we’d gone home without him (???!!!). So he ran up the path looking for us, and when he couldn’t find us he sat down and cried for a bit. By the time we found him he was quite disgruntled that no one had stopped to help him J. So he decided to go back to the park and then saw our demented bolt along the path toward him. My poor legs were wobbling so much by then we had to get the bus home instead of walking!
I still get the caniptions when I think about that day, and he’s 16 now!

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

No, like the rest of my life, it’s a chaotic sort of process! Ideas or characters jump into my head in response to something or nothing. Some of them never become more than that. The stories that start to grow in my head around those ideas or characters, I write down the bare premise of, and then add to it.

Often it’s still very vague when I start to write the actual story, but for NAL and the AWAKENED BY BLOOD books, I had to come up with detailed synopses, so I’ve had to think stories out in advance more.

Usually, although not always, the stories grow out of the characters who, however, aren’t usually completely formed until I’m actually writing them. I know lots about them, but not necessarily where they’re going to take me J. After all, they grow with the story. Often, I have a rough idea of the ending, but not always how to get there!

Some characters grow out of each other. For example, when Saloman began to form in my head, I had to think up a partner for him who was different enough, strong enough and with enough potential to hold the attention of so old and jaded a being. So Elizabeth Silk was born.

When's the last time you played that musical instrument?

Humpty-bumpty years ago J. I never learned any musical instruments as a kid, although I’ve always loved music. When I was in my early thirties, I asked my mother-in-law, who was a music teacher, to teach me the piano. I wanted to play Chopin and Beethoven, although in the end I never made it further than She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain J. I enjoyed it, but just not enough, I suppose, to pursue it on my own after she moved away from Scotland.

New York or LA? Why?

Ah. Well, I think I would have to say New York. Not because I’ve ever been to either of those cities, because I haven’t. I’ve never been to America at all! But I did set part of BLOOD SIN in New York, and had to depend on internet research (plus a smattering of tv shows and movies!). And to hope that either my agent or my editor would spot any glaring gaffes! Now I feel I should go at some point to check it out for myself J. And after that I could try LA!

Thanks for the fun questions, Laurie!


I was born and bred in Scotland, but for some years moved around the UK working and studying. Now I am back home and happily married with three young children.

Having grown bored with city life, we live these days in a picturesque village by the sea where, instead of working for my living, I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy myself writing stories of romance and fantasy.

I draw the inspiration for my books mainly from the people around me and from Scotland's rich history and culture - with, of course, large helpings of fun and imagination!

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loves to dive said...

Great interview. I once lost my son in the grocery store and when he turned up I had a mixture of relief and anger at him for wandering away. I think I alternated between hugging him and fussing at him for hours after.

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it - I had some great questions :).

Wandering kids are definitely sent to try us! I quite understanding those mixed emotions!

Laurie, thanks so much for interviewing me today!


Laurie said...

Hi Loves to Dive....thanks for commenting and it's wonderful to "see" you, again.

Marie - it's definitely my pleasure. I am so happy to have you as a guest.