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Blood Lust (Blood Series, Book #3) by T. Lynne Tolles-Review, Giveaway: CBLS Tour Stop


A surprise visit from Blake and Devon's uncle, Dominic, demanding both vampires, come home immediately to find what is ailing his son Anton, puts everyone on edge. Can vampires get sick? Devon doesn't appreciate Dominic's demands, but agrees to fly back to Connecticut with Darby, since Blake has a job to finish up in California.

Excited to meet more of Devon's family, Darby is confused by Devon's distance and coldness since Dominic's visit. In Connecticut, this only gets worse when a gorgeous Libby, Anton's estranged wife, shows up unexpectedly and seems to have her sights set on Devon. To top it all off, there's seems to be some pent up animosity, Anton and Devon have towards each other.

What is this strange power Libby has over the men in this family? And what's wrong with poor Anton? Why does it seem that Anton and Devon hate each other? These are all questions Darby sets out to answer in this third volume of the Blood Series.

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Blood Lust (Blood Series Bk #3)
T. Lynne Tolles
4 Stars

Blood Lust, the third book in T. Lynne Tolles engaging Blood series, is a fast read that simply carried me away.  In this story, the vampire Devon, Darcy’s lover, undergoes an almost inexplicable personality change.  He distances himself emotionally from Darcy and the rest of his family.  The odd behavior begins with an unexpected Thanksgiving visit from his uncle, and continues to become stranger and more intense as the story evolves.  When an old flame returns and Devon disappears with her, it seems that he and Darcy are kaput – everyone advises her to move on with her life.  But Darcy stubbornly refuses to give up; she is determined to uncover the truth, whatever the consequences.

This easy read flowed smoothly and coherently.  At first, I found Darcy’s intractability irritating, and I just wanted to head smack Devon.  But, then I began to admire her single-minded determination and grit.  Unfortunately, I have not yet read the 2nd book in this series but the author provided just enough backstory so that I had no problem understanding the underlying context. Most of the characters were familiar to me from the first book, Blood of a Werewolf. While somewhat predicable in the resolution, I am eager for the next installment in this Young Adult series that will also appeal to mature readers. I am still hopeful I will find time in my reading schedule to peruse Blood Moon, book two, before moving on to final two installments.

Reviewed by Laurie-J  


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, T. Lynne Tolles is a stay-at-home mom, part-time bookkeeper and writer. In the summer of 2009 she claims she got a 'wild hair' and sat down in front of her computer and wrote "Blood of a Werewolf'" in three weeks. She started "Blood Moon" and "Blood Lust" back to back, the following week. "It was never my intention to become a writer, but the more I wrote, the more addicted I became."  The Blood Series books is now complete and includes five titles.

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Hey ladies, I love this series and would love to get to read this installment.
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the title of the book is already sprining up my imagination ^^
though i didn't read the first two books, i would read this one. if it suits my taste i would think about purchasing book 1 and 2.

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