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The Gladiator Prince by Minnette Meador-Interview:Goddess Fish Tour Stop


Prince Thane is the last surviving royalty of the Trinovantes Tribe in Roman Britannia, having surrendered to the Romans after the Boudicca Revolt to save his two daughters, whose identities he sacrifices his freedom to protect. He is condemned by Nero himself to become a gladiator, to fight until he dies in the arena. When his two daughters are taken in a slaver's raid, Thane escapes, forcing the daughter of his master to take him to Rome to save his children. Little does he know that the beautiful Syrian woman holds not only the key to his passion, but a secret that triggers a disaster that ignites the world. Will this spoiled willful girl betray him in the end or sacrifice herself to save them all? Book III of the Centurion Series.


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Tell us about a favorite character from a book.
I have many favorites, but I have been in love with Archie Goodwin from the Nero Wolf series since I was very young. If you haven’t read these amazing books, you really should. They are brilliantly written. Archie is handsome, debonair, funny, and a true gentleman through and through.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
I have always wanted to go to Italy. It is where civilization as we know it was created from the ground on up. Plus, it is at the heart of my historical books. In The Gladiator Prince, they travel to Rome to find Thane’s daughters who have been taken in a slaver’s raid. Putting this simple Celtic Prince up against the splendor of the city was amazing. Italy is also a Mecca for art lovers and I can’t wait to go through all the museums, cathedrals, and streets to admire the statues and paintings. I’m sure I could spend days just walking the streets of Rome, Florence, and Pompey. DH and I are trying to save up for a trip in 2013, our 20th anniversary, to go there. Fingers crossed!

Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?
I have been inspired by many authors including Mary Stewart, Ann McCaffrey, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Piers Anthony, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rex Stout, Terry Pratchett, and many more. Spider Robinson and Piers Anthony took the time to help me when I was first starting by reviewing my very first fantasy, Starsight. Their encouragement and patience were amazing. However, I think it is my brother, Roland Smith, who has been most helpful; he gave me the benefit of his wisdom even when I didn’t want it and I’m very grateful he did. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Where do you research for your books?
I research to the book, which means, I research only those things I need for a particular section I’m writing. Having said that, I find myself lost in research all the time and it has taken discipline to keep me on track. History is like an aphrodisiac to me; I can’t get enough! I research wherever the questions lead me: The internet, books (I have many, many books on this particular time in history (1st Century Roman Britannia)), library, specials, videos, museums, and experts. As I said, it is very easy to get lost in the maze of history. I’m a vigilant closet historian and proud of it!

What do your significant other and family think of your writing career?
My family has been so incredibly supportive; in fact, they pushed me back to writing after taking a 20-year break. My sons have read my books (although, for some reason, they won’t read the ones with sex in them – LOL), illustrated covers and children’s books for me, smacked me around when I tarried from the road, and generally been there for me every step. My DH has listened to every word I’ve written and given me invaluable input and encouragement; he’s great at telling me when it’s good, but even better at telling me when it’s bad… don’t tell him this, but he’s usually right. I could not have done this with without my family’s support and patience, especially when I disappear into my computer for days at a time.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?
Number one: That I could do it at all! Who knew?
Number two: That other people actually liked them.
Number three: That the characters you write about live in your heart and are always there with you. Even when you abuse them terribly!

What was the scariest moment of your life?
Two moments vie for the title: a 3am call from the emergency room saying my son was in an accident and having a car with no lights to get to him (an hour and a half drive one way). The second was being stranded on a 600-foot mossy covered cliff with nowhere to go, and handfuls of soggy moss coming off the cliff no matter where you grabbed. Both incidents I survived, of course. :o)

What is the next big thing?
I have another new book coming out in October: The Bell Stalker, an urban fantasy thriller set in modern day Portland, Oregon

For a year, Belle Stark has struggled to conquer fears plaguing her since being attacked by a maniac who continues to roam free and the murder of her father. And she nearly succeeds, until she discovers her lover's murdered body spread over the furniture, making Belle a prime suspect. Certain her attacker is to blame, she seeks help from her ex-husband, homicide detective Mike Cranston, the one person she swore she would never let back into her life, or heart. In their hunt for answers, the two uncover more than a lunatic: a supernatural underworld hidden beneath the tall skyscrapers of the city and a secret that could kill them both. Faced with a terrible choice, Belle surrenders herself to the hands of a monster and Mike must solve an ancient mystery before it's too late to save her--- THE BELL STALKER, October 17th Release

Thanks so much for inviting me, Laurie! What an amazing blog you have… it was a blast! Minnette :o)


Somewhere between thirty and hair, blue eyes...six kids, one slightly used husband, and any number of pets from time to time... wanttabe hippy... wanttheirmoney yuppie... pro musician and actress for 20 years...native Oregonian... lover of music, beauty and all things green. Willing slave to the venerable muse.

Minnette currently resides in Portand, Oregon with her husband and one dog. The dog, Pierre, pretty much runs the show. (from Goodreads author page)


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marybelle said...

I dream of going to Italy one day, so any book that takes me to Rome, especially Ancient Rome, well that's just a bonus.

I'm loving THE GLADIATOR PRINCE more & more.


Christiana said...

Laurie, what a wonderful blog, I really enjoyed visiting and will have to come back!

Minnette, You always keep me wanting more, and I hope you are feeling better today.

Ah Italy, the second place on my wish list. Sadly it lost to Ireland.


Minnette Meador said...

Hi, Marybelle! You always seem the first to come over.

