Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadow Cat by Reena Jacobs

Shadow Cat
My rating: 3 of 5 Cups

Berani is incensed about the systematic devastation of the Malaysian rainforest. As the habitat is destroyed her people, the were-tigers are being pushed ever closer toward extinction.

Hoping for a few days of rest and relaxation following his recent breakup with his ambitious and greedy girlfriend, Eric Randall accepts his friend’s invitation to personally oversee his company’s Malaysian research team and be on-site to facilitate the strained relations between the government and the scientists.

When Eric encounters the wild, beautiful native, Berani, all his well-intentioned plans seem to lose importance. But when Eric suffers a grave injury, and as Berani tends his wounds and nurses him back to health, a bond grows between the unlikely couple. Later, suffering from feverous delusions, Eric attempts an escape and, as a result, nearly dies a second time and is forever changed.

Berani is an unorthodox heroine, truly more animal than human, with razor-sharp reflexes; she is also cunning. Strong and fearless, Berani, was easier for me to like and to relate to than was Eric. I felt as though Eric was often too weak, too compromising. I liked his assistant and close friend, Bryan, much better. I found myself wishing that Berani had chosen Bryan as her mate instead of Eric. This is the first in a planned series and perhaps in the next book Eric will display a deeper complexity and business savvy when he and Berani presumably return to New York to fight for his company. This adventure kept my attention and was filled with the imagery of a lush, tropical environment where extreme danger is an intrinsic part of breathtaking beauty.


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