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The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall : Bewitching Tour Stop

The Cowboy and the Vampire
By Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: MIDNIGHT INK Release Date: October 8, 2010
ISBN-10: 0738721611
ISBN-13: 978-0738721613
Reporter Lizzie Vaughan doesn’t realize it, but she has 2,000 years of royal Vampiric blood coursing through her veins. Neither she nor Tucker, her cowboy lover, has any idea that Julius, the leader of the undead, has a diabolical plan to reign over darkness for all eternity—with Lizzie at his side.
Lizzie battles for her life—and her soul—as she and Tucker find themselves caught up in a vampire war, pursued by hordes of Julius’ maniacal, bloodthirsty followers.
Who will be left standing when the sun rises?
“Deliciously dark.”—BOOKLIST

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My review will be posted within the next several weeks.

While mashing up all the stereotypical plot elements of Paranormal Vampire and Contemporary Western Romance, THE COWBOY AND THE VAMPIRE delivers unremitting fun, and a damn good read. --Diana Troldahl,

"The Cowboy and the Vampire" ... combined their interests - Hays grew up on a ranch, McFall was curious about religion and history - and was an experiment to see whether they could live and work together. --Jeff Baker, The Oregonian

...husband and wife writing duo Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall has succeeded in writing a unique story among all the vampire books that are out there today. --Bertena Varney,

I enjoyed The Cowboy and the Vampire; the quirky characters, the new mythology of vampires, and the focus upon the uncertainty between evil and good. --Joanne L. --

The vampires in this book are Hays and McFall's own version and have an interesting link to early Christianity ... Some are good, some are less good, and some are joyfully bad. --Book Lovers Inc.

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The beginnings

Everlasting true love insists on tragedy, but inevitably and always eventually diluted by the quotidian trio of negligence, jealousy and circumstance. Everything any of us want to believe about love we’ve lazily cribbed from tortured poets or car commercials. In those fantasies, there are no bills, snotty noses, bad bosses, rabid ex-spouses, illness or unrelentingly loss.

And yet, I still found myself on a summer day in 1998 in the parking lot of Grandma Hoffy’s on Route 26, near Madras, Oregon. The brutal beauty of columnar basalt and obsidian had been enveloped by sagebrush and dusky painted hills. But even my favorite landscapes could not calm my churning nerves that afternoon. Sixteen months had passed.

Did we eat? How long did we talk? Was there coffee? Pie? Surely, at a truck stop there must have been pie, yet I remember almost nothing. We smoked, I know that, furtively. For better or worse, I wrote the words down in the parking lot after we parted.

Here are a few of those words starting after the nervous hellos, coffee-ordering and what-not. We got to the point quickly.

Sooner or later, you’ll say yes and it will be forever.

Can we try something else first?

Like what? I don’t do things halfway.

Maybe we should write a book together. I want to write. You already do. A test of sorts.

A trial run?

If we can write a book together without killing each other, seems like we may have a chance.

A romantic novel.

About what?

I don’t know. Write what you know.

The west.

How to be a cowboy.

I can take that part easy. What do you know?

Washington DC.

The Cowboy and the Politician?


The Cowboy and Eleanor Roosevelt?

Let’s step back, if it’s going to be about love…

Our love.

Okay, our love, sure, well, how does a cowboy feel about love?



Being with you means giving up a way of life.

You think the city will suck you dry and toss you back lifeless.

Something like that.

Like a Vampire.

Yea, like a Vampire.

That night, he started writing. He mailed the first pages to me. I edited, and then added a few more. I mailed them back to him. The first two chapters were written that way.

We were married a year later in Washington DC with a finished novel. The Cowboy had moved to the city.

It’s been 11 years now. So much has happened.

Are we still writing? Yes.

Are we still in love? Most days.

Amazing what a bit of shared storytelling can do for one’s love life. It saved us.

It can save you too.  Read about it on the Conjoined Writing Life page.