Thanks, Christiana...I'm feeling much better this morning, thanks. I'd love to do both myself! :o)

Good morning, everyone else. First I want to thank Laurie for inviting me to visit her amazing blog and encourage everyone to join. This is a fabulous place! Make sure to leave a comment and I will be awarding a beautiful pair of earrings first thing in the morning to one commenter. If you want to see them, go to my blog at

Kirsten said...

I would love to go to Italy! There and Ireland! Minnette I always love your interviews!


peggy said...

I enjoyed your post six kids must have kept you very busy I would would love to tour Italy to see all the historical sites.good luck with your

Stacie said...

The blurb for The Bell Stalker sounds deliciously creepy. I love supernatural books and now have yet another on the list of must haves. Thanks for the link to this latest blog stop.

tammy ramey said...

Good Morning Minnette,
great interview. I have always wanted to see Italy too. My Grandmother immigrated from there and i have family there somewhere in the north,not sure excatly what town. i always thought i would like to go an meet them.

I hope you had a good weekend.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Great interview! Enjoyed learning about Minnette and her book!

Bama said...

afternoon! great interview!:)

SarahSparrow said...

Why am I now a sucker for gladiators? This never would have happened if I hadn't watched Spartacus: B&S!

Thanks for the giveaway!

captainsarahsparrow at hotmail dot com

Julee J. Adams said...

Good interview, thanks! Minnette, glad you're feeling better and can promote from home.

Much success to all!

juleejadams (at) gmail (dot) com

Toni said...

Italy is a place I'd love to visit too. Great Grandmother is from there.

I'm glad you are feeling better! Now get to be 100% and soon.


Ju Dimello said...

Hi Minette,

Great to "meet" you :) The Gladiator Prince sounds like an awesome book!

20 yrs without writing and your family pushed you into it! Kudos!, to both you and your supportive family :)

I'll be on the lookout for the "Bell Stalker" too, sounds thrilling !!!!

And thanks for the fab giveaway you're hosting. Definitely count me in. judimello AT gmail DOT com

Lexi said...

Isn't it amazing when you are looking up stuff how easy it is to keep wandering off on tangents and then realize you can't quite remember where you started from but that it had been something you really wanted to know?

Is series sounds great, a new author for me but one I will have to look up!

eyesofblueice (at) gmail (dot) com

Na said...

Happy Monday! Wow, next year will be quite a milestone for you and your husband. Wishing you and your family all the best in the year leading up to it. Italy and pretty much all of Europe is on my to visit list. There is so much history and culture there that I am wanting to explore.

Leanne109 said...

Just making a quick stop to one of my fave authors :) I'm still not feeling that well but couldn't not stop and say hello.


Chelsea B. said...

This was a very intriguing interview! I enjoyed reading it!


Minnette Meador said...

Thanks, Kristen - I'm really glad you could come over to play!

Hi, Peggy - After about 4 it doesn't seem to matter! LOL

It comes out in October, Stacie... Just finished my last edits (I think) so it's just about ready.

Hi, Tammy! My grandmother is from an Grecian Island (Syros) and one day I'd like to visit and see if I have relatives. Italy is for both my DH and I; he's a sculptor and I write about Rome, so it was a no brainer.

Hi, Creepy! Love the name. Glad you came over!

Hi, Bama!

I hear you, Sarah! I haven't seen Spartacus yet but can't wait! Hope you get to meet my gladiator. :o)

Hi, Julee... Thanks so much.

Will do, Toni. Seems like a lot of Mediterranean backgrounds in the group.

Hi, Ju... Really nice to meet you too.
I'm delighted you could come over and hope you can follow the tour. :o)

It's too easy, Lexi! LOL I hope you get a chance to read some of them! :o)

Thanks, Na... you are so sweet!

Feel better, Leanne... You and me both. Kidney problems are a pain in the back... LOL

Thanks, Chelsea B.!

Shadow said...

Hi Minnette! How are you and your hubby doing? Having a good week? Great interview! Had to stop by and say a quick hello. :) Hope you have a wonderful night!

Amanda said...

Omg I actually got to be still and comment on a blog stop I am so excited Hi Minnette! I am unbelievably excited about all your successes lately I find myself telling random people about you and your books. Some people even listen to me and I helped 2 ladies buy on their kindles! I am sorry I am missing so much but I rarely sit still these days. I am checking in though and loving your interviews.

Laurie said...

What fantastic comments, everyone! I am so happy to be hosting Minnette today. It's such a blast!! Good luck everyone!

Minnette Meador said...

Hi, Shadow! We're doing better, thanks so much for asking. I went to work today and felt a lot better than over the weekend. Thanks for coming over! :o)

Oh, Amanda, you are such an angel and I'm so glad you took time to come over to this amazing blog! We miss you too... come visit when you can and thanks so much for your support! Whoohoo!

Hi, Laurie! Thanks so much for hosting us today. We tear things up a bit, but always leave the dishes done! LOL Your blog is amazing and I encourage everyone here to make sure to join it! :o)

Minnette Meador said...

I want to thank everyone who came over yesterday to play at Laurie's place and especially Laurie for sharing her wonderful blog!

The winner of the gold and diamond earrings is....

Amanda! If you'll send your name and address to mmeador at minnettemeador dot com, I'll get those out to you. See you guys at the next stop! M:o)

Amanda said...

Omg!!! I am crying!!

slehan said...

I've been to Florence but not to Rome so I have to go back to Italy sometime.
Thanks for the contest.

Minnette Meador said...

Oh, Amanda... xxxooo :o)

Sorry I almost missed your post, Slehan! We're going to try to visit both Rome and Florence (and Pompey). I've got a LOT of saving to do over the next year and a half, but I think it will be worth it. :o)