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Night Watch by Mary Montague Sikes

Night Watch

My rating: 2.25 of 5 stars

***Depending on your perspective this review possibly contains spoilers***

I wanted to like this book but, I am sorry to report that it just did not light me up. The hardest thing for me to get over (without giving too much away, here) is Kyle’s brand of trying to protect Lily from the bad guys. There was a lot of redundancy throughout the book. The rehashing of salient points over and over very quickly got on my last nerve. One thing for sure, I never was able to figure out exactly what was going on with Lily: why she looked so much Katherine: why Katherine’s memories kept surfacing in her thoughts. Then, the author, added a sort of afterward along with some questions to think about which finally suggested a possible supernatural explanation for most of the weird coincidences and alien memories.

Well, I think I probably would have enjoyed the story more if the idea of walk-ins/walk-outs had been introduced during the unfolding of the story instead of just keeping Lily clueless and in the dark throughout – I could have easily bought into the concept. Then I probably would have felt more empathy and compassion for Lily. Instead, her personality often rubbed me the wrong way.

I chose this book to read because of the paranormal twist and the mystery aspect but, I had trouble maintaining attention, and I felt more like abandoning the effort at times when an expected revelation failed to materialize. To my way of thinking, this book seems to fall more within an occult/supernatural genre, rather than a paranormal romance genre.

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