And check out the Ballad of the Cowboy and Vampire, read at our wedding.

About the Authors
The authors wrote the book during a long-distance romance; Hays lived in Bend, Oregon and McFall lived in Portland, Oregon, and they sent chapters via US postal mail back and forth to intentionally foster a romantic feel.

Clark Hays Biography
It's a re-ride. "The Cowboy and the Vampire" is back from the dead. This cult classic was re-released in October 2010 from Midnight Ink.
My life and writing partner - Kathleen McFall - and I are very excited that our book has been resurrected. Writing it brought us together and creative writing continues to sustain us.
My story is pretty straightforward: I grew up on a ranch in Montana and spent my formative years branding cattle, riding horses, shooting guns and writing. A graduate of Montana State University (go Bobcats!), my poetry, creative fiction and nonfiction have appeared in journals, magazines and newspapers. I currently work in corporate communications, which is a far cry from riding the range.
To find out more about the book, friend us on Facebook: search for The Cowboy and the Vampire. And check out our website - - with an "Ask a Cowboy" advice column, a Vlog (a vampire blog) and much more.
Learn more about what it means to write together by reading the article "'The Cowboy and the Vampire' gets new blood" in The Oregonian, Nov. 5, 2010.

Kathleen McFall Biography

"The Cowboy and the Vampire" is my first novel. I had been writing for many years before that, but my focus was on journalism and science writing. I fell into the writing life without any real intent - my early years were spent working as a petroleum geologist (yes, you read that correctly) until I discovered that writing about science and energy was more fun than fieldwork and petrographic analysis.

The words came easily and people were willing to pay for my ability to translate scientific jargon and concepts into everyday language. I freelanced for over a decade, was a senior staff writer for McGraw-Hill and a regional stringer for Financial Times/Energy. Now I work for a major university where I still get to write about science along with health and policy.

Clark and I wrote this book together shortly after we fell in love and the book embodies that gravity-defying feeling of falling head over heels for someone, the wonder of it all, along with the growing realization that such love cannot be fought, denied or escaped. For two such independent people as we were before we met, that was unsettling.

We are often asked how we managed to write a book together without killing each other. Well, to be honest, we came close a few times. But that writing journey, in hindsight, I now see was very important to laying down the foundation of our still-strong partnership. We blog about the relationship effect of writing with someone you love, and how we actually did it (who wrote what chapters and what creative invective I used when he unnecessarily edited my work and how plotting the next chapter makes for great pillow talk) on our website:, or facebook at
But we also write independently. I'm working on a novel titled: "The Many Deaths of Emmy Failing" which tells the story of a young woman, Emmy, who has a classic near death experience nearly weekly - but without the catalyst of impending physical death. She contacts a famed neurologist for help who, in turn, sees in her dysfunctional brain a chance to attain breakthrough knowledge about consciousness and a shot at scientific immortality. Always a science writer at heart.

Together, we are also working on a trilogy of cowboy and vampire books, chronicling the continuing adventures of Tucker, Lizzie, Rex, Elita and the full menagerie of characters. Stay tuned.


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Karen C said...

Just stopping by to say hello. My question tonight is: What are your favorite films and why?

Thanks, Karen

desitheblonde said...

wow i like the vamp movies that are coming out and then i am hook on the twiglight and then harry potter one and then the tv has some great vamp one coming out

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Karen, great question.

Clark picks The Long Riders (the great western about the James/Younger gang with the Keach, Carradine and Quaid brothers), The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (hilarious, and one of the few he will watch over and over again) and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (weird, quirky fun ... with Shakespeare!).

Kathleen picks Love Actually (funny, romantic and something we watch every holiday season, along with Olive the Other Reindeer), Blade Runner (Replicants are the bomb) and Pomegranate and Myrhh (a film about love, life, dance and heroism in a place where life is very hard, by the talented filmmaker and director Najwa Najjar).

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Desi, glad to know there are plenty of Vampire lovers in the world.